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Which of the comedians you'll never stop loving? Who they are?

Good question) To be honest there are many celebrities that I love, but you asking about comedians, so I can name 10 forever and ever favorites!

1. Noel Fielding.


No comments. I always say and I will say that I bloody loving him! He’s the best!

2. James Acaster.


He’s a new for me, but since he showed himself on NMTB last year, he become my favorite) Nice guy

3. Paul Foot.


The most absurd comedian ever and this is so great! Yes, probably he always losing on NMTB, but this is not so important in his case)))

4. Chris Ramsey.


Pretty cute boy and always laughing funny)

5. Joey Page.


I like his humor, style, and he’s a nice man

6. Rhod Gilbert.


What can I say about this dude? I never was his fan, even didn’t liked him so much, but since he started host NMTB permanently, my opinion about him completely changed in better way. He’s actually not so bad, and now I like him. And yes, he looks quite attractive with hair)

7. Russell Brand.


Nice guy. Little reminds me Paul Stanley from KISS and his humor reminds me old-shchool Nickelodeon)) I don’t know why

8. Jack Whitehall.


I started to like him last year, when he hosted and Kris Akabusi was there))) 

9. Simon Amstell.


I don’t think that Noel really told about him that he ruined the show. He was actually the great host)

10. Sean Hughes.


When I started watching NMTB, I liked him from the very beginning. He was a great team captain! Probably, not the most attractive man, but I actually don’t stop respect him! He’s a beginning of NMTB and he was one of the first!    

Thanks for the question) x

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