I was musing with someone the other day about new ways of creating reconstructions for the missing Doctor Who episodes, which could allow a higher-resolution finished product, and we got onto the subject of ‘recreating’ the tele-snaps as higher res, and then simply applying a few light effects to them to give them a little movement.

Thought I’d give it a quick go to see if it could work, and the results aren’t that bad! The top image is an animated gif of half the test sequence (heavily compressed to fit on Tumblr!), while the middle image is a bigger ‘still’ version to give a better indication of the quality we had in mind. The bottom image is the original tele-snap from 1966 that the recreated shot was based on.

Not entirely convinced as to how well it would work overall for a complete episode reconstruction - you’d effectively look to change image every 20/30 seconds throughout the 25 minutes, with a bit of light movement in each shot to keep something happening on screen. Certainly something I’ll give a bit more thought to, though…


I’ll watch one episode.. I swear.