justenougheducationtoperform said:

Who's your favourite person in the world and why?

Um. I don’t know if I have one favourite person. Am I allowed to say Picasso?

Because probably Picasso.

Or Walt Disney.

They’re both dead and I obviously never personally knew either of them. But ya.

justenougheducationtoperform said:

I bought 2 batman comics yesterday because of you. I never thought I'd be the kind of person to read a comic book..

Oh my godddd I feel some odd but incredible sense of pride that you’re gonna read some comics because of me. There shouldn’t be a “kind of person” for comic books, they can be for everyoneeee hahaha.


justenougheducationtoperform said:

Im serious. It'd be like a John Green book. Good luck when he moves back in. Make a great detailed post about it :D

Thank you hahah I am going to NEED good luck.

Some liquid luck would be nice, Harry Potter-style.

Or I might use the muggle version of liquid luck, also known as alcohol.

Or is that liquid courage?

justenougheducationtoperform said:

I absolutely love hearing about your life. You should turn your personal posts into a book. I'd buy it. I'm dying to know what happens when you and hot room mate live together again just as bad as you are.

Oh my god hahahaha are you serious? I really think no one would find a book about my life interesting hahaha. Although a lot of crazy shit has happened… it’d probably TAKE a book to fit all the shit that has happened to me. But uhhhh thank you lol. I’m glad that my personal posts aren’t just annoying.

And I don’t think anyone is dying to know the outcome of the situation quite as much as I am hahaha, but thank you. I cannot even deal with the suspense in my life right now.