On the misty fall night, Tangie sat on a bench and wrote in her diary. She wrote of her day, the people she saw passing by, and how much she dreaded going to work the next morning.

           The woman took out a piece of gum from her pocket, and began to unravel the paper around it, but was startled by a peculiar and alarming sound. “What the heck is that?” She whispered, turning around in her seat searching for where the noise could have came from. 

Mollyandherjumper very kindly tagged me for this. So there we go :

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1) Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper?

Side. Can’t breathe on stomach and can’t fall asleep on back. And when I’m on m side, I like to imagine someone spooning me. ( hehehe)

2) What did you learn to do first: ride a bike or swim? 

Swim. My mom said I swam naturally around 4. And I really liked swimming under water for a really long time and give her frights. Then my father bought me a yellow swimming suit and started calling me his yellow submarine ( FYI, my name is Marine)

3) A song that reminds you of your OTP?

Sooooo many. Probably “I won’t say I’m in love” from Disney!Hercules. BECAUSE THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY

4) Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have both just asked you to marry them. Whose proposal do you accept? 

Tom Hiddleston because 17 years gap between BC and I is far too much IMO. Also, BC is rubbish at cooking and so am I. And Tom Hiddleston. Need I say more ? ( however, I’d bed them both :D )

5) How old were you when you found out the truth about Santa? The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? 

All of them the same day when I was six and having lunch with my mother and I asked her to tell me the “true” truth about them. Which she did.

6) What’s your favorite trope in fanfiction? 

I love AUs and genderswaps and magical realism. And domestic bliss. I’m cheesy like that :)

7) Do you prefer to wear fruity or floral perfumes/body sprays?

Floral. Fruity is usually too sugary for my tastes and the acidity of my skin doesn’t wear them very well. Plus, I’m a honeysuckle kind of girl.

8) If you could travel anywhere in time and space (like the Doctor), where would you go? 

That F******* question. Every time I meet a whovian it pops up and every time I give a different answer. Today, I’d like to go in the future to visit my great grand kids. Just to see if they look like me.

9) Name a food that makes you gag. 

Er, I’m French and therefore, a foody. So everything. But I have a very soft spot for fraisiers and religieuses ( french pastries)

10) What’s your favorite Disney movie? 

I adored Sleeping Beauty when I was a kid. Now I love Tangled and Enchanted. 

11) What do you do for exercise? (if you don’t exercise then yay let’s be lazy together

Well I practice fencing ( with a foil) and I go to the gym.

now for the questions : 

1) Sherlock Holmes ask you to be his flatmate and the Doctor his companion. Who would you agree to go with ?

2) Party animal or good book with a cuppa ?

3) Paris or London ?

4) Musical or play ?

5) Over-bearing older sibling or uncontrolable younger sibling ?

6) If you could choose between a high IQ or your dream body, which would you choose ? ( no judgement, I ask myself the same question every day)

7) Are you an artist of any kind ( and yes, fanfic is art, even PWP crack :D)

8) Make a wish

9) Dog or cat ?

10) That book you can’t put down even though you read it 10 times already

11) Sonic screwdriver, wand or bow and arrow ?

I got tagged and I feel special

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jenna-louise’s questions:

1.) How’s life?

     Just fine - could be better, ya know.

2.) Would you only eat sprouts for the rest of your life if it meant you could move between fictional universes and interact with the characters?


3.) Cake or pie?


4.) What film are you looking forward to seeing?

        Catching Fire and Divergent and the 50th mostly like I can’t function cause of the 50th

5.) Have you ever visited a foreign country?


6.) What was the first fandom you were in?

        Wiggles son

7.) Who would you marry if you could marry anyone in the world?

        ugh Tom Hiddleston or Matt Smith

8.) Look, this question looks like the 8) smiley but with a beauty mark or something

      ok haha

9.) How adorable are you on a scale of one to ten? (Hint: You’re a ten)

      ummm 3.14

10.) What is your favourite High School Musical song?

        Oh crap uhhhhhh Bet on It

11.) What is your favourite type of sandwich?


My questions:

1.) if you could be any fictional character, man or woman who would it be?

2.) Would you rather watch movies or be in them?

3.) Who is your favorite disney princess?

4.) What do you want for Christmas?

5.) Would you rather travel with the Winchesters or the Doctor?

6.) Where is your favorite place to eat?

7.) What’s the weirdest thing you’ve cried about?

8.) What’s your favorite memory?

9.) What do you wish your name was?

10.) If you got a tattoo what would it be of?

11.) Why are you so perfect?

anonymous said:

whoufflepuffsanonymous here. The whouffle tea smells/tastes INCREDIBLE! Sosososo good. Thank you so much for sharing!

AAAAAH I’m so happy that you like it!!!

Anybody who buys the whouffle tea, let me know what you think!  I’m going to be doing a video review of the tea once my insane school load cools off at the end of the week, too!

Drink delicious tea and be happy and comforted in the long whouffle interim! <3

Thank you for the positive review!

(Those who are interested: Buy the tea here!)