Since it’s Christmas eve, I decided to repost this to wish to all of you a merry Christmas. You are wonderful followers, wonderful people with wonderful souls. Every time one of you decide to reblog or to like one of my posts I want you to know that it means a lot to me.
So thank you to be so kind with me, I don’t know if I deserve it but THANK YOU!


Happy Winter Solstice everyone! We’ve just experienced the shortest day of the year, but there’s a lot of winter left to get through so let’s make some more geektastic DIY snowflakes, shall we? These awesome Doctor Who-themed designs are the work of Tumblr user oodlycrafting, who’s been been creating and sharing awesome Whovian snowflake designs for a few years now, everything from various incarnations of the Doctor himself to his sonic screwdriver, the TARDIS, Daleks, Cybermen, beautiful Gallifreyan designs and more.

Click here to view them all and download the free design templates.

[via Nerdist and Oodly Crafting]

So I have a confession to make...

I avoided joining the Doctor Who fandom on tumblr for a long time because my friends kept telling me it was a dark scary place and that the fandom terrified them. They warned me that I was better off just keeping my distance.

So for the longest time I would basically just reblog Doctor Who stuff but not follow any primarily Doctor Who blogs or interact with anyone in the fandom. I was basically just looking in tentatively from the outskirts.


But then one day I finally worked up the courage to jump in properly and start talking to other Whovians on tumblr.


And you know what? Instead of the dark scary place I was expecting, I instead discovered a giant fluffpit of people loving on each other and squealing about Whouffaldi and I’m really confused?


Like, where’s the hate?

Seriously, you guys are the biggest bunch of sweeties to have ever existed and I’m sorry I took so long to start following and introducing myself to y’all, cuz I sure wish I could have known you guys sooner. :3


I’m so grateful for each and every one of you I’ve tagged in this post. Even if we’ve never talked, rest assured that I love your blog! :D


You’ve made my tumblr experience that much better, and I thank you from the bottom of my hearts.