The 4th annual Edgar Allan Poe’s Tale of Mystery & Imagination. Presented by WHSN 89.3 FM and students of the New England School of Communications. The 2013 installment features the Poe classics the Masque of the Red Death & the Pit & the Pendulum (narrated by myself).  The show was performed live from the stage of the Gracie Theatre at Husson University.

Happy Halloween. 

(0:00) Intro

(1:34) Masque of the Red Death

(12:57) Pit & the Pendulum

(26:00) OutroCredits

Radio Series During the Next Several Weeks: Hear “The Yoga of Sound”, a several part series of programs exploring Sound Meditation (Auditory Mysticism) in the Sacred Texts of the Great World Religions, Mystic Schools of Spirituality, and Gnostic Traditions:

* Sunday Mornings, 8:00 AM Eastern Time via The Classical Channel:

* Thursday Mornings, 5:30 AM via WOMR: and

* Sunday Mornings, 10 AM, Eastern Time, via WHSN:

For More on Schedule, Times, and Stations, See:

BAHS’ Hike For the Homeless - Radio Ad (:30 Spot)

I was recently asked to write, record, and produce a :30 and :60 spot for the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter’s annual charity walk, Hike for the Homeless to be produced for local radio stations around the Bangor area.

I was really excited to do this, so check out and check it out if you’re local.

Game plan for the next few weeks:
- make my room a lil prettier (it’s so dull right now)
- pin curtains up on my walls
- get mismatched pillow cases
- do something inspiring above my desk so I’ll actually use it
- if I can find a cute lil chair for my desk or even a cushion that would be cool
- also looking at a clothing rack so my clothes can be a part of my decor and I have more storage
- look for remote jobs for the semester so I can pay for school
- look for big girl jobs for when I graduate
- make more music because it’s fun and therapeutic
- do more yoga for therapy reasons
- keep watering my plants
- make the WHSN poster that I promised I’d make over the summer whoops