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Let's Get To Know BTS!

So, a friend of mine has just recently gotten into BTS, and she asked if I could make a post to help her learn everyone’s names and things like that. 

So, here we go! I’m going to go by age, oldest to youngest. 

Jin (Kim Seokjin)


Jin is the eldest of the group and takes position as visual and vocal. He’s a the ‘princess-diva’, and is also very awkward. His favorite color is pink, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. 

SUGA (Min Yoongi)


Suga takes his rightful place in the rapping-line. He’s best known as ‘Motionless Min’ because of his extreme laziness. But don’t be fooled by his title, he’s a hardworking producer/composer who spits out raps that leave you breathless. He’s pretty quiet and reserved….(he’s also the cutest, fluffiest human being on the entire planet)

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) 


He’s your Hope! J-Hope is the ‘circle of life’. Or in other words, he can rap, sing, dance and produce. He’s full of energy and excitement, and he’s known as the member who doesn’t know the definition of embarrassment. 

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)


RapMon is none other than Bangtan’s leader. He’s the lead rapper, as well as a singer, producer and lyricist. He seems like the most ‘normal’ person in BTS, but we all know he’s a little weirdo. He’s hella smart, and he speaks English! (He’s takes his rightful spot as number one on my favorite leader list. He’s so talented and just…ugh. Namjoon stop.)

Jimin (Park Jimin)


Jimin is in charge of being a little sh*t charm in BTS. He’s known as the ‘Bagel Boy’ because of his baby face and sinful body. He’s in the dancing and singing line, while also stealing yo girl in the process. Nobody can quite hit high notes like he can, and he knows how to move his body fluidly. 

V (Kim Taehyung)


This here…this is V. Completely 4D and adorable, he’s known as Bangtan’s Alien. He’s part of the singing line, and surprisingly enough, his voice doesn’t match his face. His vocals are very deep and powerful! And don’t be fooled by that cute face; he’s an alien who can and will abduct you if he chooses. 

Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk) aka The Golden Maknae


This is sass master Jungkook! Known further as the Golden Maknae, he can pretty much do anything and everything…excluding sports. He’s a little ball of innocence who must stay pure forever. Until he’s legal. And then the entire ARMY will pounce on that. 

And there you have it! I hope this helped! <3

The Rich and The Homeless

"Excuse me sir—" He coughed dramatically a few times. " ‘Ave you got any change so I could possibly get some medicine? What ‘ave I got? I got a’ massive case of the chlamydia, it’s just eating my dick alive like some deranged leech! I mean, how could I possibly fuck any lovely babes with my cock on the fritz? Won’t ya please do a kindly service?" He pouted his lip and gave the stranger puppy eyes, but he received the look of utter disgust and the stranger just walked away. "You know, my cock has feelings! Ah well." The young Frenchman held the stranger’s wallet in his hand and grinned to himself. 

He whistled and strolled down the street as he went through the man’s wallet, tossing it to the side after he pulled out all the cash and what looked to be gift cards. He looked at himself in the window of a retail store, seeing his shaggy hair and paled complexion, his clothes were very worn out with dirt strains and a couple tears. He just shrugged and gave a wide smile. “Still sexy.” He laughed to himself and walked along but came to a halt when he spotted across the street. “Oooohhh, rich bitches. My favorite.” He quickly jogged across the street, ignoring the cars honking at him, then slowly made his way to the young man who would probably be wearing expensive brand clothing and if he wasn’t by himself, maybe with a chauffeur or any sort of service.

"Allo folks!" The young Clopin still had a deep emphasis of his french accent. "Got any spare change to keep me out of the arms of a gang member and out of the clutches of the human trafficking ring?" He gave a pitch-perfect smile. 


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What up, everyone! In celebration of reaching 200 followers, I’m setting up another giveaway!!

Thank you so much, all of you, for the support, this means a bunch! I never thought I’d ever make it to my last milestone, much less this one, but you guys seem to like me enough to stick around for some reason, so here’s how I’m showing my thanks!

Third Prize

A full page, full color drawing by me in either of my styles, of your character/favorite character that you can use for whatever you like!

Second Prize

Choice between any $10 game on steam, or a Cake plush from Toys R Us

First Prize

A full color drawing by me of your character/favorite character, a music video by me of your otp, as well as any $30 or less Adventure Time item from the Cartoon Network store!

Da Rules:

1. You have to be a follower!

2. Only 1 like and 1 reblog will count towards the win!

3. Have your inbox open! (you’ll have 24 hours to respond when the contest ends)

4. Be willing to give me your mailing address!

The contest will end on October 10! So don’t forget, good luck, and again, thanks everyone!

anonymous said:

Maleficent having this huge habit if completely clinging onto Aurora while she's sleeping and Aurora will often wake up hot and sweaty and notice feathers all over her and arms and legs wrapped incredibly tightly around her. Aurora will try and push her off but the minute she does get her off of her Maleficent just whines and then clings back onto her. Aurora sighs cuz her girlfriend is super clingy but she secretly loves it



Andromeda rolled over, looking up at the ceiling. She didn’t have to adjust her position for her breasts, which was her first indication that something was wrong. She sat up, looked down, and started freaking out. Nothing. No chest. She shot out of bed and ran to look in the mirror in the 7th year girl’s bathroom.

Staring back at her was someone decidedly not her. Someone decidedly male. She touched her face and the man in the mirror did the same.

Andromeda was completely freaked at this point. She just said, “What. The. Fresh. Hell. Is. This.” If you listened closely, her voice was internally freaking out.