lol can i interpret eunbi’s “i’m sorry” after taekwang confessed as an “im sorry i cant accept your feelings because my life is so complicated rn so im moving away and you’ll just be hurt because ldr” instead of “im sorry i cant accept your feelings because i only see you as a friend/i probably like yi ahn”??



Who Are You: School 2015 Episode 12

Gong Tae Kwang’s Confession x Rejection

I refuse to believe this is another second male lead syndrome. I refuse to believe this is going to be a big heart break. No, our Tae Kwang doesn’t deserve all of this. He’s been through a lot and thus he deserves to be happy. At least with the girl he likes sincerely. 

School 2015 Episode 12 reaction

I’ve been feeling iffy about this show since way back in episode 7, but it really came to a head this week and I can’t help but feel cheated on behalf of ALL the characters.

I’m dreading that with Eun-byul back they’re never going to actually tell anyone about Eun-bi pretending to be her. Like at the end they’ll “introduce” Eun-bi to them and pretend like nothing ever happened. That would be so ridiculously unfair to her friends but with 4 episodes left I don’t know what other way they might go with it.

On the subject of Eun-byul, her appearance brings so many plot holes I almost would have preffered if she hadn’t come back. But I guess if that had been the case I would just be angry that no one was really mourning her.

I was indifferent to Yi-an for about the first 8 episodes, but now that it’s clear that he and Eun-bi are end game, he’s become the biggest “what if” ever. Like what if they hadn’t made his feelings for Eun-byul romantic to start with? Just friendship and then had him develop romantic feelings for this “new Eun-byul” On that thread, what if they had made it clear that there was a real distinction in his mind between the “Old” and “New” Eun-byul? Because for me that never really came across. It always seemed like this “new” Eun-byul was something he was tolerating, a “phase” that would go away so he could have “his” Eun-byul back, even if he did like some aspects “better.” That made they’re romantic moments less impactful to me because at least in the begining it felt unreal, like it Eun-bi was “stealing” then in a way. And nothing against Nam Joo Hyuk, because I think the real flaw was in the writing of the character, but what if they had cast a more competent actor? (What I would have given for them to have saved Yeo Jin Goo from that train wreck Orange Marmalade) Would I have shipped them then? I don’t know. Al least I might not be so unitaleraly in Tae-kwang’s camp.

But shipping aside, my real issue comes from the fact that I just don’t see anyway that this show could have a “happy” ending, even with the loose standards of the school franchise. How will Yi-an and Eun-bi be happy with Eun-byul back? At the very least that’s going to be incredibly awkward, and the same goes with mom. And isn’t Eun-bi declared dead? What about her family at love house? I doubt they’ll just be totally ok with it, realistically they might react like Yi-an did, because they were tricked in an even worse way. And what about Shi-jin? Did her existential crisis dissappear because Min-joon needed screen time? She was just suddenly completly fine with what her mom was doing.

And no matter how much I ship them, it wouldn’t be any better for Eun-bi to end up with Tae-kwang. She hasn’t shown ANY romantic interest in him despite being there for her all the time. And honestly I don’t even think Eun-bi DESERVES Tae-kwang, and while being with her makes him happy, she’s never supported him. He needs a friend, not that Eun-bi’s been super great at that either. How many times does this boy have come to you clearly troubled and just wanting to talk before you give him the time of day!

I might just be unforgivingly pessimistic. Maybe the real problem was that my expectations were too high for this show. I’m still kinda new to dramas. Maybe four episodes are a lot more than I give them credit for, and the writers will have me eating my words, but right now I just feel really let down.

You know what? To hell with Eun Bi she has never cared enough about Tae Kwang to ask if he was alright NOT EVEN ONCE, but somehow I think it would be very cool if Eun Byeol became friends with him because just imagine that … they would be such a kickass team, she would defend him and back him up when needed and he would do the same in return. The rude girl and the Psycho, I would like it.

There’s only two weeks left though so I doubt it but no matter what happens my imagination will always find a happy ending for tae in which he has real friends who support him and care about him