I just had a thought brought on by this post which says that Clara is the Doctor’s answer;

So we know “Boy and girl fall in love, get separated by events - war, politics, accidents in time. she’s thrown out of the hex or he’s thrown into it. since then they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space - across dimensions - this isn’t a ghost story, it’s a… love story.” is the oldest story in the universe. And it basically translates straight to “the Doctor and Clara are a love story”


Then in the Christmas special we have the oldest question in the universe. Clara replies to, “Doctor who?” by telling them that all the name he needs is the Doctor. “And if you love him, and you should … help him.”

The oldest story = The oldest answer

Since we now know that Clara told him what would become the promise he makes by becoming the Doctor; maybe what Clara told the Timelords was exactly what they wanted to hear?

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Shameless plug because why not.

Whouffle has been taking over my life since I discovered Doctor Who. Since I cannot contain my feels and I was feeling like I wanted edit something, huzzah! I ended up creating “A Whouffle Story”. It’s based on Clara and the Doctor (obviously) but I added some twist to it. Hope you will like it!

If I have more time and “inspiration”  I might end up making more videos teehee.

More art! I started this a few days ago, finished it this afternoon with the background and bed resembling Clara’s in the Maitland house, but I changed it after watching Listen (broadcast on the Sunday here in Australia : P) to look like Clara’s bed in her flat.

I don’t know whether to be flustered over this picture or flattered that you sent it to me! Thank you! I love elevens face! haha.