I’m sorry for being a good girl. I know you get tired of me for being a good girl. I’m a boring person I know that and I really don’t understand why you fall for me. I’m just simple. I’m not even attractive. I’m not even talented. I’m not even intelligent, but you fall in love with me. I’m sorry for being plain. I’m sorry for being not good enough for you. I’m sorry for being a boring person. I’m sorry because you didn’t have fun to our date because I’m a good girl who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t even know how to smoke, to get high. I’m a good girl and you’re the bad boy.

But you know. I love you. I love every part of you even though some people judge you. I still know you and you care me the most. I always say I’m not good enough for you and you suddenly get angry at me for saying that, you said I’m good enough. You told I’m beautiful. You told me your not tired of me. You told me I’m amazing. You know you’re the first person who say I’m amazing and the way you speak my name, I love it.   You say every time  you look at me, your love for me goes deeper and deeper.

I love being in love with a bad boy like you, because people didn’t know your sweet and caring. People didn’t know how much love you gave to your love ones. People say I should change you for being a bad boy to a good boy. But I always decline, ignore them. Because I love you. I love every part of you. I don’t want you to change because of me. I accepted you even your mistake in the past. I love you. Your my bad boy and I’m proud of it.

—   Dear my future bad boy.  // a.j 

But what if Alfred is the superhero and Arthur is the supervillain, and one day Alfred meets this super cute British dude who wears sweater vests and drinks tea and yeah he looks familiar, but his arch nemesis does wear a mask so really Alfred doesn’t even know if they do look anything alike soooo….wanna hang out tonight? (Alfred keeps slipping in extremely subtle hints like constantly talking about how cool and heroic and attractive this one vigilante is and for some reason Arthur isn’t too keen on the guy and yeah, sure it’s unlikely, but have you ever actually seen me and [insert patriotic superhero name here] in the same room???? Hahaha just joking man why are you so serious all of a sudden)

My father told me never to take advantage of a woman who was the worse for drink,“ he said. He had stopped squirming, but now started again, slower, as though he couldn’t help himself.
"I’m not worse, I’m better,” I assured him. “Besides -” I executed a slow, sinuous squirm of my own. “I though he said you weren’t drunk if you could find your arse with both hands.”
He eyed me appraisingly.
“I hate to tell ye, Sassenach, but it’s not your arse ye’ve got hold of - it’s mine.
—  Jamie & Claire Fraser - Drums of autumn.

me as a 7-year-old: “’got milk’ is so funny because who doesn’t drink milk??”

me as a 21-year-old: “’got milk’ was a clever propaganda tool of the dairy & meat industry, which is one of the greatest enemies of dietary health in the US and must be destroyed”

Instead of talking about your exes and tryna convince the world you aren’t a sensitive possessive loser…What you need to do is quit talking shit about people who are long over you and retaliate positively, drink some water and get money! Buy yourself something nice, take a cute selfie nigga please!

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It makes no sense that blood libel ended up on us I mean besides the fact that blood is not kosher we are not the one who every week claim to be eating the flesh and drinking the blood of some dude. I mean just logically it makes no sense there is no correlation. Like if 2+2=4 then the blood libel should be on them not us. Not that there is much logic in antisemitic rhetoric, but I'm just saying they are the one eating somebody not us so...

It’s one of those things that when I explain it to non Jews they’re like “wait, don’t y'all NOT consume ANY blood?” And yeah, the transubstantiation in the Eucharist in Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Roman Catholic teachings just makes it that much more ironic. It would be hilarious if it didn’t get us killed.

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Who cooks better food:
Who listens to more music:
Who initiates cuddles:
Who swears more: 
Who picks the film:
Who organises dates:
Who finds an animal and brings it home:

Like a brother:
Drinking buddy:

URL rate:
Random song on shuffle:

So yeah, lets do this please do or I’ll cry

I’m just a fuckhead who drinks and smokes and does anything to distract myself from everything thats destroying me from the inside out.
I’m just such a fucking idiot
A fucking idiot

the signs when drunk

aries; host, starts all drinking games and knows when everyone has had too much and it’s time to shut it down

taurus; regular drunk but gets the worst hangovers and has to stay home 2 days after drinking

gemini; literally grinding against everyone, example is typical college frat boy at a party

cancer; the drunk girl crying on the bathroom floor

leo; flirts with everyone and gets really dirty, makes many sexual jokes

virgo; drinks but knows their limits

libra; the one who called all their exes

scorpio; spills every secret they ever had

sagittarius; RUDE RUDE RUDE, the asshole drunk

capricorn; so fun, literally the life of the party when drunk

aquarius; blackout drunk who always goes overboard and needs a babysitter

pisces; vomits literally everywhere CONTROL YOURSELF PISCES

Tribeca Interviews: Jennifer Morrison Talks ‘Warning Labels,’ ‘OUAT,’ And Happy Beginnings

By Olga Zapisek

ABC’s hit series Once Upon A Time might be on hiatus till the fall, but that doesn’t mean that Jennifer Morrison isn’t keeping busy. Apart from playing our favorite blonde-haired savior, Emma Swan, the 36-year-old actress has been filming scenes for the family fantasy film Albion: Rise Of The Danann, all while getting comfortable in the director’s chair with her directorial debut, Warning Labels.

Having premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, the 14-minute short tells the story of two Center for Disease Control workers who meet up for drinks and come to the realization that love is “the most hazardous thing of all.” Starring Karen Gillan (Selfie, Doctor Who), Josh Lawson (House of Lies), Rose McIver (iZombie) and Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: Los Angeles), this eloquently crafted comedy-drama showcases the often tragic and perilous implications of love, while enunciating the fact that we need to look beyond the surface to see the unique core and foundation of an individual.

During the course of the festival, Morrison was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Read on to find out what she had to say about her experience working behind the camera lens, our basic need to connect, the concept behind Warning Labels, and Emma Swan’s inward struggle and vulnerability as she takes a walk on the dark side.

[Read More]

Health Check: Four Reasons To Have Another Cup Of Coffee

Some like it hot, some like it iced, and some just don’t like it at all. Until recently, coffee was on the list of habits to break if you really wanted to be healthy.

Not anymore. Systematic reviews of the research – the most powerful method to weigh up scientific evidence – judge the current evidence as mostly in favour of drinking coffee. Coffee drinking is linked to a decreased risk of premature death, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

However, some people will need to be cautious of the amount. Heavy coffee intake has been linked to an increased risk of lung cancer and can exacerbate heart problems.

Life Expectancy

Coffee drinkers live longer. A review of 20 studies including more than 970,000 people found those who usually drank the most coffee had a 14% lower risk of dying prematurely from any cause, compared with those who drank the least.

Even drinking just one to two cups a day conferred an 8% lower risk.

Decaffeinated coffee drinkers who had two to four cups a day still had a 14% lower relative risk of premature death than those who didn’t drink coffee at all.

Liver Cancer

Coffee drinkers, particularly men, have a lower risk of liver cancer. This is important as liver disease is the sixth-most-common cancer in the world and is more common in men.

Results from six studies, based on the total number of cups of coffee drunk per day, found the relative risk of liver cancer was 14% lower for every extra cup.

Research shows that naturally occurring coffee components, including kahweol and cafestol, have direct cancer-protection and anti-inflammatory properties. Coffee appears able to up-regulate biochemical pathways in the liver that protect the body from toxins, includingaflatoxin and other carcinogenic compounds.

Type 2 Diabetes

Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Across 28 studies of more than one million adults, those who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had a 21% lower relative risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who never or rarely drank it.

For those drinking six or more cups a day, the risk was lowered by 33%.

Interestingly, the risk was lower for both regular and decaffeinated coffee drinkers. For each cup of regular caffeinated coffee there was an extra 9% lower relative risk of developing diabetes and a 6% lower risk for each cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Many of the associations hold for decaffeinated coffee. Stuart Colville/Flickr, CC BY-NC

The active components of coffee help reduce oxidative stress, the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, and caffeic acid, which increases the rate muscles use up blood glucose, as well as having immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Prostate Cancer

Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Across 13 studies that included more than 530,000 men, those who drank the most coffee had a 10% lower relative risk of developing prostate cancer than those who drank the least.

For every extra two cups of coffee drunk per day, cancer risk decreased by a small extra amount of 2.5%.

However, when prostate cancer grade was factored in, there was no protective effect for advanced or terminal types of prostate cancer.

Now, the reasons to watch your coffee intake.

Lung Cancer

Watch you total coffee intake to lower your risk for lung cancer. Studies of more than 100,000 adults found those with the highest coffee intakes had a 27% higher relative risk of lung cancer.

Every extra two cups of coffee per day was associated with an 11% greater risk of developing lung cancer.

There were only two studies on decaffeinated coffee and they had the opposite finding: a 34% lower relative risk for high decaffeinated coffee intakes.


Drinking more that one to two cups of coffee when pregnant may not as be risky as once thought, but it’s worth being cautious.

The relationship between coffee and risk of miscarriage and other adverse pregnancy outcomes in older research studies was more likely to be seen in poorly designed studies, especially for outcomes like low birth weight and congenital anomalies.

Some of the risk of miscarriage was probably confounded by the fact that women with severe morning sickness, which is a sign of good implantation of the embryo, tend to cut down on coffee due to nausea.

The research on coffee comes from population-based observational studies that measure association and not causation. tico_24/Flickr, CC BY

It also appears that cigarette smoking, which tended to be associated with coffee consumption in older studies, was not always adjusted for, so some of the risk is likely to have been due to smoking.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends pregnant women drink less than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day. This is equivalent to one to two cups of coffee a day (instant coffee has 50-100 mg caffeine per cup; brewed coffee about 100-150 mg).

Blood Pressure

The last caution relates to your heart. High intakes of caffeine can increase blood pressure in the short term and plasma homocysteine, another heart disease risk factor. Coffee is not associated, however, with the long-term risk of heart disease.

People with high blood pressure or heart conditions, older people, adolescents, children and those who don’t usually drink coffee will be more sensitive to caffeine found in “energy” drinks, cola and coffee, and it can take longer to metabolise. Switching to decaffeinated coffee will help.

It’s important to note that most of the research on coffee comes from population-based observational studies that measure association and not causation. That is partly because it would be very hard to do a randomised controlled trial of drinking more coffee and measuring health outcomes over many years. But there’s a thought – anyone like to volunteer for that study?

Clare Collins is Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Newcastle.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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Mr Hotblessed and his eternal love The Surveyor of Hasbeen ObVIOUSLY.


who drinks all the coffee: Kaladni Stormblessed because he has to stay up late taking care of mr Daliner Kholdin who can’t protect himslef

brings up adopting a pet: you dont even need pets when u have TWO SPREN FRIENDS THAT MAKE YOU SO HAPPY??

kills the bugs: theyr’e both realy manly so whenever a bug needs 2 b killed they fight over who gets 2 do it first. but then the bug escapes because theyre both really good at fights because they’re manly men with big shiny man muscles & then theyre a bit sad the bug escaped but they go and have a strong drink undr a brigde and talk about, there sad and musterious pasts 2gether & lren a lot about each othre so its okay in the end. what a roller coaster ride.

cooks the meals: kaladins room has a kitchen in it but kesliers room (under kaladni’s bed) does not have a kitchen which means that kaladin has 2 cook becase u can’t cook a dinner under a bed even if u want 2

starts getting into holidays way before they should: i dont understand what u mena by this

initiates the couple selfies: kaldin because he has muscled arms of a sexy statue man & he can hold up a camera 4 longer

forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: omgsh how could they even foreget the day they first met in dalinars office i dont know.

always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: theyr both manly men with manly msucels and so they eat realy manly foods liek stake and brioche, not junk food bcause it is not good 4 ur muscles

nicknames the other: theyre 2 manly 4 nicknames but sometiesm they have a vrey touching, moment and pat eech other on the back whcih i personaly think is more emotionel than a nickanem

92 truths

Shoutout to erza-loves-cakes, who tagged me. I love you dani :’)

What was your:
Last drink:
  water lolz I drank juvia
Last phone call:  WITH DADDY
Last song you listened to: “RADIOACTIVE” by imagine DRAGONS OMG??????
Last time you cried:  If we’re talking about legitimate reason then I cried three months ago, but if we’re talking about some stupid shizz reason then it’s two minutes ago

Have you ever:
Dated someone twice:
 who said I dated before 0:-)
Been cheated on: ON GRADES YES
Kissed someone and regretted it: I kissed my dog when I was three and got thE COOTIES!!! *cries*
Lost someone special: Grandparents L And my Natsu poster boohoo
Been depressed: :’) Yes.
Been drunk and thrown up: I got drunk by eating a ton of grapes but didn’t throw up lol
List 3 favorite colors: Blue, Green and Red!

In the last year have you:
made a new friend:
 I made like twenty in real life and fifty in tumblr… if not a hundred 
Fallen out of love: Well  I try L                                            
Laughed until you cried: OOOOOOOOOOH A LOT OMG HAHAHAHAAHA                    
 Met someone who changed you: Uh
Found who your true friends are: Yes L It’s been a year since I last saw her
Found out someone was talking about you: I have lots of ex-besties :’) we luv each other like anyone could luv ichiya 
Kissed anyone on you fb list: HWAT

Do you have any pets: does spiders on ceilings count
Do you want to change your name: nah, me is ok with it
What did you do for your last b-day party: HAD A HAIRCUT AND ENROLLED MYSELF TO 9TH GRADE THEN WENT TO SLEEP
What time did you wake up today: 8am lols  
Name something you cannot wait for: FAIRY TAIL AND GRUVIA’S CANONIZATION
Last time you saw your mom: A few hours ago :-] mummy
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my grade school antics omg
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nawp
What’s getting on your nerves rn: MY SUMMER IS GETTING OVER SOON AUUGH I HATE SCHOOL
Blood type: B????????????????????????????????????? WHATEVER THEY CALL THE ROYAL ONE OMG XD
Relationship status: not noot married to karma akabane and engaged to natsu dragneel noot
Zodiac sign: sometimes it’s Aries but sometimes Taurus?? Being born on a 20th day is weird
Pronouns: She/Her/me lolz
Favorite TV shows:  I don’t watch tv except for news and anime
College:  I’m still in high school hun :’)
Hair color: black yuuuz
Long or short: medium? It’s pretty much like futaba’s (ao haru ride) but black J
Do you have a crush on someone: ft people ofc
What do you like about yourself: my mouth lolz I speak lots of shit
Tattoos: I wish!
Right or left handed: Right
First surgery: nope L
Piercings: do we count the one for earrings?
First best friend: I luv to the moon and back :’)
First sports you joined: r u kiddin LOOOOOOOL but is eating counted as a sport? No? I did taekwondo for a while J
First vacation: I wasn’t sane yet then
First pair of sneakers (trainers): CHUCKS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fries and/or cotton candy :’)
Drinking: juvia. Don’t ask.
I’m about to: procrastinate again and crie
Waiting for: some miracle to happen
Want kids: mmm someday
Get married: yeah sure whaetvs
Career: me is still a careless high school punk

Which is better:
Lips or eyes:
 eyes? Am I gonna gouge em out or
Hugs or kisses: I kiss my food and hug my pillow and cry
Shorter or taller: Taller????????
Older or younger: older????????????
Romantic or spontaneous: SPONTANTAN¾ ok  u lost me tnx
Nose, stomach or nice arms: just look at gray fullbuster and determine the answer by yourself :’) sting eucliffe or lyon vastia works too
Hookup or relationship: Relationship???????????????????????? IDK I’M A KiD?????????????
Troublemaker or hesitant: TROUBLEMAKER YESSSSSSSSS

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger:
Drank hard liquor: no
Lost glasses/contact lenses: I USED TO BREAK MY GLASSES EVERY TWO WEEKS HAHA… Hahaha.
Had sex on the first date:  let’s laugh together man vv
Broke someone’s heart: oh yes a lot
Turned someone down: i’ve done it thrice this year so far
Cried when someone died: REINA YOU BITCH
Fallen for a friend: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO

Do you believe in:
 :’) I crie
Miracles: I have to man
Love at first sight: yes because it happened to be. Sucks balls tho
Heaven: god is my center
Santa Claus: we’re buds
Kiss at first date: who said I was getting late

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