In a flash of silly inspiration, Marco jumped to his feet, right fist curled over his heart. With every intention to break the actor’s mind, he rattled off one of his most used movie quotes, the one that made all his friends groan. “Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Con… Kirstein, but I am proud of what I am.” He paused for dramatic effect. “I… am a librarian!”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Whoopsidaisies by valkyrie-reborn.

As anyone who recognizes the title will have guessed, Whoopsidaisies is a Notting Hill  inspired AU featuring Marco the Librarian, who soon learns that one of the downsides to preferring books over television is that one does not immediately recognize the man sitting on his ass on the floor of the library as famous actor Jean Kirstein, voted Sexiest Man of the Year by People magazine. Or maybe that was one of the upsides. Whoopsidaisies is sweet and fun, with just a taste of bitter at times to keep the palate fresh. <:

Chapters: 7/?

Marco Bodt lived a simple life, full of books and quiet days in Trost Library.
Jean Kirstein was a rising action movie star, the ‘Sexiest Man of the Year’, trying to take his career onto a more serious track.

Both lives take an interesting turn when Jean walks into Marco’s library to research for his first ‘serious’ role and finds something even better. A friend, and maybe more…

Dan Seifert for The Verge:

Earlier reports from The Wall Street Journal claimed that Google stood to make between $1.5b and $2.5b from the sale of Motorola Home, but now the company may be having to provide financing options to prospective buyers just to offload the thing.

LOL. The hits just keep coming for the most awesome $12.5 billion (which is actually more than $13 billion now and still rising) deal ever.

Remember when people were trying to argue that part of why this deal made “sense” was the set-top box business? Whoopsidaisies.

ive been drawing this since i got home from school today and now my neck and back are killing me
but yea, there are just too many AUs and I love it

Chapters: 8/?
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Marco Bott/Jean Kirstein, Jean Kirstein/Marco Bott, Marco Bott & Jean Kirstein, Side ship Armin Arlert/Eren Yaeger, Side ship Ymir/Krista Lenz
Characters: Marco Bott, Jean Kirstein, Sasha Blouse, Connie Springer, Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Erwin Smith, Mike Zacharias, Annie Leonhart, Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Ymir (Shingeki no Kyojin), Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, Moblit Berner, Mikasa Ackerman, Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, Other Various SNK characters in Cameo appearances
Additional Tags: Librarian!Marco, FamousJerk!Jean, Actor!Jean, Library AU, Notting Hill inspired AU, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, rated for language and things to come, Fluff, Slow Build, this will be mostly fluffy given the inspiration material, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Alcohol

Marco Bodt lived a simple life, full of books and quiet days in Trost Library.
Jean Kirstein was a rising action movie star, the ‘Sexiest Man of the Year’, trying to take his career onto a more serious track.

Both lives take an interesting turn when Jean walks into Marco’s library to research for his first ‘serious’ role and finds something even better. A friend, and maybe more…

Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t gonna post until I had all the scenes done.  But… I changed my mind.



oh geeze. geeze louise. um, hi, i like your music a lot, i am sorry if it’s weird seeing your song used in a playlist about fictional characters having fictional makeouts. but thank you for the like and also the killer songs, stay rad ok

Whoopsidaisies Chapter 8 Tease

“… banged Micheline so hard she couldn’t walk straight.”

Jean’s head snapped around at that, anger flaring through him as he got ready to tear into his friend. Reiner was sitting with his arms crossed under his oversized pecs, an incredulous smirk on his face. He lifted an eyebrow at Jean and huffed, “So you heard that. Before you haul off and punch me, need I remind you I’m one hundred percent whole homo? And that you were the one spacing out and ignoring me?”

His head dropped, the heat of his irritation flooding out as quickly as it had roared in. “I guess I deserved that one,” Jean muttered. He looked back up, squinting and giving his best apologetic smile.

“Dude, stop with that face. It’s kinda scary,” Reiner said, giving his shoulder a thump.

Coming down from a ‘finished an amazingly good book’ high and will be writing this week.  Fingers crossed that I’ll have some time to finish out Chapter 8.

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Whoopsidaisies Headcanon post: Armin & Marco

I actually had a comment come in on AO3 asking about the relationship between Armin and Marco.  I may get into this to a point in the fic, given that Jean will be very curious about this himself, but probably not to any great extent.  So… I figured I’d write up a thing.


First off, I should mention that Armin’s character has a comparable character in Notting Hill.  As does Eren.  They are two of the few who do (the others being Hanji, Moblit, and one other who has yet to be introduced).  So the general gist of their relationship was based on the movie.  I used Eren and Armin because I really felt that they fit with Marco as a trio who would have been able to have the past relationships and still be friends.


So… into Armin - Marco headcanon stuff…

  • Marco and Armin (along with Eren and Mikasa) would have been friends from the time that Marco moves to Trost from Jinae.
  • Both Marco and Armin would have been out pretty early.  
  • They would have started dating around 15 or 16, because it just seemed natural.
  • They would have been a cute little couple, always holding hands, but it never would have been a wildfire of passion.  More like… friends with bonus kissing.
  • Eren is very uncertain as a young person on how to express romantic feelings or even deal with them (come on, poor kid has Grisha for a dad).
  • By the time Eren would have realized how he truly felt about Armin, the other two were already dating.  He just kind of sat on his hands and let his friends be happy with each other.
  • Marco would have been the one to suggest marriage (when they were way too young - 20 or 21-ish), more out of a sense of ‘this is the next step in a relationship’ rather than ‘I really want to marry this person’.  Armin would have initially agreed.
  • Even with that on the horizon, their relationship would have cooled as they got older.
  • They found that they had slipped more into a friendly relationship.
  • Armin would have pointed this out and they would have had a long, rational, and sweet chat about it.  Love doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual or romantic, and they accept that theirs is more platonic now.  They go from being a couple to just being friends without much hubbub.
  • It would take Eren awhile, but he would eventually shore up enough courage to make his big confession to Armin.  Armin’s response: “Jesus, Eren.  Took you long enough to say it.”
  • Their little happy romantic honeymoon-esque bubble is nearly burst by Armin’s accident.
  • Eren is by Armin’s side all through the recovery and physical therapy.  Armin would try to push him away, but he’d refuse.
  • Eren decides after that that they’ve wasted too much time. As soon as Armin is able, they get married.
  • Marco is Armin’s best man, Mikasa is Eren’s.

And that’s pretty much where things are when Whoopsidaisies starts…

“Oh, it’s just that I ran into Mina a little bit ago.”

Marco cringed.  Oh no.

“And she said that Marco had a lunch date at Pixis’ Place today.”

And started to flush red.  Oh dear God, no.

“A really good looking lunch date.”

All eyes were now on him.  Please don’t let this be happening.

Sasha pounced on Krista, grabbing both her hands and dancing excitedly.  “Was he a little shorter than Marco with a Dorito build?”  The little blonde nodded.  Marco closed his eyes and wished that the sidewalk would just swallow him up whole.  It refused to comply.

'Whoopsidaisies' sneak

(Aw come on Marco, you didn’t honestly think you could keep this a secret from your friends, did you?)

Whoopsidaisies Side-Shot - Karaoke Flashback!

[SNK/AOT Fanfiction One-shot (779 words) – Jean Kirschstein, Erwin Smith, Levi, Mike Zakarius, Nanaba]

So I mentioned late night karaoke in the most recent chapter of Whoopsidaisies and kinda got a bug to write this little thing.  19-year-old Jean going out to a karaoke bar with Levi, Erwin, Mike, and Nanaba (they’d be in their mid-20s).  I picked songs that were popular around 6 years ago (2008).


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