I have returned to my studio in Boston after living in London for the past four months. The immense beauty in Europe has inspired me to make dozens of new sculptures, so I need to make some space in my studio for these new creations. I would like to offer all of my amazing followers a 20% discount off of everything in my shop today through February 14th. Just enter the code TINYTOADSTOOLS when prompted during checkout :)


Gabrielle Peck, Colorful Textures: Synaesthesia in Art, toy animals, acrylic, shellack, wood shadowboxes, candy, recycled jars, hardware, 2013

Colorful Textures: Synaesthesia in Art was an exhibit I curated in January. Two of my installations were accepted into the show by the other judges. The first installation, “Touch me. Taste me.” included the pieces shown above. There were 10 shadowbox sculptures arranged on their own wall that were shellacked, so the audience could touch the hand-painted animal toys set in their boxes. Below this arrangement sat three jars, also adorned with painted animals, that were full of colorful candy that matched the hues of the animals. Viewers were encouraged to open and eat from these jars. The second installation was a paint chip collage that lined the interior of the archway leading into the exhibition. In the collage I only showed the colorful portions of the paint chips and the paint names that were food: raspberry red, banana cream, green bean, etc., which connected with the syanesthesia theme.