Here is a small taste of the brilliance and madness that was Beau Homme's presentation for LCM on Tuesday night. Once the models removed their clothes (you don’t often hear that about fashion shows do you?) they did look like a boy band that would reduce teenage girls to tears but don’t be fooled, it was all about the clothes, all about the menswear liberation, and all about the Modernist Anarchy. 

Run Run Run!!

Every year the world comes to run in The New York City Marathon.

Such an honored tradition and for a few hours they are all winners!

So Run! Run! Run! To the finish line and VICTORY!!!

Come frolick through New York City and thru the entire alphabet with me.

Come celebrate the fun and run thru the wonderful playground of NYC and practice your ABCs.

Week 4

# of Photos: 3

Question: How can I use the facial expressions of my models or the amount of my model’s face that I show create a tone for the photo?

Alice and The White Rabbit: Brophy Photo Studio on Tuesday after school

Cara: A blue dress as extravagant and oversized as I can make it (something similar to the dress used in Tim Burton’s rendition of the movie 

-taken in the studio with a white backdrop, having her sitting with a miniature tea set in front of her and a stuffed white rabbit with a pocket watch sitting next to her

The Mad Hatter: Brophy Photo Studio on Monday after school

Cal: a black suit jacket with a dark button up underneath wearing a hat similar to the one from the movie or a top hat like hat

-a black backdrop sitting at the end of a table with a tea set in front of him his head tilted down so that the hat covers his face and you can only see his mouth his fingers steepled in front of him a smile on his face

Goldilocks: Underwood living room on Monday after school

Bronwyn: Hair very curled with ribbon headband wearing a pastel colored dress knee socks and black shoes

-taken from an angle where you can see the front door is open and have 3 chairs of obvious different sizes Bronwyn sitting in the smallest one (preferable really small) looking around with a small bowl of porridge in her hands and a spoon with porridge on it close to her mouth looking like she’s blowing on it to cool it off