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this is not a FF (i dont actually follow all the blogs listed) but a list of accounts i find myself reblogging often. only focusing on NHL content. hopefully it will help some of you xx (2013-2014 edition)


captainfantoewstic [devs, hawks] || crosberle [jets, oilers, pens] || crosschecked [leafs] || devsbhawks [devs, hawks] || essouffle [hawks] || hartfrdwhalers [canucks, leafs] || luciefers [caps] || modanos [bolts, leafs, stars] || tylersexguin [canucks]


alexgoligoski [wild] E, G: wild, others 

alzner [caps] E, G: multi-team

ameriqueen [pens] E, G: pens 

anders-lee [isles] G: isles, others

barca-penguins [pens] E,G: pens 

beaunitabennett [bruins, pens, stars] E, G: multi-team 

bennyandthestars [stars] E, G: stars, others 

bieksler [canucks] E, G: canucks

bollig25 [caps, rangers] E: multi-team

brianboyler [pens, rangers] E, G: pens, rangers

captainjonathantoews [habs, hawks, stars] E, G: hawks

copperbooom [wings] E, G: wings

crosbye [pens] E, G: canes, canucks, pens

dallas41chicago88 [leafs] E, G: leafs, hawks, others

danhammerhuis [canucks, pens] E, G: canucks, pens

darthtulip [hawks] E, G: hawks, habs, others

ekholms [pens, preds] E, G: pens, preds

elqiao [?] G: multi-team

evgeniemalkin [habs, hawks, oilers] E, G: multi-team

eternityinalake [hawks, pens] G: hawks, pens

fleurys [pens] E, G: pens

fourthline [sens] E, G: multi-team

franson [flyers, leafs, preds] E, G: leafs, preds, others

fucale [canucks, habs, leafs] E, G: multi-team

gauncer [canucks] E, Gcanucks, others

glovehand [pens, stars] G: habs, pens, stars

goalieelove [habs, hawks, stars] E. G: hawks, others

isengard [avs, hawks, stars] G: multi-team

jamessreimer [leafs] E, G: leafs

jeffskinnr [canes, hawks, kings, stars]  E, G: kings, others

jordanschroeders [canucks] E, G: canucks

jordanstaal [hawks, pens] E, G: hawks, pens, others

juicepls [canucks] E, G: canucks

letangs [pens] E, G: pens 

maljic [pens] G: pens, others

markstroem [habs, panthers] G: habs, panthers, others

martybiron [rangers] E, G: rangers

mattduchenne [avs, habs, rangers] E, G: avs, others

mcandrefleury  [canucks, pens]  E, G: canucks, pens, others

michaellatta [avs, caps, hawks] E, G: hawks, stars,  others

myregularface [bruins] G: multi-team

nlidstrom [wings] E: wings

ollimaattas [pens] G: hawks, pens

paulmartinamericanhero [pens] E, G: pens

~** peeksandtoews **~ [canucks, hawks] G: canucks, hawks

pittsburghpengwins [pens] G: pens

prustytute​ [habs] E,G: habs

pyatts [canucks] E, G: canucks, others

quebuenoooo [?] E, G: multi-team

raantasauruses [hawks, stars] G: hawks, stars

rawrzuhlind [canucks] E, G: canucks

sedintwins [canucks} E, G: canucks, others

shawzerz [hawks] E, G [hawks]

sidmalkin [pens] E, G: pens, others

sidneyc [leafs, pens, stars] E, Gmulti-team

so-hockey-eh [?] G: multi-team

staalskinner [canes]: E, G: canes, others

szabadosed [?] E, G: multi-team

theyslayedthedragon [canucks] E: canucks, others

toewscrosby [hawks] E, G: hawks, others

troubaa [hawks] G: hawks 

vincecarters [leafs] E: leafs, others

wbspens [pens, stars]: E, G: pens, stars

wintermonthnovelty [?] E: multi-team

withglowinghearts- [?] E: multi-team

yourmomsfavouriteplayer [habs] G: habs

yzermanwingedwheel [wings] E, G: wings

this is a constant wip, if you’d like to suggest other accounts, just give me a shout! I’m also listing focused teams ( “[team]” & “E/G: team”) based on the impression their tumblr gives me, but feel free to point out any errors!


He’s gone…


top 6 selfies of 2014! some are blurry or low quality or cosplay photos but lets be honest i look super cute

i’d like to thank all of my followers for helping me reach the self-confidence i have - all the anonymous messages, comments, and being yelled at by friends has genuinely improved my outlook on my appearance, and i love each and every one of you <3 thank you so much!!

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frahnkensteen or: a playlist for (almost) dr. victoria frankenstein, as made by iggy delacey. features copious amounts of science and not too much seriousness. [listen here] [title from here]

horrible theme - dr. horrible’s sing-along blog | science is real - they might be giants | she blinded me with science - thomas dolby | the great unknown - jukebox the ghost | still alive - jonathan coulton | my way - i fight dragons | i f$*%ing love science - hank green and the perfect strangers | weird science - oingo boingo | re-animator theme - richard band | closer - the clockwork quartet | horrible credits - dr. horrible’s sing-along blog

Hey Shoot fandom! I am so sorry that some people on Swen haven’t been reacting so well to the poll thing… You see, this was very important for us because we felt like it would help getting more respect and recognition from the writers (who don’t always appreciate our fandom), so I guess we have too many emotions involved to think clearly. Anyways.. I just wanted to congratulate you on your win… You were a very tough opponent!!! You certainly earned the place on the final, so please don’t let any haters take that away from you. Whereas winning this poll could mean more recognition to SQ after being treated with indifference by the writers, I think shows like POI that actually put time and thought into creating nice femslash storylines and that appreciate their fandoms really need to be recognized and rewarded… So SQ may have lost this, but I still count this as a win in our fight for better representation. I don’t have a preference between Clexa and Shoot, because I only know both couples through tumblr, but I wish you guys the best of luck, and will be very happy if I hear later on that you won the championship! Big hug for you, and thanks for the great game :)

aurevoirsofia --> captainsteebie

i changed my url!!!!!!!! to something equally dumb!!! actually it might be even worse tbh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it took me an embarrassingly long time??? like i def spent a good amount of time just staring at the computer screen mentally preparing myself (omg i’m such a loser that’s not the right word BUT U KNOW WHAT I MEAN) cause i am a dumb who gets emotionally attached to everything even inanimate things i blame it on being an only child 

but this has been my url for FIVE YEARS (i’m so old) and i love it (IMSUCHADUMB) so i just put a password on it because ???!!!??!!! i also changed my header on twitter its just been a week of change for lil ole me!!!!!


BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ªʳⁱ૭ªᵗ°♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

{ ofmisconceptions }

Javier couldn’t do this anymore, definitely not over text. He wasn’t even sure why he was standing in front of the door of her flat now but he was. He wasn’t sure what to say or what this all meant, all he knew was that his feelings were were too much for him and he wasn’t sure how to deal with them in that moment. So maybe that’s why he was standing there now and, well, she said herself they shouldn’t be doing this over texts so he was biting down on his lower lip, knocking on the door of her flat and hoping she would open. 

me and my girlfriend started taking gross selfies and decided to dedicate a blog to them, become famous and, eventually, run the world

i think we are kinda perfect

Me when someone in my house eats the food I was planning on eating.

a WIP because I’ll never finish this lmao
okay maybe i will but the question is when
this would be my first detailed league of legends fanart by the way
but Soraka x Varus is so precious
the title of the picture btw is "you guide me in my darkness"
get it

i would have wanted to write here a headcanon about them but my head is hurting so i can’t english at the moment, maybe next time ;w; (idk if anyone is curious btw)

tag ten people you’d like to know :)
I was tagged by jonipony34
Name: Matt
Time and date where I am: 10:20 PM, 3/18/2015, listening to music and on Tumblr instead of getting ahead on my school work.
Average hours of sleep: Too sporadic for me to even guess…
Last thing I googled: A good 90′s/2000′s throwback playlist. I don’t know why I didn’t use YouTube, especially since Google just took me to a YouTube playlist, anyway…
Nickname(s): Mattie, Matter, Matters, Matias, Matheus
Gender: Male.
Sexual Orientation: Gay.
Height: 5′8″, 5′9″ on a good day.
Favourite Colour(s): Green and black.
One place that makes me happy: The farm where my goats live.
Favourite Movie: I don’t think I can pick just one…
What are you wearing right now: Socks, American Eagle jeans, Hanes boxer briefs, a tee from a 2010 high school marching band competition, and glasses.
Last book you read: For classes: If textbooks count, Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy
For Fun: The Pygmy Goat Judge’s Training Manual (I’m training for my judge’s license!)
I tag:


For the MalePositivity tag which I was made aware of yesterday by some racist SJW who was insulting it. I used to have problems with how thin I was and a few other things, now days I don’t give a damn. I thought I’d give you guys the full transition from “Why am I doing this”, “Ok, this isn’t too bad”, “I lied…”, “Great, more wind”, and finally “Fuck this, I’m going inside everyone”. It’s about 38F/3.3C out with a ‘feels like’ of 29F/-1.7C due to windchill. Needless to say, my nips were a bit frosty. I had just gotten out of a hot shower too damn it.