So proud of Dan and Phil!!!

And my MCM is Francisco Lachowski. (*☻-☻*)

Classic chic. Always tendance.

Maybe one day I will be able to afford Yves Saint Laurent clothing…

Just bring your fav things and your day will be the best …

Graffiti in Richmond, Virginia

where the dragons sleep by blumwurks
Behold. Let us march on fervently Into the depths of the dragons’ chamber, find them and slay them. Put them to eternal rest. Are we not stronger, Because we have faced our dragons. Or do we deny them, Allow them to sleep among us, For one day they will awaken. Minneapolis, Minnesota USA where the dragons sleep | Matthew Blum
Matthew Blum,Minneapolis,Minnesota,Mississippi River,Saint Paul,architecture,black and white,blumwurks,bridge,challenge,courage,dark,dragons,face your fear,fear,light,river,shadows,twin cities,water,where the dragons sleep,facing our dragons,your biggest enemy is you

Good night ! Which is your favorite look ? Me : 3rd guy !

오랜만에 담아보는 풍경사진. 부산하고 시끄럽던 주변에 비해 사진은 고요하고 차분해서 마음에 든다. 집에 돌아와서, 세탁기도 돌렸고, 짐도 정리 했으니, 이제 다시 고요해 질 시간. 잘 수 있을까? SONY A7 55.8ZA PHNOMPHEN, CAMBODIA IN 2015.