“Sure, I’ll go fetch the sword you left lying about in the other room,” Alec said dryly as he headed for the office door. “And why aren’t you yelling at him, Q? I jumped off a roof, but he’s the one who’s got an unbandaged cut on his pretty face.”

James smirked; the cut gave it a roguish edge. “Hear that, Q? He said I’m pretty.”

“You are.” Q smiled fondly at James, then turned to call after Alec. “And I’ve already taken care of that cut because I can see it.”

With a quiet snicker, James leaned over, silently asking for a kiss. After Q obliged, James said, “Plus I’m pretty enough that I don’t need a scar to be noticeable. Right?”

Q rolled his eyes. “You’re a secret agent, James. You shouldn’t be noticeable in any way.” He lightly touched James’ chin before he could pull away and added, “You are, though.”

“Oi. No starting anything without me,” Alec said as he came back into the office, now holding a bare sword, blade polished to a mirror finish that made Q blink and squint against the glare from the overhead lights. The hilt was carved gold, so bright that it looked almost like Alec was holding an open flame.

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What would BAP do if their gf would try to scare them and who would get scared?

Oh the Lord was gave me the strength to finally update and po-.

Daehyun: “ohh so anonie likes scaring people huh?” *smirk*

"NOPE Stop it RIGHT THERE smirk-huyn you are not going to scare my anonies"

*hears distant anonie screaming and laughter from the other members*

"too late hahaha"

oh goodness im sorry anonie please do come back and request again. I’ll try my best to keep thee idols under control but they just seem do whatever so yeah I hope you like the request though. 

The lecture was right on point, stimulating, and entertaining. Professor Keating called upon those who raised hands and stood to declare their opinions, state facts, and making appeals to be in her good graces. He thought everyone in the room was beneath him. Some displayed false confidence, only to shiver in her presence.  Others were clueless. Dumbasses, he smirked.

He almost dozed off when the students gave responses. But then she stood.

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* she only laughed herself * you might be energy but you can be put down by other demons your rank * she gave him a twisted smile, a shadow demon that was bigger then jude the same height as cipher, it had glowing green eyes glaring right at jude who didn't seem to notice it, micheal the next king of shadow demons of the north also the fourth strongest of all demons *

*Bill continued to smirk letting out a small chuckle as he shook his head* 

And that was strike three…