• Q:“Why does River and the Doctor have babies?” (laughter)
  • Matt Smith:“That’s a very good question.”
  • Steven Moffat:“Why don’t they? Well, who’s to say what goes on? We don’t see every chapter of the Doctor’s life. But heaven knows what they’d be like. Can you imagine those two as parents?”

Wow this is deep .__.
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So, my good friend Ladydoom29 has just started watching Doctor Who from Series 1/ Season 27. She’s been watching for a few days ago and is currently on “The Empty Child”


Of course being friends with loads of Whovians means she knows everything but still …

anonymous said:

Tell me what's the difference between a whovian and a whonatic? :P

The term Whovian was originally coined by the Doctor Who Fan Club of America (DWFCA) in the mid 1980s and has since fallen into common usage to describe a devotee of Doctor Who.

The British term Whonatic predates Whovian by a number of years and originates from a group of Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) members based in the West Midlands town of Walsall. The popularity of this DWAS subset/local group grew to include members from neighboring towns including mine. My dad was a fully-paid-up and active Whonatic who attended meetings and conventions in Stourbridge, Solihull and Worcester.

So I guess I call myself a Whonatic rather than a Whovian because being a Whonatic is in my genes! It’s not a factional or discriminatory thing. I don’t think for one moment that Whovians are inferior to Whonatics, or that NuWho fans are less devoted that long-time fans. I haven’t got time for that kind of crap! Whovian, Whonatic, Wholigan or simply Doctor Who fan – it’s just a label and isn’t that important.

- Cleo