why are you not real

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but why you hate blue? you are real blue.

i like blue! I just hate that particular shade of blue.

Here’s a rainbow of colors I don’t like to see used irresponsibly.


the only thing that bothers me about the rooster teeth fandom is the ridiculous amount of shipping. why. why are you shipping reAL LIFE HUMAN BEINGS

the first day of physical science in eighth grade we all got to the classroom and sat around for the first five minutes without a teacher and we were all really confused because no one came in but then music started blasting out of nowhere and our teacher popped out of the equipment closet in a tuxedo and jumped across the room on top of our lab desks and shouted “the name’s bond. atom bond.”


Do we see how generalizing is causing the alienation of a group. Do we understand that this is not going to help anyone. Do we understand that THIS IS NOT HOW YOU GO ABOUT CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

What does someone have to do to not be evil in your eyes? Someone can be the best ally ever and they will still get hate for being cishet.

Stop fighting fire with fire.






ok i’m sorry but

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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ haru [x]
 rin [x]
↳ the swim club & their manager [x]
↳ rei [x]
↳ nagisa [x]
↳ makoto [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

Could anyone who still loves Doctor Who and is hella excited about the new season reblog this so I can follow you.

I’m so excited about it and Doctor Who is so important to me but literally my dash is covered in hate and it’s bumming me out. 


Just what sort of motivation is driving you all to keep at it?