What does casual racism look like in LGBTQ spaces? A lot like casual racism everywhere else.

Casual racism thinks mixed race people are “exotic,” penis size is determined by race according to “some studies” that probably don’t exist, black women are aggressive, and just about every other common racial stereotype under the sun.

Really, stereotypes fuel casual racism in all its forms.

Casual racism also thinks that LGBTQ people have transcended all responsibility for dealing with racial issues.

For example, if you’re a queer person of color who wants to vocalize a racial concern in a predominantly white queer space and casual racism rears its head, you could be accused of being divisive (extra irony points if you were pointing out divisiveness that actually exists).

Sometimes casual racism masquerades as inclusion or open mindedness. For example, there are some gay people who go out of their way to date someone of another race just to say they’ve done it.

Such gays then receive the Congratulatory Cookie of Open Mindedness from people of color for letting us sleep with them.
But not really, because dating someone because of their race is as ridiculous as rejecting someone because of their race.

The same applies to predominately white gay groups that go out of their way to snag token people of color (oblivious to the fact that these spaces don’t always feel inclusive to the people of color in question).

Tokenism may seem progressive on its surface, but it’s really just another form of othering.

So if you see casual racism, remember it. And talk about it.
Notice if you’re ever guilty of it and, if you are, take responsibility for it.

I would say explain it to other white LGBTQ people, but it’s frustrating when it takes a white person saying the same thing people of color have been saying for ages to convince other white people to change their actions.

Instead, tell them to take the race related concerns of LGBTQ people of color seriously – as in listen to us.

As LGBTQ people, we get silenced all the time, told we’re too sensitive, told not to flaunt our sexuality.

Sexual minorities of color can find themselves silenced further when their concerns about race are dismissed by the predominantly white, mainstream LGBTQ community.

Let’s keep working to change that.

—  –Jarune Uwujaren, “How White LGBTQ People Can Be Inclusive Of People Of Color,” Everyday Feminism 2/5/13
Human equality

Recently some of the tables have turned, and I want to say the same thing to side A as I have to side B.

We are striving for human equality.
Equality is not pushing one side down to pull yourself up, that’s just being an asshole and will only create more problems to where we’ve ended up in a never ending cycle. History will continue to repeat itself unless we break from this cycle.

Human Equality is respecting all humans and giving equal rights:
Despite RACE
Despite PAST
Despite AGE
Respect everyone.
Give rights to everyone.

I’ve been stereotyped for who I am, because of it I’ve began feeling “white guilt” where I’ve done nothing wrong, but I’m ashamed of my race.

I’m a white, straight, middle class, Christian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. There’s nothing special about me, I’m about as generic as it gets. The only thing I struggle with is my stereotypes and sexism, whereas my lovely PoC have to struggle with so much more. I’m in no position to complain.

Here are some of the stereotypes placed on me.
• I’m white, so that must mean I’m racist and only wants human rights for myself.
• I’m straight, so that must mean I think I’m above the LGBTQ community and have no respect for any other sexual orientations.
• I’m middle class, so that must mean I live comfortable and never struggled finically.
• I’m a Christian, so that must mean I’m a close minded bigot who does unjust things in the name of God and hates everyone who doesn’t believe in what I do.
• I’m a girl, so that must mean I can’t do anything and I’m a helpless sex object who needs to be catcalled to be attracted to someone.
• I’m a blonde, so that must mean I’m a fucking ditzy idiot.

Because of tumblr I don’t feel like I can love myself. I’m ashamed of myself because of the things I can’t change. I didn’t choose to be any of these things, it’s just who I am.

I’m only 15 and I hate myself for being a white, straight, christian girl.
This may seem like I’m crying over spilt milk, but this is the life I was given. This is my everything. Just respect everyone, I don’t want anyone else to feel as I do, it’s horrible.

Don’t judge people for who they were yesterday, judge them for who they are today.

I posted an article on the Duggers “sex abuse pamphlet” that basically blames the girls. and my super conservative family (who are atheists) said im a disappointment and an embarrassment to the family and that if I post things that don’t cater to their political beliefs then I am being “selfish”

I said “he preaches against trans* and gay rights in the name of family morals but is a sexual predator” and I got called a communist and a socialist and that they think I’m not mentally ok because “of my liberal ways” AND they literally said “it isn’t true! just like black people aren’t being killed by police! it’s all fake! open your eyes!”

needless to say, my parents aren’t talking to me and my sister blocked me on facebook

oh the joys of being a liberal.

White LGB+ people need to stfu with calling everything appropriation. If you say non-lesbians can’t use the word ‘femme’ because that’s “appropriation of lesbian culture”, then why the hell are you using the word “appropriation” when that traditionally refers to race relationships? CAN’T YOU SEE THE FUCKING IRONY HERE?

What even is white gay culture and how would one appropriate it? Is it disproportionally focusing on middle-class New Yorkers? Is it being radical and anti-establishment when it’s convenient for you, while still upholding traditional race relationships? Is it reinforcing the Western gender binary, just in a slightly different way? We may never know.

A QueerMinded Special Report

The cost of intersectional identity can be high, and new data from a coalition of organizations shows a major disparity in economic stability between white LGBTQ people and non-white LGBTQ people.

“They’re more likely to live in poverty, they’re more likely to lack health insurance,” said Naomi Goldberg, the principal writer on the report Paying an Unfair Price. The report outlines several risks, including lack of protections for same-sex families and lack of familial or school acceptance as factors that contribute to higher levels of homelessness, poverty and other issues.

The image of affluent, and primarily white lesbians and gays with pink dollars only tell part of the story. Just like there is queer wealth, there is queer poverty – but the latter is less likely to make mainstream news. 

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