Melissa buried Ali, Ali hit Bethany and Mrs D buried Bethany

This is an illustrated version of pllcrazyness’ amazing theory. I cannot help but look deeper into this, so I added some details. Enjoy :)

We know Ali likes to base her lies on the truth.

Note that I haven’t manipulated the part where “Ali” is hit in the head - in her flashback, she falls, but then we see the rock falling near her left foot and it looks like she is still standing. I don’t know if this is a production error of if this is supposed to be a hint that Ali was the attacker, or at least the attacker had her shoes.

"...and I know EVERYTHING." | Guilty PLL's


I started this theory with a few things on my mind:

1. It is probably Sarah Harvey in that grave (but I’m not 100% sure).

2. Mona HAD to be involved in the killing and burying of that girl (either it’s Sarah or someone else) because she wanted to make sure everyone thought Alison was dead and she had Ali’s clothes from that night.

3. The girls were totally drugged the night Alison left.

4. We were told Spencer came back to the barn after she fought with Alison and went back to sleep… But from the pilot we know that she was back outside and when the girls woke up looking for Ali, Spencer says “she’s gone, I think I heard her scream” - meaning that even though Ali saw the girls sleeping, that wasn’t the end of it for them.

5. Emily had a flashback while going through hypnotherapy with Dr. Sullivan that showed her with a shovel, about to beat Alison, who is screaming with terror. She later thinks it’s a memory from the other night she was drugged and was found in front of Ali’s empty grave, but I think that memory was clashed with a memory from the night Ali disappeared.

6. It’s really easy to drug these girls and while they’re under the influence, get them to do something they will never remember later on. I think 3X01, when Emily is drugged and does a whole bunch of things she doesn’t even remember later (being with Paige, getting picked up by Jenna and also being used by A at the graveyard and still having no idea how she got there) - this is all a major clue that in PLL land, this can happen to these girls and maybe even already happened before.

So, this is my theory:

The very first text that the girls received together from A (Mona) was:

"I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything. -A"

Let’s take a look at that text. They got it after Alison’s funeral, and right after Wilden talked to them and let them know that Ali’s case is no longer a missing person’s case but a murder. The girls look very shaken by this and even more when they get the text.

But what is Mona saying? “I’m still here” - Who is? I remember watching PLL for the first time and thinking, well it’s obviously Alison who is still alive that is sending them this text, because it’s signed ‘A’ for Alison and she wanted them to know that she’s not really dead but ‘still here’. But now I’m thinking… We know it was Mona who sent that text. She is trying to say, “Alison is dead, but I’M still here.” She is making sure they know that even though Alison supposedly went to the grave with their secrets, someone else is STILL there and “knows everything”. But what does Mona know? So, of course, it could mean all their little secrets (which she later uses to blackmail and torture them with) but I can’t help but recall another hunch that I had when I first watched the show, and that is how this text sounded so much like “I know what you did last summer”. What does Mona know? What did these girls do? What’s the ultimate secret, the biggest thing they’re guilty of?

Well, I think the PLL’s were the ones who killed that girl. It could either be Sarah Harvey, or someone else, but either way I think it was all four - Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna - who were involved in the murder and burying. How did this happen? Well, let’s see.

We know that they were all drugged by Alison that night. SO drugged that they all fell asleep, while she was watching them and waiting for a text from A. We know Spencer came back to the barn after their fight, and in 4X24 we see a flashback scene where they’re all sleeping together. However, in the pilot we have the scene where they all wake up, and Spencer is already outside of the barn (meaning, she definitely was awake again) and if you check out the little details and differences between the two scenes, it looks like the other girls were awake as well, after Alison left, and only later went back to sleep:

Of course, it could be a mistake by the props department on the show… but I don’t think so. They made a lot of effort in 4X24 recreating that scene with the same music, cups, candles, Aria’s pig and all… So why not the blanket? I think it’s a clue, showing that they didn’t sleep from the moment Ali left till the moment we see them wake up, rather they woke up in the middle, did something they later forgot, and went back to sleep.

It was a friggin LONG night, that night. We saw Ali get a bunch of ‘errands’ done and come back to the barn to make sure they were asleep, and then leave, get hit and buried alive and then escape…all in one night, and it’s still dark when Mona picks her up and takes her to the motel. It’s still dark when the girls wake up and Spencer says that Alison is gone. It’s a really, really long night. So, what happened between the moment Alison left the barn and was hit and buried by her mother and the moment the girls wake up and Spencer says she’s gone?

Well, I think they were all still sleeping while Alison was pulled out by Mrs. Grunwald.  She then left her car, only to be picked up by Mona, who convinced her to fake her death. Mona was willing to do everything in order to make this happen, she was helping the person she hated the most, just in order to get rid of her. We see Mona put Alison to sleep and go over to her ‘A lair’ next door. Her night was just beginning.

She had access to Alison’s clothes, probably gave her something else to sleep in (we don’t see this, but I’m assuming this is how Ali’s clothes were found on the body) - before Mona went and bought her new clothes in the morning for the Vivian disguise, it was still the middle of the night and Mona took the yellow top and pants and left to make sure that THERE WAS A DEAD BODY FOR PEOPLE TO IDENTIFY AS ALISON. How would her plan of making Ali disappear and assumed dead work, if there was no body to be found? Mona was in charge of finding a replacement. However, I don’t think she did this alone. 

Either Mona, or a different person who was helping her (could be: Cece/Wren/Melissa/Wilden/Jason/Avery), or both Mona and this other person - went back to the place where Alison was buried alive, with the clothes that Mona took from Ali. Then, the four PLL’s either woke up or were awoken by Mona and together they killed and buried Sarah Harvey. How they got Sarah Harvey there and why it was specifically her that was killed is a different theory which I’ll write about later, but what I’m focusing on now is how the four PLL’s are involved in this murder.

Remember Emily’s session with Dr. Sullivan, who was trying to help her after the whole Nate/Lyndon thing? Dr. Sullivan wanted Emily to go back to the night she killed him, but Emily’s mind took her to a different night. In the flashback, there is a clear mix up between Alison’s yard where her body was found and the graveyard where Emily was found in 3X01.

Then, in Emily’s mind, we see her holding a shovel and scaring the living sh*t out of Alison… She is wearing the same clothes she had on the night Ali went missing and it looks like she isn’t totally in her right mind. I mean, have you ever seen Emily with those kind of crazy eyes??? This is what Ali was yelling:

"We shouldn’t be here… This is bad, we shouldn’t be doing this! You have to stop! What do you think you’re doing? You can’t do this! STOP!"

Later that episode, Emily remembers that it was actually what she herself was yelling, at the graveyard, when A was digging up the body. Even though Emily was recalling the graveyard from 3X01, the rest of that flashback was pretty gruesome and maybe the biggest clue ever given on this show about what happened that night. She simply dismisses it as a nightmare combined with a memory from the graveyard and then the rest of the girls assure her that she didn’t hurt Alison… But I think it was an actual memory.

We now know it wasn’t Alison in that memory, because she told the girls what she did that night and none of this was mentioned… so could it have been a mistake by Emily’s mind trying to fill in the gaps and in reality, instead of Ali it was actually Sarah Harvey? 

What I’m getting from all of this is: Emily was awake that night, drugged, after Ali had already been saved by Mrs. Grunwald and long gone… and she was really holding that shovel and was with this screaming girl. However, Emily wasn’t actually alone with the shovel and the girl, that’s just the only thing her memory allowed her to recall. I think she was there with the rest of the PLL’s (all drugged and woken up by Mona) and also with whoever was helping Mona and got Sarah Harvey there that night. We hear Sarah screaming for her life, it sounds like it’s not just one person who is doing this to her (Also from Emily’s flashback, it seems like she could have just ran away or fought back… Maybe she was held down by the rest of them, only Emily can’t recall that because it’s deeply suppressed and she was very drugged). So, the girls were taken full advantage of and were brainwashed by Mona to hold this girl down, kill her and bury her (or maybe the person who was helping Mona was really close to them and convinced them to do this while they were drugged).

There is no other explanation I can find for these images in Emily’s head. She was wearing those same clothes, she was drugged and totally out of her mind, it sounded like she wasn’t alone in doing this and it was obviously a combination of what she remembered from the night Ali left and the other night at the graveyard. She and the other girls were totally involved in this murder.

I have always believed that the biggest twist on PLL would be that the 4 protagonists we all love and adore would end up being guilty and deserving of the torture that they’ve been through. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense if they were aware of this and just lying (to each other as well? nope), but it would make sense if they all were drugged, didn’t do it on purpose but were used and brainwashed to do this, and suppressed it and could never recall it (unless they went through hypnotherapy like Emily). It’s also debatable what they’re guilty of - maybe they didn’t actually kill the girl but witnessed it / maybe they witnessed the murder and helped bury her / maybe they were convinced to actually kill and bury her / maybe it wasn’t all four girls, it could be just Emily and Spencer or Emily and Hanna or Emily and Aria (remember in 4X01 the whole thing with the little girls and the dolls that resembled the PLL’s and Mona - one of them said, “Not fair, Aria! It was Emily’s idea!” this could be a hint to something Aria and Emily did… maybe it was this. Could this be what Aria’s nightmares were about? Is there some part of her mind that remembers this, maybe her subconscious when she’s dreaming, and maybe Ezra figured this out while they were together?) But either way, I’m sure Emily was involved because of THAT FLASHBACK! (and once again, 3X01 was a clue that it’s easy to drug her and make her do things she won’t remember). It’s really a twist when the person least expected, like Em, has the scariest skeletons in her closet. Still, I’m pretty certain that if it was her, she didn’t do it alone. I think all four girls are guilty (because they were all drugged and so I think they were all involved) and like Ali said, they all remember more about that night than they think.

So, Mona knows this because she helped do it (providing the clothes and making sure a body was found and Ali was assumed dead) and she also realizes that the girls don’t remember this, but she is probably afraid that they’ll recall it somehow. She wants to keep it a secret, because she was involved in the murder as well. I think Uber A is either whoever helped Mona do this and has some sort of connection to the girls or someone connected to Sarah Harvey/or whoever the dead girl is… I am pretty sure Alison has no clue about this and the only other people who know are probably Cece, Melissa, Wilden. I also think Wren found out about this from Melissa (but she might not know he found out) and also Jenna could have found out once she got her sight back. 

Once again, I am certain that the girls don’t remember doing this and that they had no intentions to do this, they were just drugged and forced to take part. They ARE, however, considered guilty (especially if you ask Uber A) and I think that’s the biggest secret of Pretty Little Liars. It’s why the focus of the show is on them and also on Mona. We are supposed to relate to them only to discover that the worst secret, the worst lie, is about them. We might even end up on Uber A’s side… After all, Marlene said that is her favorite character :)

ThAnks for reading!

My theory is that Jason hit Ali in the back of the head because he didn’t see her face and he thought it was CeCe and then Mrs. D was burying Ali because she wanted to protect Jason and she thought Ali was already dead. She wasn’t right in the head at the time and she saw it as a way to both protect Jason from going to jail AND pin the blame on Spencer. Melissa probably saw Jason hit Ali but was protecting him because he’s her brother and she didn’t like Ali anyway so she didn’t really ever have a reason to want to tell police and out her brother.

Also, I have a feeling IF there’s a twin then either Mrs. D or Jason are the ones who might have one.

Either Jason is A or it’s “his twin” because there’s no one else who’s physically capable enough of making that jump. Besides maybe Jake, but that would make NO sense.

Also, there’s no way in hell they’d actually kill Ezra. This is just like the finale when everyone was asking “what’s in the trunk?!” and it was a pig. It’s just to keep people talking until June.

There’s also a slight possibility that if Mrs. D has a twin, that she’s the one who got killed at the very end. Or Mrs. D really did die and her twin plans on taking her place. There’s some room for a story there.

I usually don’t post theories on tumblr but I always read them so my apologies if this is all over the place. I just wanted to finally give my input.

The Girls Killed Ali:

This theory has been tossed around a little bit once or twice, but for the most part, most of us are theorizing about the girls being A. I don’t think any of the girls are A. I do think that it would be an amazing twist if they murdered (or tried to murder Ali). I’m not going to invent a whole long story about how it happened. Let’s just say all of them were there. They may or not remember it due to Ali probably having drugged them.


Ali has said that the four of them combined know more about that night than they think. If they witnessed her death but were drugged and can’t access those memories, that would make sense.

Emily and Aria’s first conversation when Aria comes back from Iceland:

Aria: well, we kind of lost touch, Emily, remember?

Emily: it’s what we had to do

Aria: I saw a poster of Alison yesterday

Emily: it’s awful. I mean, we all know she’s dead, right?

The whole conversation is very suspicious. Why did they have to lose touch? Murdering someone together could do that to a friendship. And how do they all know she’s dead? People get kidnapped or run away too. The only way they would know for sure is if they did it.

The flashback from the night she disappeared. It’s very innocent looking. They’re drinking from red cups and gossiping. They go to sleep. They wake up and Spencer says “I think I heard her scream”. It’s the perfect cover. They were sleeping through the whole thing. Spencer heard her scream, so someone else must have murdered her. That’s convenient, but we know that Ali screamed that night when Garrett pretended to murder her. After that, she stayed in her yard and talked to Byron and god knows who else before being buried alive. Spencer was her neighbor and would have found her in seconds.

Not to mention, Wilden said that their conversation seemed rehearsed. Cops can pick up on these things, even though he was a terrible cop. They all said exactly the same thing when it happened and again a year later. Why would they have rehearsed a story if they did nothing wrong? They are always lying to the cops.

Ali hinted at not being able to trust one of the liars. Maybe she was onto one of them. In The First Secret, she tells Spencer “you’d be surprised who your friends AREN’T” and then the camera pans to Hanna and Aria. Mrs. Grunwald also said that they shouldn’t be so sure that Ali felt that she could trust them. What does Mrs. Grunwald know? Is that the real reason why she wants to get them out of Ravenswood?

Many people seemed to think Spencer did it. It seems like the NAT club may have proof that she did it.

Spencer was sent an image taken from Ali’s room that night of Ali in Spencer’s back yard with a shadow coming up behind her. Spencer later admits that the shadow was her. Who took this picture in Ali’s room. It must have been the NAT club, since they were in her room that night. The people in the room were Ian, Garrett, Jenna, and Melissa. Jason was off being drunk somewhere (unless that was a lie).

Ian had an interesting conversation with Spencer when he offers to help her run away.

He said: “time’s running out for you Spencer. You should take the help that’s offered—wherever it comes from, because when they arrest you it’ll be too late”

Before we thought he wanted to get rid of her so it looked like she did it, but if the NAT club hated Ali and wanted her dead, and Spencer killed her, she would be an ally. He may have actually wanted to protect her in that moment.

Melissa also has been trying to protect Spencer for some reason. She told Spencer to leave town many times, maybe because she knew the cops would eventually figure out what Spencer did.

Garrett admitted to wanting to protect Spencer too (on the Halloween train before being murdered). Maybe they know that she doesn’t remember, which is why he gave her that Byron tidbit, so she wouldn’t realize that it was her.

The only NAT club member in the dark is Jenna. If they got the murder on film, but they didn’t want her to know it was the liars who did it, she would think that they had a tape of Garrett killing Ali, which would explain why she kept asking the liars to give her the tape. She would be worried about getting arrested.

Emily’s “mixed up memories”:

In therapy with Dr. Sullivan, Emily remembers killing Ali with the shovel. She later says she mixed up memories with the night Ali’s grave was dug up. Unless Ali was there, screaming at Emily to please stop while Emily smashed her head in with a shovel, that makes no sense. Maybe she remembered something real.

Hanna took Ali’s place:

After Ali died, Hanna modeled herself after Ali. She cut her hair like her, dressed like her, and became the new Queen Bee of the school. Wilden was onto something with suspecting Hanna.

Emily’s angry letter to Ali:

Emily was furious with Ali and certainly had the motive to kill her. She wrote that letter to Ali after Ali made fun of her for kissing her in the library.

Summarized theory:

 Is Ali alive or is the one alive Courtney? If the girls killed or tried to kill Ali, she wouldn’t be helping them like Ali seems to be. So what if they’re going with the twin theory in the sense that Courtney exists and hated Ali. So she loves the girls and is grateful to them because they got rid of her sister for her. So the A team could be people who loved Ali and are mad at the girls for killing her, and the anti- A team (the red coat team) is Courtney and Cece and maybe Jenna and Melissa and all of the people who hated Ali and are protecting the liars.

Anyways, this is a long theory, so fill my ask box with any questions or other thoughts on this! 

Theory: It wasn't really Spencer with the shovel that night...

Spencer finds something that Ezra wrote, about Cece going to the DiLaurentis house the night that Ali disappeared, and then Cece witnessed a fight. We are led to believe that what we see next is what Cece saw… However, we NEVER see or hear what is actually written on the paper Spencer is reading, we only see the visualization of what she is reading…

What we see is Spencer and Ali fighting, with Spencer threatening Ali with a shovel… This is presented as a flashback… but we know Spencer doesn’t actually remember this happening, so she isn’t having a flashback… she is merely visualizing what she is reading:

(Just like she did, for instance, when she was reading Alison’s diary and found the story about the Hart and the Huntsman… Obviously, Spencer wasn’t there so it wasn’t a flashback, she was just visualizing what she was reading… and then later on even implanted the idea that Ezra was Board Shorts into the visualization):

However, Ezra is never actually mentioned in the story, so this is clearly Spencer’s own imagination, given to us in the same format that flashbacks are usually given on the show… SO THEN, maybe what we saw on 4X21, with Spencer and Ali fighting, is just Spencer’s own interpretation of what she’s reading, putting herself as the person who was holding the shovel and threatening Alison… Meaning, what if what she’s reading doesn’t literally say - Cece saw Alison and Spencer fighting - but says something along the lines of:

"…When Cece arrived she witnessed a fight, another girl was threatening Alison with a shovel and Alison was yelling back at her…"

For all we know, Cece could have only heard the fight, or maybe even just seen it from far away, not enough to see who the girl was… maybe she only saw a girl with dark hair? Maybe she couldn’t even hear them very well? We have no clue what’s really written on that page…

I know Alison says Spencer’s name in the visualization, but what if the name isn’t really written on the page, what if Spencer is just inserting it into the fight, because she believes she was the person with the shovel?

Why do I even consider this a possibility? Well, remember Emily’s own flashback when she was in a session with Dr. Sullivan? She brought this from her own memory and it is strikingly similar to what we see on 4X21:

I know Emily later on realizes that she was having a sort of flashback from the night Ali’s body was dug up, but this was obviously mixed with ANOTHER memory that she had from Alison’s disappearance. 

What if the fight Cece witnessed was actually between Alison and Emily (and not Spencer, who is just assuming it was her and imagining it that way)? What if Emily also doesn’t remember this at all because she was totally wasted? If you look back at Emily’s flashback, Alison is HORRIFIED and screaming for help… IS THIS the scream that Spencer heard? Is that what Spencer witnessed but can’t remember - Emily hurting Alison?… Was it even Emily? ;) Maybe she’s the one with a twin…

Anyway, as you can see, lots of possibilities come up if we choose to look at it this way. Of course, it could actually be Spencer, it would be a lot easier that way… But I don’t want PLL to be easy, I want to be EXTREMELY surprised by who tried to kill Alison and who A is…


We know we get a MAJOR hint to A’s identity in this finale and this clue will play into season 6 as the clue becomes more specific, eventually narrowing it down to one person. We also know that in this finale, 1 currently unknown person will find out who A is and will say this exact quote “I can’t believe you’re A!” We also know that this finale will be the most shocking finale in the history of the show - I genuinely do believe the writers when they say that. Recently the show’s been a bit slow paced, so they need to ramp it up and I totally believe them when they say this.

WHAT IF THE FINALE CLOSES WHERE THIS CERTAIN SOMEONE WHO FINDS OUT WHO A IS, FINDS OUT THAT A IS ONE OF THE LIARS. AND THIS CERTAIN SOMEONE MAKES A SIMPLE COMMENT LIKE “I can’t believe that for all these years you would do all of this to yourself!” But does not reveal which liar it actually is.



I’d be so heartbroken if this happens but my gosh it fits the criteria of what we know to happen in this finale!!! Just a crazy thought I had to share. Oh and Marlene said a couple months ago on Twitter “I can’t believe you’re A!”, is a quote from the finale :)

A's Motives?

What if A isn’t torturing the girls because they let Alison bully people?

What if A blames them for what happened to her? What if A was in love with Alison and wants the girls to suffer like she did because A thinks they killed her?

I came up with the idea this morning, what if everyone who saw Alison that night thinks they killed her. Including the 4 liars. Maybe that is what Alison wanted. It is very obvious she planned her “death”. What if when she says “That’s immortality my darling.” It has a little deeper meaning. What if she wanted her death to go unsolved so she got into an altercation with everyone she knew that night to make them think they had a hand in her murder. Maybe that is another reason everyone is so hostel to the girls. They know the girls are hiding something about Alison. Maybe they think the girls “know” what they “did”.

And now A is punishing everyone because A is upset by Alison’s death. But now that A knows she is alive A is now mad at her for lying and disappearing so wants to punish her for leaving.

It seems kind of out there, but hey the whole show has gotten way out there lately. Just saying.

Updated 2/27 So after seeing 4 x 21 and seeing Spencer with a shovel it takes me back to when Emily was under hypnosis. Emily for sure had a memory with hitting Alison. She thought that she may have been drugged and killed her. Now Spencer is reading a story from that night that she was witnessed hurting Ali while on drugs. I definitely think Ali tried to push the limits with everyone to make them all think they were guilty of something.
The Girls All Witnessed or Helped Kill the Girl in the Grave

Ali has said that put together, the girls know more about that night than they think they remember. Spencer is having flashbacks to threatening Ali with a shovel, and Emily had flashbacks where she thought she murdered Ali with a shovel as well. Now we know that the shovel was not Ali’s murder weapon, because it was used to kill the girl actually dead in her grave. Ali is alive, not in the grave.

What if one or all of the girls killed the girl in the grave? She would be blond and would have been wearing Ali’s yellow shirt. They were probably drugged by Ali that night, so they wouldn’t be lucid or thinking clearly. Maybe they thought it was Ali and did it. They may or may not remember doing this, but I think two girls flashing back to the shovel murder and thinking it was them must mean something.

SOMETHING STRANGE ABOUT SPENCER IN 4X19 (pinky pulling and possible twin?)

After she finished with her black and white dreaming, she goes back to the diary and realizes something… 

Then she calls Emily and Hanna over to tell them about the different pages in the diary…… but she is dressed TOTALLY DIFFERENT, with a different hairstyle than like, what, 20 minutes ago???

The other girls didn’t change their clothes from earlier that day, but she did… why would she change? She was dressed just FINE before. But she took the time to change her clothes COMPLETELY and change her hair too!!! …OR DID SHE? Who the heck is this person who is talking to the girls? I don’t believe it’s the same Spencer who was having the black and white dream… Could Spencer be the one with the twin? Could Spencer have a split personality?

Also noticed something VERY IMPORTANT!!!! When she shows the girls the diary, she pulls on her pinky finger while talking, this is totally like a sign for something! Please take a look at this and spread the word, THIS PINKY PULLING MEANS SOMETHING!!! There was way too much emphasis put on it for it to not mean anything. 



So you guys may remember that very recently I posted a photo of the message from A in the photo above. I was questioning who was going to receive this message, because the promo for 4x22 from ABC Family didn’t reveal too much.

But then I watched the Canadian promo and found out that it is SPENCER who gets this message from A!
Check out the photos above that prove it. Spencer wakes up with dirt in her bed, symbolising the dirt that Alison was ‘apparently’ buried in.

But anyways. My theory on this:

I have a feeling that A is making Spencer believe that she is the one that harmed Ali, when in actual reality, she didn’t hurt Ali. And the fact that she was taking those drugs which kept her awake on the night of the sleepover even further supports that. Why would A do that? I don’t know why A would want to pin the murder on Spencer (a part from just being crazy and wanting to do anything to harm the liars!)
So yeah, I don’t think Spencer hurt Ali. I think A is trying to frame Spencer, and then in the finale, it will be revealed to be someone we weren’t expecting!!

Jenna on the A Team...

Well I was rewatching the episode ‘Breaking the Code’, and the scene at the end caught my attention

We see A, shooting a gun.

Afterward, A goes towards the board and touches the board, like she’s trying to feel where she hit.

The way she reaches forward, it’s like she cant see the board, so she is trying to find it with her hand

Now, in another episode ‘Kingdom of the Blind’, and the episode title itself, I think is a clue, the girls see Jenna going to a gun store

Coincidence, I think not.

Think about it. From the very beginning the girls suspected Jenna to be ‘A’, and they have done for ages! Pretty much through the whole first and the beginning of the second, they thought it was Jenna and Garrett working together. 

We also are thinking now, that Jenna, Melissa and Shana are working together on a sort of ‘B Team’. This could be the case.

My theory is that the ‘B Team’ is the one that does the single -A and the Ateam is the —A. Or maybe the ‘Bteam is trying to stop the A Team. When, who i think was mellisa, set fire to the house, they may not have known that the girls were in there, just the ATeam members.

Let me know what you think?

I don’t think Ezra is “A”.

Mrs. Grunwald said, “he hopes that you lead him to Alison. He’s here.” and boom: there was Ezra. My guess is, he killed Ali. Well at least he thought he did.
Here’s what I think happened:

He met Alison, they had a thing. He got her pregnant, tried to buy her off and when it didn’t work, he tried to kill her, because she was threatening to tell someone. But Mrs. Grunwald saved her without anyone knowing.

Later Ezra meets Aria, they fall in love. Then he finds out about “A” and immediately assumes, it is Alison. So he tries to find out if she is still alive or not. That’s why he is so close to Aria, cause she might know something.

He follows her and the girls almost everywhere. In town, the halloweentrain, I would even say he pushed Ian off the belltower. And he followed them to Ravenswood. He gets into A’s lair, hoping to find Alison, but he doesn’t. That’s why he is so upset.

Ali gurl you betta TELL ALL

Things Alison needs to clarify:

- Was faking her own death planned?
- Who are the people she was staying in touch with (besides Shana)
- Her whole relationship with Ezra Fitz - beginning to end or whatever is going on right now… Is he in fact ‘board shorts’?
- What’s her take on Mona and Mona as previous A?
- Did she in fact visit all 4 liars or were some of those hallucinations?
- What the heck Mrs. Grunwalds whole story is…
- Who she trusts and who she doesn’t trust and W H Y
- Who hurt her the night Mrs. Hastings saw her lip all busted
- Anything she knows about the current A
- Why she was a total bitch to the girls in the past
- Gurl how you keep your hair so nice if you aint got a home


Mrs. Grunwald said in 4x12, that when she pulled Ali out of the ground, Alison was very confused and shocked.
I just realised this: why would Ali be shocked that someone was after her, trying to kill her? As Melissa once said, half of Rosewood wanted to see Alison dead… so why was Ali shocked when someone tried to kill her?
What if she was shocked and confused because it was SPENCER he tried to kill her? That would explain why Alison was so shocked and confused when someone tried to kill her… Alison wouldn’t have expected her “best friend” to try and kill her! I think that may explain why Alison was so confused, like Grunwald said.

Cece and Mona
Cece said in 4x24 that the person who killed the girl in the grave is the one trying to hurt her friend, Alison DiLaurentis. First of all, that means that, assuming the one who tried to kill Ali is A, that A also killed the girl in Ali’s grave. So A always knew that Ali was still alive. Why did A want to make people think Ali was dead? What was their plan? I think all roads lead back to Mona. It’s been confirmed that Mona was Ali’s A as well. So all of the texts Ali got with death threats the day of her disappearance had to be from Mona. Mona planned to kill Ali. Was it her who did it, or not? Maybe she was working with someone. That person, the one who is close to the DiLaurentis family, tried to kill Ali. Mona saw Ali on the road that night and realized that she wasn’t dead. She came up with the idea of getting rid of her by having her disappear. The only problem was, in order for Ali to stay gone, people had to think she was dead. There had to be a body. So either Mona or her accomplice killed someone else to fill Ali’s hole.