ugh ugh ugh ugh pls listen to this
my pride and joy
what I’ve been doing for 4 hours
pls tell me how I’m doing
words by anonymous-the-ghost and I did the music (im also singing all the parts for this lol I have too much time man what do u want from me)
called “little bird”

[PREVIEW] A Whole New Region
  • [PREVIEW] A Whole New Region
  • Copper and Meghan
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So, remember a while ago when I said I had a new Pokemon based parody coming? Here’s a preview for that. The full version should be here sometime soon. :) It’s about the feeling of going from Kanto to Johto.


Copper: A whole new world
With new fantastic Pokemon
No one to slow us down,
From town to town
We’re gonna catch ‘em all

Meghan: A whole new world
Such dazzling sights I’ve never seen
And when I want to roam, I’ll go back home
But right now, Johto’s where I’m meant to be

Copper: Right now, Johto’s where you’re meant to be

Meghan: Unbelievable fights,
Indescribable feeling
Flying, surfing, or wheeling
Myself on my brand new bike

A whole new world

Copper: Don’t you dare run away

Meghan: With all new Pokemon to catch

Copper: Shit, there’s like 500 more coming

Meghan: I’ve got Tyranitar
I’ve come so far
I can surf right back
To where I used to be

Copper: A whole new world

Meghan: Every turn a surprise

Copper: With 8 new badges to pursue

Meghan: There’s just nothing that’s better

Both: I’ll catch 'em all again
Make all new friends
Let me share share this whole new world with you

Counting Stars
  • Counting Stars
  • OneRepublic
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A layered version of the song Counting Stars by One Republic. :) 

The left ear starts a little later than the right ear. Listen with earphones for the full effect… 

The beginning is a little weirdbut it gets better, I promise ^ u ^ 



gerard on not playing my chemical romance songs at his shows (x)