I can’t stop thinking about Whoopi Goldberg and Bobcat Goldthwait in that Burglar movie, I wanna make some awful OCs based on those characters……

Whoopi: Wednesday Wonder Warrior !!!

Ever since the realms of Imagination declared war on Reality there has been a rupture in THE GLOW!!! (Have you felt it???)

Wonderlanders and Wonder Warriors are COMING OUT THE PUDDLE— revealing their Wonderland personas and identities.

Imaginationists are becoming empowered by Wonderland’s  HEART CRYSTAL as they declare their associations and allegiance to WONDER.

This Wednesday Wonderland honors Whoopi Goldberg as our WEDNESDAY WONDER WARRIOR as she has announced her Wonderland identity. She’s none other than our QUEEN OF CLUBS!

A revolution is happening all around us.

Are you a fellow Wonder Warrior??


Lil BUB interviews Whoopi Goldberg