I am not enough. I’m not the demons in your lungs. And I am not enough to make amends with life or love. All that was done, you have failed to capture us. Speak spoken love, offer nothing from your heart. I watched you fake a laugh. It was hard for you. We let the time just pass, but it was hard for you. And every simple task, I noticed it was hard for you. I should have released my grasp, but it was hard for me too.

Why Aren't I Home?
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  • Why Aren't I Home?

Athletics - Why Aren’t I home?

I downloaded this album tonight. I have been meaning to listen to this band properly for months and i’ve finally gotten around to it. I am actually blown away at how good this band is. Here’s a little sample of their music. This song is off their album Why Aren’t I Home? (2010) (Pretty self explanatory) 

You can download their music at:

This is for fans of This Will Destroy You, Moving Mountains and other bands that are similar. I would give you the actual genre, but there is so many genre’s now that I can’t even be bothered, haha. I guess you’ll have to just suss them out and see if you like them. 

Also their other Album that came out this year, Who You Are Is Not Enough (2012),

is definitely an album that you should listen to. I tried to upload a song but the file was too big :( Their website should have previews to their songs so have fun!