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Look, I'm really sorry if I offend you, but I'm trying to figure this out: So it's okay for a black cosplayer to play a white character or an asian character to play and race, but a white cosplayer can only play a white character? Isn't that a double-standard? Also, how is me owning sugar skull seat covers different from me eating Mexican food? If I can't own any sugar skull stuff, how can I still appreciate it and have it in my life?

Cultural appropriation is a white sin. Our  long history of colonization means that we have harmed and even destroyed many cultures, and all of our own benefit. Cultural appropriation occurs when a white person takes something from another culture, uses it as their own (or modifies it to fit some standard of dominant culture) while condemning its use among the culture it belongs to. 

The maliciousness of cultural appropriation is rarely clear cut, though. People think, “But isn’t doing/having this a way of honoring that culture?” A lot of times I’ve heard people say, “But I know a lot about the history and cultural significance of this thing!” Honestly, it doesn’t matter. At all. Cultural appropriation is not about your intent.  You could be as well-meaning as it is possible to be, and you’d still be taking something that doesn’t belong to you. 

White privilege plays a huge part in our blindness to cultural appropriation.We’re not used to being told that we can’t do something just because of who we are. But the truth is that we’ve screwed people over for a long time and it’s time that we stop. 

So much of “white culture” is appropriated, so this means that there are a lot of changes that we need to make. To be clear, this isn’t a punishment. People of color aren’t “taking away our toys because we’ve misbehaved.” They’re “taking away our toys” because they were never ours to begin with. And that can be difficult. Like I said, it’s not something that white people are used to having to do. 

For you, it’s sugar skulls. You like them. You enjoy them. But they’re not yours. They were never meant for you. We can’t take things just because we like. them. 


Saigon, 1961 

This is the dream that died when South Vietnam fell to the communists in 1975. This is why South Vietnamese refugees now settled all over the world still bitterly mourn the loss of not just their homeland but the soaring potential of what could have been for this beautiful, refined, and rapidly advancing country. 

I hate saying this because it sounds so pretentious and annoying but tumblr honestly opened my mind on so many social issues. My friends are so problematic (im problematic too but I try to learn and change every day) and they don’t even realise how many offensive things they say on a daily basis. I’m just glad I got a chance to know so many amazing, smart and inspiring people from all around the world that helped me shape my point of view

  • Things that exist:Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture
  • Things that do not exist:"White culture"
  • Things that exist:Honduran culture, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Mongolian culture, Venezuelan culture, Moroccan culture, Egyptian culture, Iraqi culture, Cherokee culture, Jamaican culture, Korean culture, Bangladeshi culture, Shoshone culture
  • Things that do not exist:"PoC culture"

White people be like “I’m 53% French, 21% Irish, 4% Italian, 20% Swedish, and 2% milk” and expect us to appreciate their cultural background but then don’t even make an effort to distinguish between different types of Asian cultures and are like “lol all Asians r basically the same xD”