Survivor's Guilt


Prompt: M’gann dealing with Artemis’ death. No help from Superboy. 

Lyrics in the beginning from R-evolve by 30 seconds to mars!


A revolution has begun today for me inside
The ultimate defense is to pretend
Revolve around yourself just like an ordinary man
The only other option is to forget

M’gann barely made it back to the cave without dissolving in tears. And now, she had to be strong, be strong for her brother.

She couldn’t break down, not yet, but she couldn’t help absorbing the raw emotions in the living room, the anguish, the pain, the sorrow, the anger.

This was not the first teammate they’ve lost, but it feels just the same.

Kaldur. He killed her. And she couldn’t fathom why. She remembers watching from above, in slow motion. They fought. He slip her sword between her ribs. And she could watch his mouth moving, forming the words, “Welcome Back.”

She saw Artemis stumble, blood pooling, and she collapse into Nightwing’s arms. He tries to revive her. But it’s too late. The wound is too severe.

And her heartbeat stops. 

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

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knights-and-superheros-deactiva asked:

If you knew for absolute certainty that Robin was in love with you too, what would you do?

*Wally balks a little, brow furrowing in thought. It was a good question, and he wanted to have a good answer…and for once, it was something he kind of liked thinking about. Soon, he started to blush*

Uh…if I knew for sure he loved me, I’d tell him I love him back. And that I care about him more than any one else, and how sorry I am that I wasn’t there to protect him and that I’m gonna spend the rest of my life making it up to him. And making him the happiest guy in the world. I’d do that even if he didn’t love me, but it would be easier if we were still talking.

Then I’d make sure he’s okay. And if he needed to be held or talk or cry then I’d be there for him….and I’d make him eat something, because I know he doesn’t if he’s upset. And make him sleep, because he doesn’t really do that either. I know he likes to take care of me but I like taking care of him, too.

And I’d kiss him silly. I’d kiss him just for the kissing, because I’ve kissed a lot of people, but I can’t forget the exact way it felt to kiss him and I miss it.

I just miss him. A lot. I’d tell him that. And how much he mattered and how he made me feel-like I matter, like I can do anything and I would do anything for him—and promise that I’ll never mess up this bad again. I’d be completely honest-about my feelings, about the bad stuff I’ve done, about my insecurities worries. I don’t want to hide anything from him anymore.

I’d start leaving him voicemails to come home to after every patrol again.

And I’d let him eat all my cereal, because it’s the food he likes when he’s working on homework or reports at my house.

I’d make sure that no matter how much work he has, he gets some sleep. I like to think he sleeps better if he’s with me, anyway…

I’d steal his clothes. Shamelessly. And give him mine.

I’d take him places, just for fun. All over the country. I think that’s the best thing I can give a rich kid, anyway.

I’d wait for him. I wouldn’t pressure him for anything. I’d do whatever made him most comfortable, because the very last thing I want is to hurt or scare him.

I’d be there whenever he’s hurt or scared.

A lot of this stuff I’d do anyway…just as his friend. When we make up. I know we will someday, I just..I don’t know where to begin with him.

whimsicalcolouredflames replied to your post: I just thought about something

*Hugs* I know the feel. It helps if you act. Like, act like Raven or something. It makes it so much easier if you give yourself a story as to why you can’t be around anyone.

I’ll try telling them that if they ask ;A; it’s just that whenever I tell someone that’s it’s very hard for me to get comfortable around people when I just met them or haven’t seen them in a long time they sort of act really awkward around me and IT DOESN’T REALLY HELP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I’M ALREADY AWKWARD DON’T MAKE IT WORSE. What are people skills, where do you buy them from? 


Prompt: Tim’s having a hard time feeling like he’s being babied by Dick because of Jason. He vents to his best friend Konner, and learns some things about Dick he didn’t know before.

Super deep, whimsicalcolouredflames. Really. Poor Jason, poor Tim, poor Dick :C my little baby Robins.


"Dammit, Kon, I hate it. Nightwing’s babying me." Tim moans to his best friend, leaning back against the bed.

Konner glances at Tim, but doesn’t say anything yet, he knows his best friend needs to vent.

"It’s so damn annoying. I’m not Jason. I’m more careful than Jason. I’ve been trained, but Nightwing purposefully doesn’t let me anywhere near any missions involving the Joker. I can handle myself! I mean, I know what happened to Jason was awful…it really was. Batman’s still torn up about it, but at least he trusts me! Nightwing doesn’t think I can handle anything, really." Tim vents, punching a nearby pillow in anger.

"Well," Konner says carefully, trying to figure out how to say what he needs to say without getting Tim even more riled up. "I think Nightwing is right to be worried. You know he’s different than Batman," He says when Tim shoots him an irritated look.

"He’s more emotional than Batman is, that’s why he can’t be Batman. I mean, think about it. First, Nightwing loses his parents in a tragic event, and then he loses Jason? It can’t be easy, especially for someone as empathetic as Nightwing." Konner says, trying to make Tim understand.

"What do you mean, about what happened to his parents?" Tim asks, suspicious dawning on his face.

Konner shuts up quickly. 

"Kon, please. Just tell me. I won’t tell Nightwing you told me." 

Konner sighs. “Well, Nightwing lost his parents when he was really little, some gangsters sabotaged the trapeze of his parents act. They fell to their deaths, right in front of him. And now, another villain hurts someone he cares about, especially when he should have been able to do something about it? Come on, Tim, cut the guy some slack.”

Tim Drake doesn’t answer, he just tries to put the pieces together. He guess he could cut Nightwing some slack, for now.

whimsicalcolouredflames replied to your post: Love your fics! Prompt: While Artemis is undercover, Wally mets a new girl. He’s confused and feels guilty to feel “things” for another girl. (However he doesn’t cheats on her)

All I can think when I see that gif to this prompt is “oh man! He’s suppose to cheat!”

hahahahahaha not quite. More like, “asdfghjk another cheating related prompt?” I still have two more to go, and the next will satisfy the younger boys falling for older girls shipping that I seem to write about a lot! :D

whimsicalcolouredflames replied to your post: WELL GUYS. That was the last prompt in my box. I need to take a small breather, organize some stuff. I’ll probably write if you guys send me some, but please, don’t blow up my ask box! I’m honestly going to write the stuff that I want for a bit, so I can’t promise I’ll get to any of the prompts in my askbox if people send them to me. SO YEAH.

This is too funny. I just asked you this, like, literally seconds ago.


knights-and-superheros-deactiva asked:

TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favourite blogs and tell them that they are it!


When I was a kid I had the hugest crush on Human!Casper from the live action movie.

I solve my problems and awkward situations with humor.

I don’t know how to initiate a conversation with people in real life.

I know shit about sports.

I don’t like Doctor Who (I just want to see the reactions to this xD )

Still don’t get why people love Community and Teen Wolf so much (yes I watched them).

My favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I look like I have a ping pong ball in both my cheeks.

I’ve had the same hairdo (ponytail) for 13 years.


P.s I’ll only be tagging the people who didn’t get this. I think you’re all pretty sick of getting this by now aren’t you? XD (I’m not though lolololol )