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Quvenzhané is pronounced ‘Kwah-ven-jah-nay’. Poor kid has been dealing with so much crap while promoting Annie, I guess a few interviewers literally told her 'I’ll just call you Annie because it’s simpler’ COME ON IT ISN’T THAT HARD IT WAS A 2 SECOND GOOGLE SEARCH. Also I think it’s a really pretty name! Don’t whitewash a little girl because you’re a lazy asshole.


Tiffany Espensen is a 16 year old Chinese American actress (born in China and adopted by American parents). She is fluent in Mandarin. She’s of Cantonese descent. She did work for Disney. Mulan was a 16 year old Chinese girl. Who better to play her than a 16 year old talented Chinese actress? Don’t whitewash Mulan. Don’t let this be another case of Tiger Lily. She is perfect for this role. PERFECT.



Lenny Kravitz as Moses (Black Jew)
Aubrey Graham (aka Drake) as Joshua (Black Jew)
Emmanuelle Chriqui as Zipporah (Moroccan Jew)
Assaf Cohen asNun (Yemeni Jew)
Sophie Okonedo as Miriam (Black Jew with African parentage)
Wentworth Miller as Ramses (Black and Lebanese) 
Idris Elba as Seti (Black with African parentage)
Thandi Newton as Tuya (Black with African parentage)
Amr Waked as Hegep (Egyptian Arab)

Jews of Colour playing Jews of Colour. Non-Jewish PoC with ethnic ties to Africa and the Middle East as the non-Jewish ancient Egyptians. 


Hello graphic makers!! You’re probably aware that there is a huge problem on tumblr with whitewashing. As a predominantly disney-based blogger, the whitewashing I personally see are from the disney fandom, so I’m going to use screencaps from those movies to show you several quick techniques so you’ll see just how easy it is to have your pretty bright and pastel colour palettes and not whitewash characters of colour.

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India is not a backwards, “exotic”, third-world country.

Indians are not of one color, culture or religion.

We are united by our country, not by mantras or anything else that has been whitewashed and thrown into “Eat Pray Love” style self-help finding-yourself books. We are united by technological progress and innovation.  

We are not to be exploited. We are different in the North and South, just like America. We have different gods, languages, cultures and traditions in these regions, just like America. We have been oppressed and ruled and have fought back and won, and our pride sings through every action we make. 

Please respect India’s culture, please do not generalize, please do not whitewash. 

Yet with the upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, poised to be the biggest film of the year, it’s just as worthwhile to consider what these films don’t seem to fear. While recent dystopias warn youth about over-reliance on computers, totalitarian rule, class warfare, pandemic panics and global warming, very few ask audiences to think deeply about sexism and racism.

Which is strange. If the United States were to truly transform into a totalitarian state, or suffer an environmental catastrophe, it’s safe to say society’s deepest divisions wouldn’t magically disappear overnight. These dystopian adaptations ask their young audiences to imagine that race and gender issues have been partially overcome in the future, while general human suffering has somehow increased. The results feel false, and undercut the films’ attempts to comment on the present day.


Cinema Industry worst habit is still going strong : Whitewashing

Guess to whom it benefits ?

Is it really surprising to see that even the most-influential indian stars have been associated with fairness products ?

Many of indian actresses skin color has changed over the years, no need to name them… So if even a successful and beautiful actress doesn’t have confidence about her skin color what do you expect? Of course we are in an industry where some talentless people are given the best work just because they “look white”…

We’re in the 21st century. Light skin is not the only way to look beautiful.

Follow this link to find a short analysis of whitewashed media, and why whitewashing matters

I wouldn’t say that just visibility is important. I would say visibility as the stars of a show is important. That says that our stories matter. We’re not here to do the taxes of the white person, or to be the chipper best friend to the white person. It’s important to see Asians in those leading roles because it changes what I’m calling the Anglo-heteronormative status of TV. [Imagine] that a poducers says, “Guy and girl meet-cute at an ice skating rink. They fall in love, but then she has to move away.” If you say that to anyone, including an Asian person, you picture a white person because that’s what’s become normative to us.“

~ Constance Wu, Time Magazine

Please don’t watch Avengers: Age of Ultron

Theres so many posts detailing why its shitty.  Whitewashing two iconic Rromani-Jewish characters and making them work for HYDRA is a huge reason. But also pls consider that of the cast members the majority are problematic. 

Instead go watch Fast 7 or wait for San Andreas.

magicisthebestandihavemagic asked:

I'm not sure I follow the argument with Agent Carter. So its a great show for feminism, but because it fails to adress racial issues (it just ignores them, it doesnt introduce and then kill POCs left and right - hi joss) it should be ignored and made to fail. Because what Marvel and other producers will take away from this is not "oh female super heroes suck"? We will get another show with a dude instead. I mean discuss it with the creaters, criticize it but watch the show. so it can get better

“So its a great show for feminism, but because it fails to adress racial issues it should be ignored and made to fail" 

I’m just… going to repeat the first line here, and let it sit: "So it’s a great show for feminism, but because it fails to address racial issues." 

Motherfucker, HOW can ANYTHING be "great for feminism” if it “fails to address racial issues”? 

I hate to inform you of this but WOMEN. OF. COLOR. EXIST. 

What kind of feminism are you practicing, exactly?

If something “fails to address racial issues” it is AUTOMATICALLY bad feminism, bad on gender issues, bad for women. You CANNOT have feminism without antiracism, because “women” are a racialized group, and women face racism. 

Like, jesus christ. 

I just… I’m so stunned by this assertion that something can be “great for feminism” while failing on racial issues. Great for whose feminism, exactly? For white women’s feminism? Because I’m not playing the “we’ll get to women of color EVENTUALLY” game. That’s not feminism. 

That’s white supremacy. 

(I mean, literally. It’s “white people come first, and THEN we’ll deal with people of color’s issues. It is LITERALLY white supremacy) 

”(it just ignores them, it doesnt introduce and then kill POCs left and right - hi joss)“ 

Y'all out there who think it’s somehow better to IGNORE people of color than to fridge them - you realize that ERASING people of color is violence, right? 

Ignoring black and brown bodies is violent because it’s the kind of discursive and aesthetic rhetoric that ALLOWS us as a nation to ignore black and brown bodies in our public policy. Because we never see black and brown people in our culture, they’re never made human for us. We’re given tacit permission to never give a shit about them, which is why we don’t give a shit when they’re *literally* murdered through economic and state-sanctioned violence.

It’s not "better” to ignore racial issues than it is to “introduce and kill POC.” Neither of them is “better.” They’re both racist, they’re both forms of white supremacist violence. 

But hey, AT LEAST the actors of color in Joss Whedon’s shows are getting PAID. 

“It should be ignored and made to fail." 

You realize no one is actively trying to make Agent Carter fail, right? 

What I’ve seen is people on tumblr saying that we MUST watch Agent Carter because it’s SUCH a good show on feminism and social justice, and so anyone who cares about those issues MUST watch it. 

And at a bunch of other people are pointing out that ACTUALLY, Agent Carter isn’t all that great on feminism and social justice. 

If your premise is that I should watch Agent Carter because it’s "great on feminism,” then it better be fucking great on feminism. And it’s not. 

Me pointing that out isn’t me trying to “make it fail.” No one is organizing a boycott. No one is writing letters to the TV studios trying to get it off air. We’re just resisting the idea that it’s the second coming of Social Justice TV ™. 

I love that refusing to buy into the logic that a show MUST be great social justice because it has a white female protagonist means we’re attacking it, and want it to die with fire. Please. 

“Because what Marvel and other producers will take away from this is not "oh female super heroes suck”? We will get another show with a dude instead.“

The fact that the entertainment industry takes the failure of female-led shows as a sign that ALL female-led shows suck is not our fault. That phenomenon is a product of misogyny, not of feminist not trying hard enough to make Peggy Carter a success. 

We are not responsible as individuals for magically changing an institutional problem. 

And the flip-side of this is that Peggy Carter succeeding does not automatically mean more female superheroes will appear. I remember a couple years ago with Bridesmaids, everyone was like "oh, you have to see this, or we’ll never get smart female comedies again!" 

And Bridesmaids did really well… and we didn’t suddenly get an influx of smart female-led, female-written comedies. Because *misogyny* is the problem. 

I happen to know that Marvel did a study after the release of Avengers to see what people thought of the characters, and two highest rated characters were the Hulk and Black Widow. 

Guess who HASN’T gotten a movie? 

Yeah, because actually, Marvel DOESN’T always listen to the market. Marvel doesn’t always listen to the fans. Marvel doesn’t always do what would make the most money. A lot of the time, Marvel will IGNORE THE EVIDENCE, because institutional oppression is not magically solved by capitalism, 

It’s not that we’re not trying hard enough to promote female characters. Misogyny is the problem.  

So please stop this bullshit guilt-tripping of people because they’re not watching #SolidarityIsForWhiteAgents. 

"I mean discuss it with the creaters, criticize it but watch the show. so it can get better." 

Ah, yes, I will just pick up my cellular telephone and call up the creators, who are close personal friends of mine, and tell them to cast Dichen Lachman, Q'orianka Kilcher, John Cho and Derek Luke. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! Racism solved. 

I hate to burst your adorable innocent bubble, but people asking the entertainment industry to cast more people of color has not worked out very well so far. 

Also, your logic is pretty classic abusive relationship logic. "Ah, yes, this show is terrible. But you must STAY WITH IT to make it better. ” Uh, no. No, I must not? The show is not going to get better because I watch it. It is not going to get better because it has higher ratings (if anything, that’ll convince the creators they’re doing something RIGHT). If I am not enjoying a show, for whatever reason, I am not obligated to stick around and “make it better” through the power of… osmosis, or something. 

On a sidenote, I was totally planning to watch Agent Carter eventually, once grad school calmed down a bit. But defenders of the show trying to guilt trip people into watching it because it’s greatest thing for feminism since Margaret Sanger, and then responding to criticisms of the show’s supposed feminism with white supremacist logic of “it’s good for WOMEN and it’ll get better on people of color EVENTUALLY” is… really turning me off the idea. 

If I ever needed more proof that Solidarity is For White Women, this discussion has been it.* 

*(I didn’t need more proof) 

Scarlett Johansson’s next movie marks the latest incident of Hollywood whitewashing 

It’s never too early in the year for a racial controversy in Hollywood.

On Tuesday morning, Variety reported that Scarlett Johansson — actor, singer, famous white person — has agreed to star in DreamWorks’ adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, an iconic Japanese anime film.

She’ll likely play a version of Maj. Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg protagonist employed by the cybersecurity division of a future Japanese government. In the original film, Kusanagi is Japanese. In the remake, clearly, she won’t be.