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Hello! I'm getting ready for vending at a convention and it's my first time selling only plush goods. I was wondering if you had any advice/insight on creating "enough" inventory for conventions. I'm terrified that I won't make enough of each item or that I'll make too much! Thanks so much!

For me, I try to do sneaky math stuffs. I try to find estimates for attendance. I assume of the people attending, maybe only 50% will go to the artist alley. And of that 50%, maybe only 10% will actually buy from me.

Shuto Con, for examples,  estimated last years attendance was around 6,000.

I assume numbers this year wont be less than that. So that’s 3,000 people coming in the artist alley. And of that, 3,000, only 300 will buy from me. So my starting goal will be 300 plushies. If I can make more I will. Though I also may not be able to hit that goal and it wont be the end of the world.

I also try to have about 25% of my stock be $5-$15, 50% of it be from $15-$50, and the last 25% to be $50+  Though these numbers change. It’s just a rough guideline I give myself based on what prices ranges I’ve seen sell in the past.

I wouldn’t worry about making too much. You can always list the extras online. Or save them for your next convention. Or donate them to a charity and write them off on your taxes. Making too little, however, is pretty sad. You sit around with a near empty table, kicking yourself for not making more. So my advice on that front is to make as much as your time and budget will allow, within reason.

My biggest issues is usually not making "enough stuff" but making "enough of the right stuff"

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Hope you all enjoyed an inside look at a partial fursuit. Citrine is my baby and I love showing her to the world!

(extra info: the fur on her isn’t all one length or one kind. Common practice is to shave parts of the suit, mainly the head, so you can see the details, and because you can’t buy fur that short. She’s mainly made of 1” pile faux fur, but the fur at the base of the head, the part covering my neck, and the white on the tail, are 2-3” pile)

At long last here’s Jasdesi!

This was my first attempt at creating a fursuit. It took me a long time to make her (like the better part of 3 months) but l learned a lot along the way (like how to use a sewing machine for starters). Every part of making this suit was new to me, so hopefully I’ll get faster with practice.

Making Jas and bringing her to like has also proven to me that I really love working with my hands and building wearable costumes. In light of that I plan on opening my own fur suit business sometime in the coming year. Jasdesi isn’t perfect by any means but I am proud that I was able to follow through with making her.

I plan on adding wool dreadlocks to her head eventually. Jasdesi will serve as the centerpiece for my upcoming gallery exhibition in February called “Bringing Out The Animal In Me”.


Resin blank, silicone paw and footpads, and resin claws were all made by dreamvisioncreations

Sergals belong to mick39

Jasdesi belongs to me

Woolf & Whisski play RubyQuest pt.1

So I finally convinced Woolf to play RubyQuest, turns out he went through the first part at least a few years ago. But he’s a scaredy-cat and didn’t really understand what was going on, so he left it. Till I forced him to anyways. We decided to go with the flash compilation of RubyQuest by TekStation on FA, just so we didn’t have to navigate tgchan.

Btw I’ve played through RubyQuest before and I love it with all my heart.

So a recap of his thoughts from part 1 (SPOILERS)—-

- super amused by the protean World of Darkness reference in the beginning.

-Yay for not drowning when the shutters went up!

- Where the hell did the pumpkin comment come from in Tom’s cell?


- rockets lol

-hello bear. hello skin-bear. wtf skin bear.


But the single thing he was the most perplexed about in the whole of part 1 was the RubyQuest logo. He was very confused as to why someone who does good art would take the time to make the ears look like pixel art without using 8-bit (lol art major concerns). That was hilarious.

We’re gonna try and go through a part a day. This is a good way to spend time with one another while we’re apart during winter break, and also lets me re-read through RubyQuest for a damn good reason. So more tomorrow! (I’ll sotart compiling these playthroughs onto one post so I don’t spam everyone)

PS- I just started working on a Nan cosplay, just took my sculpey horns out of the oven.

Spent today working on my sergal head. She’s very nearly done, I just have to attach ears.

And uh…learn to cover up mistakes.

I’m honestly fairly frustrated since these mistakes are about 50% my fault (I’m still learning to shave fur and got bald in some places), and 50% the fault of the fur I bought. I dunno why but it just decides to curl itself and get all tendril-y. I’ve combed it out time and again but it keeps looking fluffy and not smooth. In retrospect I should have washed it, but this is my first suit and I didn’t know better.

I’m glad that my overall craftsmanship is fine, and that the only issue is the white fur, but it’s still frustrating as all get out.

Today I’m gonna spend whatever time I have outside of class attaching the ears and testing a couple methods to straighten the fur and hide bald spots.

Never actually posted a photo of my pink dyed hair. It’s not perfect, my blonde is apparently really stubborn, but I’ve been enjoying the pink/blonde mix. I’m debating attempting to re-dye tonight with a slightly stronger shade of pink, cuz why not?