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Here it is: for all of you lovely people and my beautiful ship.

Sorry I couldn’t get the quality any better. Hope you like it nonetheless!

I Had a Random Thought...

Okay, so let’s say the Cybermen in the S8 Doctor Who Finale get Clara and attempts to turn her into a Cyberwoman (or whatever we’re calling women Cybermen). Most of us know that the Doctor screams Clara’s name and we all assume he thinks she’s dead, but he could know that she’s being turned Cyberwoman and he goes to wherever it is and sees that it’s only halfway complete and attempts to stop it, but not really knowing how and the Cybermen aren’t doing anything because they know he can’t stop it, but he realizes that she needs to feel love or something and yells “I love you, Clara.” And he notices that the change is stopping and hears “I was supposed to say it first.” And he smiles then she comes out and says “I say it first then you know it’s okay.” Then, they save the world, then probably deny their feelings at the end of the episode.

Someone make this a fanfic…

Clara's Home

So we know in episode 8 Clara leaves the Doctor and then in episode 9 they probably end up back together again.

If I remember correctly the quote for episode 9 was something like:

"Your home’s not going anywhere and neither is mine until we figure this out"

I imagine this is the Doctor refusing to leave with the TARDIS (his home) until he helps a stubborn Clara save the world (as always). But how wonderful would it be if at the end of the episode they addressed the conversation from 8x01:

Am I home?”

"If you want it to be."

And this time Clara accepts the TARDIS and Twelve as her rightful home? I think it would also be a great lead into the series finale because it would be them finally admitting to one another just how much they mean to each other (about as big a declaration of love as you can get in this series) and it will make whatever happens in the finale to them that much more painful.

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Those are not tears, but a TARDIS in my eyes. Twelve x Clara, not mine.

william--sherlock-scott-holmes said:

22 aaand eleven & clara :)

Title: Only the Lonely
Prompt: Two miserable people meeting at a wedding
Rating: K+

- - - -

The Doctor adjusted his necktie with a scowl. Amy reached across Rory’s empty chair and poked him in the ribs.


“It’s my wedding day; stop being such a grump.” 

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