When 2D speaks:
  • What we hear:I fink people is like an overly ripe banana.
  • What he thinks he says:I think the labour and justified pain of the people in the world can be taken in many ways. A simplistic way, for example, is like a banana. Plucked from the tree in a bunch and ready for the world; lives it's life as a nice, ripe, empathetic piece of fruit and then the world soon wears down on that ripe banana until it begins to show. Capturing it in a feigned yellow until finally it rots away into brown.
Unpopular Opinion: blackout is stupid. And counterproductive

Now i am uneducated in what it really is so im just basing it all on what i see today. But IF all this whole blackout shenanigan is is “hey lets post a lot of pictures of black people everywhere” than im really pissed off.

Now before anyone starts flipping out or making assumptions, i am a white gay 21 yr old guy. So it literally has nothing to do with me and i understand that.

Blackout seems really counterproductive to me. Especially after everything that has happened in the last year….and the last 60+ years. Im big on love is love. I am big on everyone is equal. Im big on follow whatever religion you want and all that beautiful stuff. But i feel like having a “blackout day” is almost racist too. And i dont mean “hey why isnt there a white out day? My feelings are hurt!”

I mean…. Its like, these black people who are “beautiful” and “glowing” are fucking beautiful and glowing EVERYDAY! Shouldnt every day be reason enough to post pictures of a beautiful black face if you want to. We dont need a special day where people make it a point to reblog an extra amount of black faces.

Like if it were a hey post gay people day, id be pissed off. It doesnt say “i support you.” It says “hey everyone should like me and think im special because im showing support.” Its like working for a ticket to be a part of the club. Why not just accept that you are (or not, i youre an asshole) supportive no matter the day.