Nate Hill Wears Naked White Women as Scarves 

Nate Hill stood in the living room of a twee North Brooklyn apartment on an afternoon in late October with a naked white girl draped around his shoulders. I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a picture. Then he nodded and started to walk slowly around the girl’s furniture. Everything was silent except for the creak of the wood floor. After about a minute, he gently let the girl down. She smiled, said thank you, and showed us to the door. 

The peculiar act that I saw was part of the 36-year-old performance artist’s latest project called “Trophy Scarves.” The project involves Nate traveling to the homes of white women, getting them naked, and wearing them as human scarves. As strange as it sounds, it’s not the first time Nate has perpetrated some seriously weird shit in the name of art and social critique. Nate crashed into the art world back in 2008 with taxidermy tours of Chinatown’s garbage. He followed that up with “Death Bear,” a project that involved him wearing a bear suit and meeting up with random people to take away their possessions associated with bad memories. He’s thrown half-eaten cheeseburgers at pedestrians while riding a bike, delivered fake crack to apartments while wearing a dolphin suit, and sent a computer virus to all of his press contacts. Most recently, he’s been focusing on doing race-based pieces, like “White Power Milk,” in which he operates a website where you can order milk gargled by pretty, college-educated white girls.

I followed him around Brooklyn as he transformed a couple white women into naked fashion accessories. I asked him a few questions along the way. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s “Trophy Scarves” about? 

Well, there are people who see certain races as status symbols, and someone had to comment on that.

Is this a similar tone to what you were doing with “White Power Milk”?
Yeah. With “White Power Milk,” I just wanted to talk about how people see white women as a status symbol. With “Trophy Scarves,” I wanted to find another way to come at that. I guess it’s the same kind of satirical, tongue-in-cheek approach that I like to take with things. I like to talk about something serious but do it in a lighter, kind of a goofy way. 


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The short documentary above, produced by David Sheen and Max Blumenthal, is entitled Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land. It shows how the driving force of Racism (White Supremacy)—anti-blackness—takes shape in the area of the world known as Israel.  Max Blumenthal is also the author of the book Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party. Consortium News described him as “[o]ne of the few journalists who won’t temper his criticisms” in regards to so-called Israel’s controversial practices. During Blumenthal’s interview with Consortium News, he reveals how the New York Times commissioned his documentary but without explanation, refused to publish it after reviewing the piece:

I was asked to submit something by the New York Times op docs, a new section on the website that published short video documentaries. I am known for short video documentaries about the right wing in the U.S, and extremism in Israel. They solicited a video from me, and when I didn’t produce it in time, they called me for it, saying they wanted it. So I sent them a video I produced with my colleague, David Sheen, an Israeli journalist who is covering the situation of non-Jewish Africans in Israel more extensively than any journalist in the world.

We put together some shocking footage of pogroms against African communities in Tel Aviv, and interviews with human rights activists. I thought it was a well-done documentary about a situation very few Americans were familiar with. We included analysis. We tailored it to their style, and of course it was rejected without an explanation after being solicited. I sent it to some other major websites and they have not even responded to me, when they had often solicited articles from me in the past.

It’s no surprise that major media outlets were not interested in focusing on the Racist (White Supremacist) activities going on in so-called Israel. The documentary shows virulent anti-blackness and actually frames black people as victims of an anti-black population. This runs counter to the Racist (White Supremacisst) perpetual narrative of black people as criminals but never victims.

In the video, we see how Racist Suspects and Admitted Racists revel in their savage treatment of black Victims of Racism. One female Admitted White Supremacist ironically describes her fear of being attacked by ‘psychopaths’. She proclaims to a loud and supportive crowd, “We’re racist because we want to preserve our lives and our sanity!”  Another speaker suggested that black people should be rounded up without waiting for governmental approval. This is another terrifying example of the hostility and terrorism black people must face around the world. Racists (White Supremacists) have turned the planet into a global cesspool where non-justice and maltreatment are a matter of course. 

  • white women:Men take up way too much room in feminist discourse, women must always be centered in the discussion.
  • *POC talking about race issues*
  • white women:So in case you were wondering about MY opinion on this topic...
African Mistress // 1953// Louis Charles Royer

Post inspired by @Queen_LaQueefa and @bad_dominicana and all the other ladies tweet chatting, from these tweets on the history of jealous white women and the degradation of black female bodies and ensuing discussion on Tignon Laws :


white women literally had laws made so black women had to cover hair w scarves,wear masks&forbidden frm nice clothes. but u call us jealous?



@noir_etoile7 labeling me a jezebel who outshone the white bride in a plain dress, coz im the only woc & they mans was lookin.

Erica Herrington ‏@HazelGoddess4h

@InADash @bad_dominicana Learning about the Tignon Laws was literally life changing for me. The things you won’t learn in school.

Pippy LongNipples ‏@Queen_LaQueefa3h

@HazelGoddess @brownivy @JanvierNoir @bad_dominicana @InADash And blaming the black woman for white men’s lustful behavior. GTFO!

I’m side-eyeing the etsy post that I got the pics from though:

The more I think about some recent experiences with white feminists, the more I feel like I need to sit down and have a talk with a lot of white feminists. 

Dear white “feminists”: You are not being active enough. You are not being vocal enough. And that’s hurting your mainstream white feminism even if you don’t know it. Obviously you should be being really vocal because we’re all women and we deserve your support, but I’m not naive enough to think that that’s something that would motivate most of you. Because attitudes towards women of color reveal what society really thinks about women in terms of power and privilege. They reveal negative and false archetypes of women that are only escaped by white women when a less powerful group of women aren’t there to serve as scapegoats.

Let’s See: 

  1. Latina women: Aside from the obvious fetishization that leads to a view of women as solely sexual objects with little to intellectual or interpersonal agency, latinas fill the role of domesticity. “A girl who can fuck and cook” as I’ve been so generously reminded. As long as there’s a girl who can fuck an cook, white women can go on to gain actual personhood. 
  2. Black Women: This goes beyond fetsihization to a deeply disturbing look at how the black female body is regarded as subhuman. Black bodies are given value due to specific “parts” (butts, breasts, lips), and value is docked for parts that don’t meet white beauty standards (hair, skin darkness, ” overly African” facial features). As long as black bodies are around as objects for white male sexual desires, white women can beginto gain agency past sexuality. Not to mention that authority still controls black women’s reproductive rights by literally MURDERING the children they produce that society deems unfit or “dangerous”.
  3. Asian Women: Again, fethisization that serves white male sexual desires and that creates a version of white womanhood that is not solely dependent on sexual service. But also, there’s the view of Asian women as fundamentally “docile”, which means that even when Asian women show phenomenal talent at their jobs, they are rarely selected for positions in higher level management. As the notion of women being just as strong and capable as men has been adopted by white women, white men continue to get to have their little power trip fantasy by continuing to limit the agency of Asian women both in terms of interpersonal relationships and workplace dynamics.

    So, white women, these female archetypes have gone nowhere. And just because you at times escape them, doesn’t mean that the status of women has risen at all, it just means you’re able to hide behind someone else, and rest assured that if it wasn’t us, it would still be you.

MUSIC: Chromeo ft. Toro Y Moi – Come Alive

With previous releases of “Over Your Shoulder” and “Sexy Socialite” the Montreal duo, Chromeo, continue to spread the funk with the release of “Come Alive.” Enlisting vocal assistance from Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi the track makes for another hip grooving track that is a sure welcome early in the year 2014, stream down below and enjoy!

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My issue with white women attempting to join the natural hair community is that their hair texture, facial features, and skin complexion has ALWAYS been the standard.

"Why are they trying to get in a room that was designed by them and for them? Why can’t they just look on and provide support from afar? Even if a white girl has curly hair, her texture is still the standard, even if she is pressured to straighten her hair. Their hair is already accepted in the workplace and elsewhere. They’ve never had to worry about being arrested on the suspicion of being a terrorist by the US government (Black Panther/Black Power Movement, women who wore their natural hair was automatically associated with the group.) That’s not even support, it’s trying to claim something for themselves, as if they’ve had to struggle at all to get where they’re at. If they choose to embrace their hair, no one notices. We don’t have that privilege."

- @caston-mylove 

Meet Nate Hill

Meet Nate Hill, a black man who thinks he gets it and understands the multifaceted nature of oppression, but clearly does not.


(Image description: Nate Hill, a black man, in a tuxedo with a bow tie, large glasses, a cigar in his mouth, and a naked white woman over his shoulders)

Nate is working on a new art project called “Trophy Scarves”


(Image description: Nate Hill, a black man, in a tuxedo with a bow tie, and large glasses with a white woman in a cream dress over his shoulders)

Can you guess who he’s using as scarves yet?


(Image description: Nate Hill, a black man, in a tuxedo with a bow tie, and large glasses with a white woman in a red dress over his shoulders)

Yep, white women.


(Image description: Nate Hill, a black man, in a tuxedo with a bow tie, and large glasses with a naked white woman over his shoulders)

So, here’s the thing Nate. This is not here as some full throated defense of white femininity and white female bodies at the expense of WOC, we all have Jezebel and Lena Dunham for that. But you do honestly just seem somewhat confused from the statements you’ve put out about your project, hence why I feel compelled to write this post at all.

Your concept behind “Trophy Scarves” is brilliant, and commenter Iman Carol Fears on the VICE story encapsulate it in short:

“This art project is a parody of people (black men in particular) treating white women like status symbols. A white woman isn’t a trophy; she’s a person. White women (and women of color with “whiter” features, like straight hair, thin noses, etc..)ARE the beauty standard in most parts of the world, and that’s why a lot of non-white men are kinda obsessed with dating/marrying white women just for the sake of dating/marrying a white woman.

Marrying/having a relationship with a white woman seems to be something many successful black men do immediately upon gaining success (Kanye and Kim Kardashian, A$ap Rocky and Iggy Azalea etc..) and they do it for a number of reasons: because white women are the beauty standard, because of internalized racism, because they want children with lighter skin than their own so that their children don’t have to go through as much discrimination as their black parent. That’s what this art piece is criticizing.”

Yes, yes, yes!!! We need more MOC out there who are so cognizant of the ways that white supremacy operates and is internalized in our communities. As Junot Diaz says (quote via unapologetically-yellow):

I was looking at the baseball, the football players and their girlfriends and wives. And it’s like a white supremacist’s fucking dream. Because all of those players are with whiter, lighter women. And if you don’t think this has to do with the sexual economy of race and the racial economy of desire, you’re kidding yourself.

These are the white supremacist standards that you are making a critique of, and these are the same standards which MOC deploy every single day to demonize and hurt WOC and tell them that they are worth less than white women (particularly one’s who are darker skinned and have less “Eurocentric” features). 

But at this point we diverge sharply. Did you not forget that you’re still a man and hence benefit from the patriarchy? Because as Iman says:

A white woman isn’t a trophy; she’s a person.

Shall we look at another picture?


(Image description: Nate Hill, a black man, in a tuxedo with a bow tie, and large glasses with a naked white woman over his shoulders)

The issue is that despite this brilliant critique of white supremacy, your project (since you’re a MAN of color) reinforces patriarchy. Despite what you said right there about “white women being people” and not trophies, your art systematically reduces them to objects just like the men you are intending to criticize. As a man of color, you are hurt by white supremacy but benefit from patriarchy. You can be sexist against white women just as you can perpetrate racialized misogyny against WOC. And that’s what your project does by literally treating white women as objects. 

Your own words, not mine, in your interview with VICE:

What’s the future of “Trophy Scarves”?
I’m just going to do this as hard as I can for a couple of months, until the next year, and see what happens. I don’t know how many is enough. I think maybe like 100 trophy scarves. And then after 100, maybe go to 200. It’s like my friend said: “There’s never going to be enough trophy scarves. There’s always going to be one more trophy scarf.”

Just, wow. Completely objectifying and sexist. 

So, no, Nate. We NEED critiques of white supremacy and the racialized misogyny which leads to colorism and the demonization of WOC without Eurocentric features within our communities. We NEED critiques of the MOC who internalize white supremacy and spit in the faces of WOC (particularly black men with black women) and elevate white women as trophies at the same time. Misogynoir is rampant in our communities, and needs to be examined and discussed, and these pieces do highlight that which is great.

But…. dude… you’re still a dude. And white women are still… women. And what you’re doing is objectifying and sexist. And on top of all of this, as I was discussing with unapologetically-yellow with regard to your work, when sexism like this gets normalized and seen as tolerable for white women, it becomes 1,000,000X worse for WOC due to intersectionality. So, no, Nate. Great intent behind your project but there could have been a far better way to frame this otherwise incredibly valid critique.


BiA (a fellow MOC)

(h/t EliteDaily; Pictures via EliteDaily)


A lot of times when we write a post glorifying black beauty, there always some person(who is usually black) that will say “women of all races are beauty”. The ironic of that statement is I bet they don’t say that bullshit when these magazines, tv shows, newspapers are glorifying white women! White women have been constantly praised for their “beauty” for years. However when I say “black women are queens” it’s subjective to all other women of different races, but when a white woman is crown prettiest woman in the world it’s not. Notice when white women get glorified there’s no white women commenting and saying shit like its subjective to other women, neither will a black person comment and say that as well. The caption of my post states that white women beauty is over rated! The reason why I say this is because their “beauty” is just a white custom made version of a Black Woman NATURAL beauty. What I mean by this is, white used to mock black women for their features like lips, hips and “ass”. Now you see white women getting surgery to get lips,hips and “ass”. Simply based off that they’re over rated and over glorified. How can one deemed them to be beauty when they been jacking a Black Woman’s fresh!!!

Post written by: @oba_tayo

White men and women who choose to date or marry blacks are much more likely to suffer abuse from their partners, particularly spousal homicide.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, a white woman married to a black man is over 12 times as likely to be murdered by her husband as a white woman married to a white man ( Even more startling: a white man married to a black woman is 21 times as likely to be murdered by his wife as a white man married to a white woman. Still, the highest risk of death by spousal homicide is incurred by white women married to black men.

New blog on the appropriation of 'Natual Hair'

Calling out the appropriative uses of ‘Natual Hair’ made mostly by white girls and women.

Edit: Natural Hair is a term used by black women to mean unprocessed Afro-textured hair. Don’t believe me? Look it up!

This blog is inspired by thisisnotafrica and this-is-not-native. This post especially is heavily modeled by this-is-not-native’s introductory post.

It is a wonderful to embrace one’s hair texture, whether on your own or with a community, but don’t take what isn’t yours away from black women who grew up with Eurocentric features being the standard of beauty. Invading their cultural space is racist, insulting, and deceitful. 

People with Natural Hair are not going to roll over, and do nothing and let THESE become the new faces of the Natural Hair Movement:


How can you help!

  • Send me links to articles, blogs, tumblrs, anything relating to anti-appropriation of natural hair etc.!
  • Submit ridiculous, offensive posts!
  • Tell people why their posts are offensive. There’s strength in numbers, so the more people who reblog a racist/appropriating post with commentary, the more the offenders are likely to get it. Whether it’s a quick, “Step out of a movement that will no make sense with you being apart of it!” or a paragraphs-long rant, every little bit helps.