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FUCK all those who judge Apink (Essay by a Pink Panda)


Yes, I could be telling you all nicely that “Omg, you just don’t know them well enough!” But really? It’s not my, or any other Pink Panda’s problem that you have a cactus shoved so far up your judgmental ass that you won’t even give them an honest try before you start talking shit about them. Nor is it our problem that their feminine image bothers you so much that you have to go around shoving your nasty little opinions everywhere you go. FYI, I don’t call giving out weekly shout-outs about how Apink disgusts you “expressing your opinion” – I call it being that one asshole who ruins everybody’s day for no particular reason. Oh, and if it was an “opinion”, gtfo out of the tags. Otherwise you just look like an attention-whore.

I realize most antis won’t ever get to read this, but if at least 2 or 3 of them read this and get their mood spoiled as much as they spoil mine daily, I’m not ashamed to say the effort is worth it. Let me tell you some things I’ve been meaning to tell you for some time now:

First of all, WE don’t CARE what your problem with SNSD is – whether you hate Apink because you’re a sensitive Sone, or because you are just so full of bullshit that you hate everything and everyone even mentioned in the same sentence as SNSD –

GO TAKE YOUR PROBLEMS TO SNSD. And I say this with all due respect to both the fans and the group itself.

Secondly, we don’t CARE that you think Apink’s image is too girly for you. Not our fucking problem. Keep it to yourself or go cray-cray about it in a corner to a poster of your ultra-hot bias or something. I’ve seen people say “Well, if they were more badass I’d be a fan haha” Ha-ha, fuck you, you don’t like the GROUP, you like the currently popular badass IMAGE. You, like many, many other kpopers, were somewhere along the way brainwashed into believing that the simple, minimal make-up, feminine concept is incredibly mainstream and degrading to women. Yes, there are those who just hate the concept regardless but those people I rarely meet. You want to know why Apink is gaining popularity? Because since SNSD, Apink is the only group that did the girl-next-door concept properly. Yes, a big, big secret! It wasn’t because they act cutesy or whatever that people began to like them! They got popular because they don’t cake their faces with rainbow eye shadow, don’t wear random rags which would look stupid anywhere outside a MV set, don’t pretend to be beauty queens, don’t feel embarrassed about their true personalities, and don’t ever make indifferent faces at their crowd of fans. Call the last one a personal opinion, but I’ve yet to see a performance where Apink doesn’t look like they’re having a great time. So you see, many people love their concept. It’s refreshing, it’s clean and it doesn’t have anything extra. Don’t like it? Have a cookie and go tell that to someone who cares.

We as fans should have the right to love and support our girls without reading daily hate messages and being informed by shameless strangers that we have “bad taste” for liking something cute. Seriously, fuck off, it’s none of your business what kind of stuff we like.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about those very special Eunji fans, who have recently migrated to our Pink Panda kingdom from a far-away land called “Reply 1997”. I personally like to call these little critters the “Fuck-faced Pandas who refuse to count from 1 to 7”. Fancy right? J I can even translate it into Latin if you want; or Russian; or maybe even Spanish; or Japanese, but I’d need to ask my friend for help on that one…

 At first when Eunji’s popularity skyrocketed I thought more people would give Apink a try and become fans. Many did of course and I couldn’t be happier that our little community is slowly expanding. But now there’s an issue of those cactus-assed Eunji-fans that claim they became Apink fans, and yet they go around trash-talking the rest of the group whenever they feel like it. Our community isn’t big, but don’t ever think that we’re so desperate for members that the likes of you can just come in, do whatever you want, spit in our girls’ faces, and then just walk away when you get bored.

Look: no one can make you love Apink. I think the world would become a better place if we could all agree on at least one group, but if you hate them even after you watched their variety and listened to their songs, then so be it. Good bye, it was nice meeting you, and I guess you’ll just have to stay as an Eunji-fan. No one is insulted this way and that’s that. However, if you haven’t even memorized their names or faces yet (forget watching Apink News lol), what gives you the right to judge and talk shit about them? What gives you the right to say “Eunji is the only talented one”?! How dare you say “Eunji doesn’t belong because Apink is all girly”?!! Are you proud of your ignorance? And to those who support this, do you know how painfully stupid you look? That kind of belongs-or-not talk is reserved only for those that actually follow the group. Sounds harsh, but how can you tell who goes where unless you’ve looked at their personalities both collectively and individually? If you followed them for a year and you still find Eunji a misfit, then that’s just something we all need to respect. But I don’t want to see any of that talk from someone who thinks Eunji is the leader of Apink and who doesn’t know who Park Chorong is!

To summarize for all the illiterate Apink haters:


No, really, I’m just so tired of your shit that I just wrote a 2-page essay to you. It’s more effort than you assholes are worth but you’re welcome. Because you know, Pink Pandas are just THAT fluffy and nice =_=