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Baby Don't Go
  • Baby Don't Go
  • Marvin Rainwater

Marvin Rainwater — Baby Don’t Go

from Whole Lotta Woman b/w Baby Don’t Go 7” (1958)

A little vintage rockabilly from Marvin Rainwater, once a country music king, with his handsome looks, buckskin jackets and headbands (he’s a quarter Cherokee) — today an ice-fishing Minnesotan living in the frozen lake country.

Double D Blonde @hopvalleybrewing | 5% 20 IBU | Habañero and lemon peel infusion. She’s a whole lotta woman. Hot and spicy. Sunny and smooth. (at parixk’s)

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#25: “Dare (La La La)” (Cha-Cha-Cha) - Ricky & All-Star Anya

Ricky said that he “dabbled” in ballroom….dabbled my ass. He was freaking amazing (for it not being his style) in this dance and it’s just…ugh. Why is this man allowed to be so perfect?

When it was announced that Ricky was going to be dancing with Anya, I was really afraid for him. Up until this point, he had done mostly cutesy dances and Anya’s a whole lotta woman. You can’t be cutesy with Anya. She’s too much woman to play those games.

I thought this was going to wind up being like that weird student-teacher dance with Kent and Anya, and I’m so glad it wasn’t. Ricky was really dancing like a man and he wasn’t disappearing behind Anya, which easily could have happened. In short, Ricky amazing as always and Anya nothing short of spectacular, making for a great routine.