Oh, there you are, Perry!

Look what I got as a belated Channukah present! I opened up the package and saw Agent P and things were pretty great. That was, of course, until I discovered he is reversible!


Like, turn Agent P inside out and he becomes my simple pet, Perry the Platypus.

RE-VERS-IBLE (stress on the third part).

He’s just a platypus, he doesn’t do much, you say? This plush toy does!

I got an ask from whimpernotbang to write my five fav things about myself and pass it on but I’m not able to actually post it via ask so I’m just going to post it here and send it to 10 others ok

Five things oh shit

1. I like that I knit.
2. Related, but different, I like how my hands look when I knit.
3. I like that I’m v thrifty (as in I buy most things second hand and I’m usually really careful about what I buy so I tend to not waste money).
4. I KIND OF like my little overbite.
5. I like that I like to eat vegetables 

This was kind of fun thank you

whimpernotbang replied to your photo: Wishing all my followers a happy and safe IDAHO...

Wait, I don’t get where the O at the end comes from?

I guess IDAHT didn’t have a ring to it. Or someone really likes mountainous US states…
International Day Against HOmophobia and transphobia.

Five Things That Have Me Dancing Down the Street this Friday
  1. I’m heading into Manhattan for the day. Because I promised a friend I’d try out vegan pizza, because I’m going to use my Met membership to read my Kindle in their rooftop garden overlooking Central Park. Because I can.
  2. I love my job. A lot. A job I love that earns me a great salary, a raise and a bonus in the first 9 months. They must like me, too.
  3. I’m heading back down to Georgia in a couple weeks. There’s someone there I have no intention of being apart from for too long.
  4. Speaking of money and travel, having so many of you to visit at a time where I can afford a lot of that is kismet.
  5. I have a great playlist and a spring in my step. Damn right I’m dancing down the sidewalk.

I recently got into a discussion with a close friend about the words we’d use to describe people. I asked her what the first word she’d use in trying to explain me to someone I don’t know. This was her response. I don’t know that I deserve this praise, but this is a place for, among other things, words that make me proud.


I can’t think of a word that means what I need it to mean.

"Expansive" is the closest I can find.

You have a really large presence, and you fill things up. A silence with words, a room with energy, a friend with confidence.

"Expansive" isn’t really the right word.

But it kind of is.

At first glance, it seems really weird. Or, at least to me. Like it all seems to come from nowhere. There are some people who have a large presence, but that presence is very firmly centered around them. With you, it feels a bit different. As if you could convince anyone you’re talking to that the presence they feel is actually theirs. So it seems like it comes from nowhere, or from other people.

Let me make a distinction, though. I said that some people have a presence that centers on themselves, but it is also quite solid. So for them to expand, others around them have to shrink. But yours isn’t like that. Yours makes it feel like there’s not only enough room for someone else, but that everyone would be so thrilled if they expanded too.


By request, me dyed purple during frosh week at the University of Toronto.

I don’t know if I have any photos of when I was dyed as a frosh, but I have these from my first year as a head frosh leader in 2003.

I’m probably giving my impressionable frosh intentional misinformation or reminding them to protect their hardhats from the Arts & Science frosh for the hundredth fucking time.

whimpernotbang said:

From those photos I don't get the impression that the cards are big; I get the impression that you're really tiny. And that's amusing to me.

I am a full-sized human.*

* here defined as somebody who can at least use most of the kitchen cupboards