I need masculism because I’m sick and tired of being looked down on for breaking down. You know, “like a woman”?
I need masculism because I’m sick and tired of being thought of as less of a man for having femininity and being hetero.

Actually, scratch that. I need masculism because I’ve submitted some version of one of the above to whoneedsfeminism at least twenty times and I feel like it’s not being considered because it’s something that’s hurt a man.

People Oppress People

It does not matter who oppresses who or for what; oppression is oppression. If a male is supported by the patriarchy for being manly, at least two other males are rejected by the patriarchy for not being manly enough. The patriarchy stereotypes both men and women, and defines when it is appropriate to be masculine and when it is appropriate to be feminine; always-never and never-always, with respect to men and women. This can be seen as an extreme masculine behavior. This is why masculinity is frowned upon, in the end.

But to be masculine does not mean to be evil. It means you focus on independence. You focus on being able to provide. A woman is equally permitted, and sometimes expected to be, masculine, just like how a man should also be. This is also true with respect to feminine traits. A person can have a mix of masculine and feminine traits. A person should. This should be the goal for Gender Equality, that Sex does not Imply, and should not Suggest, Masculine or Feminine.

"Masculism," if we work with the goal presented by whoneedsmasculism, is the aim to preserve the "good" elements of being masculine, the aim to have both men and women be permitted to be masculine, and a focus on areas where men specifically are expected to fit the stereotype and/or are punished because of the stereotype. The scope of this is not as large as Feminism because of how Patriarchy works. But this is besides the point; if concern for Civil Rights be only placed on the largest area of discrimination, which is more important, Minority Races or Women?

Now I invite you to look at the name “Feminism.” What does it suggest? It suggests a focus on feminine perspectives. It suggests a focus on woman discrimination. Because of how the Patriarchy works, the scope is necessarily larger than that of the proposed masculism. It would be wrong to deny that. But this is credited to our personal culture; in a Matriarchy, the proposed masculism would have the larger scope. But it would not mean it is more important for men to have rights than for women to have rights; it would simply be the primary focus.

Again, we aim to preserve the good aspects of being masculine. We mean to also separate sex from gender, in these terms. Because our focus is on masculine characteristics and it’s stereotyped sex, men, we offer a different perspective, a different angle, on the same issues that Feminism fights for. We mean to support Feminism, while making certain that it doesn’t destroy us.

If Feminism appropriately covers Masculine Concerns, then it is almost implicit that to be Masculine, as opposed to being Feminine, is inherently wrong, whereas being Feminine is inherently right.

This would then imply that females are better than males.

We disagree. We are fighting to make certain that is never believed. Because we’re equal, not because men are “better” or whatnot.

Where women face much injustice, men face some. This is acknowledged. We just mean to outline these few; not in offense against Feminism, but to compliment. We’re saying that to be Gender-Equal, these few things must also happen; things not addressed by Feminism, and when addressed, not appropriately. We respect that there are plenty of things that need a woman’s perspective on; respect that there are some that need a man’s. And by woman and man, remember that we’re all people. We’re all the same.