I want you to grab me and kiss me, whenever, wherever, I don’t care. I want to constantly feel your touch on my skin. I wanna feel the sensation of butterflies in my stomach every time you whisper in my ear. I want my hands in your hair and your lips on my neck, slowly moving down, and then up again to my lips. I want to cuddle with you on rainy days, and listen to soft music. I want you to bite your lip and look at me with those eyes. But baby most of all, I just want you, us, however we may be.
—  all I want is you. always have


Image is of an ice cream cone with soft serve ice cream in it that is verigated in rainbow colors, blue at the top to red on the bottom.

“If my kid ever comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual or transgender, i’m going to kick them out of the house….for a few hours while i organize a coming out party!”