5 Random Facts

After receiving this, share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send this to your 10 favourite followers :)

Tagged by whouffleshipper. Sorry it took me forever to get to this. My fall semester classes started this past week, so it’s been a crazy few days for me.

1. I’m currently studying acting (Meisner technique) at the William Esper Studio in NYC.

2. I’m naturally quite shy.

3. Four is my favorite Classic Who Doctor, followed by Two.

4. I am an obsessive and encyclopedic Trekkie.

5. My top three favorite books are On the Road (Jack Kerouac), Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen), and Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier).

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whouffleshipper asked:

Hey! Write five things that you like about yourself, publicly, and then send this to your ten favourite followers.

Argh, these are so hard to do.

My eclectic taste in music.
How easily I forgive.
My ability to try new things even though it really freaks me out.
I can play melodies on a piano after hearing music (one handed).
My punctuality.

So whouffleshipper sent me something that said to share 5 random facts about myself. Here I go

  1. I play the flute
  2. I am a Gemini
  3. I like Taylor Swift (to be honest I’ve realized over the years I don’t seem like a Taylor Swift fan but I am. I don’t know just one day I heard this beautiful song called Fearless and I just knew no matter what I was always going to love the person who created that song. And I have…also no hate because we all have our own opinions and you may not like her but I do and we must respect that about each other)
  4. I have an excellent memory (I swear I have a fancy mind palace because I remember so many things that people forget about)
  5. I care so much about people, I get overprotective and if one day you guys have a sucky day come to me because I swear I will listen to everything you say because I love you all.

okay I think that’s it.