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I know there's a folder for NPC sajesjon's and 1 for acisery's, but what if I want to make a sajesjon for a new artifact or something? Can I and if so were do I submit it to?

whmSeik: If you’d like to make a suggestion for an artifact you may go right ahead and submit it to the accessory suggestion folder. I’ve updated the name of the folder to “Accessory and Artifact Suggestions”.

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Hi Nare.

  • 1. First impression: You seemed very quiet, but it was nice to get you to open up to me.
  • 2. Truth is: You’re pretty sharp, and a lot more courageous than you think you are. Don’t hold yourself back.
  • 3. How old do you look: I don’t know, but your icon makes you look quite young.
  • 4. Have you ever made me laugh: A little bit!
  • 5. Have you ever made me mad: No.
  • 6. Best feature: How candid you are, at least from my perspective. You’re a good artist, too.
  • 7. Have I ever had a crush on you?: No.
  • 8. You’re my: friend.
  • 9. Name in my phone: None.
  • 10. Should you post this too?: If you’re okay with it!

The Gourmet Gauntlet- Cheris Adventure

Here we go the final three pages. Tamiara and Cheri have a bad time with chef Armando. What can they do now? Maybe a surprise for the special reguest?

I feel sorry for lil’ fiddeleon…

Also I am proud to have the first Wandering Woods in my panel! They are created by whmseik and ropnolc! Also there are Peche and Anemone from lovelymilk. Thanks guys!

Page 19

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You are my:
[] Acquaintance 
[x] Friend
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[x] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[] Nemesis
[] Other

I think you’re:
[] Ugly
[x] Pretty
[] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[] Sexy
[] Hot

We should:
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[] Kiss
[] Make love 
[] Text
[] Watch films
[!!!] hug

[x] Like You (a lot)
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[x] Think you’re … just really, really sweet.

I secretly:
[] Hate You
[x] Love You (… a lot. *blushes*)
[] Like You
[] Dislike You
[] Think You’re …
[] I find it difficult to answer this section because I don’t have much to hide!

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Hiiii Auralis

1. First impression: You’re really sweet and kind.
2. Truth is: You’re really sweet and kind!!
3. How old do you look: I don’t really recall what you look like, sorry.
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Plenty of times!
5. Have you ever made me mad: None that I can recall.
6. Best feature: You’re really funny, really nice, and it’s always fun to talk to you.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: …Kinda.
8. You’re my: Platonic crush.
9. Name in my phone: Would probably be Seik.
10. Should you post this too? Yes!

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Dear Seik

Dear Seik,

I think you’re a really sweet person! You’re quite the life of the Mumble chat, and for good reason. You’re always fun to talk to, you’re very nice, and you’re always willing to help out when there’s a problem. You /love/ our puns, too. All of us tend to miss you when you’re gone; it’s really a lot quieter around when you’re not there.

You do have your fair share of problems, and they do suck pretty bad. But I see you’re quite committed to your improvement, and I hope that it never gets to you and that you continue to fight. You’re a strong person; always remember that. Maybe the problems are bad now, but remember that things will continue to get better.

I’ve not much else to say. I could continue to repeat the details of how much of a nice person you are, but really, I’m sure everyone knows that by now! I want you to keep doing what you do best.

whmseik said:

15, 26, 18, 34, 67, 47, 3, 91, and 40

3. Have you taken someones virginity?


15. Are you going out with the last person you kissed?

I don’t even remember the last person I kissed, so no.

18. The last time you felt broken?

Whenever I have trouble sorting my feelings out. Usually, it’s concerning my identity, what I… like, my feelings towards other people, etc.

26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?


34. Listening to?

Reshi’s music.

40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?

I don’t remember the last person I kissed.

47. Who was the last person to call you?

The last person to call me, I think, was over Skype. One anomalousChimera, or anoChi for short.

67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?


91. Best room for a fireplace?

Either the living room or a study room, whichever works best for you!

whmseik said:

Eggnog, Sleigh Bells, Reindeer, Wreath

Eggnog: What was the name of your first stuffed animal?

I don’t think I remember naming any of my stuffed animals… :(

Sleigh Bells: Can you whistle?


Reindeer: What is your spirit animal?

Mawile. I don’t care if it’s a Pokémon. Mawile.

Wreath: Are you allergic to anything?

Mushrooms, though I’m only aware of one kind that I’ve tried that set it off. (I haven’t tried any since.)

whmseik said:

34, 85, 7, 60, 38, 56, 37, 80, 16, 71, and 23 Slapped the keyboard, don't know what any of these are.

34.) Listening to?

85.) Are you patient?

     Most of the time.

7.)  What happened tonight

     I am sitting at home talking with you guys and surfin the web.

60.) Wear slippers?

     considering that i have two different pairs, yes i do occasionally.

38.) Who did you last call?

     My dad.

56.) Occupations you wanted to be as a kid?

     Paleontologist, Video Game designer

37.) Do you believe in love at first sight?

     Mm I think it’s possible.

80.) Hot tea or cold tea

     Hot if it’s chamomile, cold if it’s green.

16.) Do you think you will change in the next three months?

      Clothes? yes.  As a person? Yes.

71.) Can you curl your tongue?

     Yes I can indeed.

23.) Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?  occasionally, I have what’s called incomplete dominance.  My eye color ranges from sapphire to deep green to grey and in between.

whmseik said:

5, 7, 32, and 10

5. My greatest flaw is my lack of motivation, and sometimes my inability to control myself.

7. Something I’m really, really good at is my ability to organize things. Everything but my own room, of course.

32. The first thing I see in a person is never looks, but their personality. I like to study a person’s body language and actions to get an idea of who they are.


(but seriously, with you guys :D)