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Queen of Pleasure: (Completed Funtime between Akasha and Tresdin)


"So we meet again, Queeny!", Tresdin chuckled. She managed to catch the succubus with a net. Laying helpless on the floor in Tresdin’s bedroom, Akasha tried to free herself.


Akasha was growling and struggling under the net. “You know, Commander, if you wanted a play date, all you had to do was ask.” She hissed.


"Apparently we have different concepts of an date, creature.”, slowly she walked up to the succubs, looking down at her, an satisfied expression on her face. Tresdin started to circle the queen, like a hunter would circle an injured beast of prey, a long knife in her hand.

She stepped to a nightstand, took of her helmet and placed it upon the wooden surface. With a graceful motion, Tresdin shook her hair, befor turning around to the still bound Akasha. Slowly walking up to her and evetually crouching next to her face, soflty caressing her cheek with the dagger. “I guess you know who i am, and with that, what fate waits for you, Akasha.”


Akasha wasn’t thinking straight as she watched the Commander circling her. She still had her dagger and could have easily cut away at the netting surrounding her. She froze entirely when she felt the cold steel of a dagger against her cheek. Grinning, she moved her face slowly so the blade began to cut her. Blood slowly ran down her face. She laughed. “I know who you are Commander. A human.”


"You say it as if its an insult.", she pulled the dagger back and stroke over the cut, warm blood slowly dripping on her fingertips. With her blood covered thumb, she started to caress her bottom lip.

With the warmth and softness of her skin, suddenly another feeling rose in Tresdin. Against her will, she moved her hand downwards, along Akashas neck and bare shoulders. Moving slowly closer to her, lips next to Akashas ear, she whispered: “Maybe we should have some fun before?”

"You like pain, dont you?"


Akasha’s eyes lit up and her wicked grin widened. “I like inflicting it more.” She inhaled a deep breath, taking in the smell of the Commander. Desire was present in the air. “Why don’t you remove this net, and we can talk. Girl to girl. Woman to woman.” Akasha whispered into Tresdin’s ear.


Her hand moved from Akasha’s shoulders down, along her womanly curves to her hips. The warm feeling of her body and the breath on Tresdin’s skin heated Tresdin and she hated it. That wasn’t at all what she wanted to happen.

Still she couldn’t resist strarting to cut the net open, still blood on the blade of her knife. “I dont know yet Queeny… “, she held her down with one hand around her throat. 

The view on the helpless woman heated Tresdin even more, one hand moving down to Akasha’s rear after she removed the net, lips locking with the ones of the succubus.


Akasha was genuinely surprised by the actions of the Commander, but didn’t protest. She let Tresdin kiss her for a few moments before rolling them over so she was sitting on Tresdin’s stomach. Akasha lifted Tresdin’s arms above her head and held them there. “This seems.. familiar.. doesn’t it?” She gave a wink and a smile before leaning down and pressing her lips back to Tresdin’s.


Tresdin wasn’t suprised by Akasha’s move, deep in her, she hoped for this. But she’d never admit it. She loved the warmth of her body, maybe even how she took controll, but she hated that it was Akasha and that she had so much power over her. 

Tresdin returned the kiss, lovingly, at the same time demanding. Without a problem she freed one of her hands, laying her finger on Akasha’s scar, “It seems that we have the same mark now.”, turning her head to the side, so that Akasha could see the scar on her cheek that she left in the night some days ago. 


Akasha smiled as she eyed her handy work. “I want to give you more..” She whispered. She leaned down, pressing her lips to Tresdin’s neck. Her skin was warm and soft against Akasha’s lips. She could feel Tresdin’s heart beating. It was rather quick, probably from the excitement of the moment they were sharing.

"I want more of your blood, Tresdin." She whispered into her ear before sinking her fangs into Tresdin’s neck. Blood began to pool into her mouth and she moaned against her skin.


A groan to the bite, her head unconsciously lolling back, legs clenching around Akasha’s body, fingertips pierced into soft skin. Her body trembling, her mind struggling with herself, one part knew in what danger she was, wanted to beat the living crap out of the succubus, to end her so-called life. The other part was completely captured by Akasha, overwhelmed by her womanly features, the controll she was taking and not the least by the pain Akasha was causing.

Horrible waves of pain flooded her mind, causing her to think straight again. In a clear thought, Tresdin grabbed Akasha’s hair, forcefully pulling it back, blood dripping from the queens fangs and lips. To stop the flood of blood, she pressed one hand against thie bite, the other one remained at Akasha’s hair, still pulling on it.

"Don’t you do this to me, little succubus. Maybe to one of your more submissive victims.”, she pulled her head down, lips looking with one another.


Akasha’s eyes involuntarily rolled back as Tresdin pulled on her hair. A soft moan escaped her lips while she licked the blood from them. When she realized the blood stopped flowing into her mouth she opened her eyes. She wore a pout, though still looked seductive, and let out a whimper in protest. 

"Victim is such a dirty word.." She managed to say between rough kisses. "..And besides.." More kisses. "..Just because you’re a Commander.." She sat up to finish her sentence. "..Doesn’t mean you can’t let someone else take the lead for a while."

Akasha moved herself off of Tresdin to stand up. When she did she looked around the bedroom she had been in only once before, before sitting down on the edge of the large bed. She smiled down to Tresdin as she rubbed her hand over the bed next to where she was sitting.

"You know Tresdin, I’ve learned something from my many victims over the years. The one thing I will never forget is that everyone has a secret. The King I was once bound to serve, ultimately was thrown to his death from the top of a tower for keeping a secret.” Her face was blank and she seemed to be staring at nothing, just remembering. After about a minute she shook her head and was back. “You have a secret.” She turned to look at Tresdin with a smile. “A secret.. desire perhaps?” Her grin widened. “One even your precious Balanar doesn’t know about?” At this point she was running her middle finger up and down the blade of her dagger without even giving it a thought.


As Akasha stood up, Tresdin stayed on the floor. Hair tousled, her head laying on the side. She remained silent for a while, her mind following her own thoughts, flying to bygone days and happenings, her night with Balanar and the one with Lanaya. To how she loved Balanar, and to how tempting Lanaya was back then. And finally to what was now. To Akasha.

"A secret?"

She sat upright, slowly shaking her hair. Her head turning to Akasha, a smile on her lips, but her eyes somehow… scared. “Aren’t you but a mere succubus? Made for sex and nothing but sex? What do you care about my secrets?”, standing up, running a finger along the side of her bed before sitting down next to Akasha. She did not look at her, just starred at the ground in front of her.

"I love Balanar,", she started after a while out of nothing, "i realy do… But sometimes, i just dont know whats happening with me. Just a few minutes ago you were lying here on the ground. I wanted to kill you, Akasha.", she turned to her, a little apologizing smile on her face. 

"As you know we ended up doing something else. And i know its not right. No i dont know. I just… really dont know what is happening. What i want. Sometimes."


Akasha listened to the troubled Commander. “You think too much.” Akasha said after a few minutes of silence between them. “Desire is simple. Everyone just lets their mind get in the way.”

Akasha gently pushed Tresdin to lay back on the bed. She leaned down and pressed her lips against the Commanders. Akasha moved her tongue from her own mouth to Tresdins. Slowly as they kissed, she crawled on top of Tresdin like they had done on the floor. She pulled her mouth away after a moment and smiled.

"Your body enjoys this. I can smell your arousal. Nothing about that is wrong, Tresdin." She took a breath in and smiled. "Nothing wrong at all."


Tresdin didn’t protest as Akasha moved her down, in fact, she liked it. Light red lips pressed against darker ones, slowly she wrapped her tongue around Akasha’s, welcomed it in her mouth.

Maybe the succubus was right. Maybe Tresdin used her mind too much in such situations, maybe she suppressed her inner needs. Her hands started to roam over Akashas back, fingernails scratching over the soft skin. The more Tresdin tried to figure out what she realy wanted, the more confusing everything became. 

Nothing wrong at all.

Tresdin shook her head. She brushed a hair strand out of Akasha’s face. “You are… very beautiful.”, she smiled at her, one hand petting her hair, “But you know this already, dont you?”


"What kind of succubus would I be if I wasn’t?" Akasha teased, grinning down to Tresdin. "But thank you." She added, looking over the Commanders face. She kissed her again after a moment, slowly moving her lips to Tresdin’s jaw, down to her neck, and back over to the spot she drew blood from before.

"You are quite beautiful yourself, Tresdin." Her voice was soft, sensual. She licked at the wound she had inflicted and couldn’t help but moan. She moved one of her hands down Tresdin’s body, admiring her curves and womanly features on her way down. She let her hand rest on the Commanders hip, digging in her claws a bit, though not enough to bleed.


"Well that’s right.", she smiled back at Akasha. Returning the kiss as she continued to roam over her back, searching for something to grip on as if her life depended on it.

Soft moans escaping her lips as Akasha kissed her neck and started to lick over the wound. Legs locking behind the succubus as she mover her hand. “Don’t tell Balanar, please, i beg you Akasha.”, whispering between soft kisses on her neck, hands trying to open Akasha’s brassiere. Tresdin released a groan against the queens neck as she dug her claws into her hip, roughly biting the soft skin.


Akasha smiled as she continued licking at the wound. “I love secrets” She whispered into Tresdin’s ear. She moved her free hand behind her back, slicing the fabric with her claw and tossing her top to the ground. Her breasts pressed against Tresdin, her nipples peaked and aching.

The Queen sat up, giving the Commander a full view of her. She lifted her arms above her head, running one hand through her long black hair and the other hand over one of her horns.


Tresdin’s jaw dropped as Akasha sat upright, breasts heaving as she moved her arms. She couldn’t help but moan softly at the view, her hands running along the succubus side, playing with Akasha’s curves.

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Zoey is trying to get me into One Piece which is working so far, the diolouge and animation is beautiful and clever, but I fear that my heart will crumble more than it did with Hatoful Boyfriend

whooohoooo also since I drew Zoey as Hancock I might have well draw something really obvious



As it stands.. I am working Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am-6pm. $9 an hour and I get paid every two weeks. I L-O-V-E where I work too! I have another interview tommorrow, which means if I get that job it’ll be that job and not the one I have now. ALSO! The internet bill is due tomorrow, so I won’t be able to pay it until I get my ID which might be a couple weeks, and even then it might be a couple weeks until I actually do pay it.. :\ So.. Today and tomorrow then I’m off for a bit!

But until then.. WHOHOOOO!! I GOT A JOB!!

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