Finding Peace in #WhiteonWhite with @myatilio

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It took Sandra Lundin (@myatilio) a six-month break from photography and a drastic move to find her creative muse.

Before moving to Karlsborg in Sweden, a mounting pressure had stilted Sandra’s freedom to explore new photographic styles and stopped her shooting spontaneously. “About a year ago I was so overwhelmed with positive feedback that I started to feel forced to produce pictures just to keep everybody (well, mostly myself) happy,” the Swedish Instagrammer explains. “I could easily spend a whole day staging photos to try and make them look perfect. I realized that’s not what this community is about and decided to take a break while figuring out how to keep doing it and still have fun.”

Now, inspired by her surroundings, Sandra has found a tranquility to share. “I try to keep my photos clean, serene and peaceful, because that’s exactly how I feel when I visit these places,” she says.

One of her favorite series is White on White (#whiteonwhite), where Sandra’s creative combinations give a feeling of purity and calm. Want to take your own White on White photo? Sandra suggests finding different textures and shades to make objects stand out and, most importantly, having fun.

"I hope my feed inspires others to go out and find the beauty that’s waiting around the corner. And to have fun while doing it."