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…So. I totally forgot that some doctor already tried to disagnose me as Bipolar.

It looks like when I get back to Prince Albert.

I may not have a workable computer (for drawing) for a good week, maybe more. Whiiiich means I’m still gonna be kinda’ inactive but I might actually do Vanille’s plot post traditionally…. because I really want to introduce that second character, and then probably do another meme (lol at least then I can actually give female chars attention cuz the next char will be a male HAHA).

Anyway I’m in Calgary atm but we’re about to get on the next and final plane before we get to Saskatoon and have to drive. I may not come back on until tomorrow but I might check here, see if I have anything else to answer for Vanille and yeah! Maybe answer those, if I’m not too tired (I’ll be getting “home” at about 3 AM PFFT and I’ll need to sleep to get over jetlag asap).


givemetheaxe replied to your post: “—Ž “So, all this falling over.. Purposeful or are we just getting clumsier?”:

"Yeah, I peaked for clumsiness at 5. We just seem to be doing it rather often. Not that I mind." They weren’t ever injured, and Claud really didn’t mind being in such close proximity to the intelligent (and gorgeous) agent.

"Lucky… My clumsiness didn’t peak until I was 17. Whiiiich was not that long ago… And yeah, I don’t know. Maybe there’s just something in the air?" Shay said with a shrug. It didn’t bother her too much and well, Claudia always caught her. Or she always caught Claudia…..or well they caught each other and crashed to the ground. Either way, they got each other. And Shay certainly didn’t mind that at all.

anonymous said:

In the episode where we find out mona is -A, the girl in the black swan outfit was talking to Jenna and lucas. I don't really remember but was it melissa who was wearing that? Bc if it wasn't it could totally be sydney ??

Hello there. Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been quite busy latetly.

Anyway, I’ve read a few theories hinting to Sydney being involved in season prior to season 5. I don’t like this only because people who we thought were irrelevant, were in fact important. It almost gives the writers the liberty (which I know they have) to just go an make random people in episodes suddenly important.

In S3E04 (Birds of a Feather), Melissa actually revealed that it was her at the Masquerade Ball and Mona (aka A) had blackmailed her into attending. She also had to distract Jenna & Lucas. Whiiiich brings me to a question - if Mona, Lucas, and Jenna were all working together (as they are now), why would Mona need them distracted. Hence, I think Ali actually blackmailed Melissa into attending, only Melissa thought it was Mona who gave her the order.

Hope it makes sense. I’ll check out the episode tomorrow just to see if I pick up on anything else. Thanks for your message!

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it does doesn't it? :/ i remember loads of times in old liveshows dan saying he didn't like the idea of making a gaming channel and now they have one... people seem to think the channel won't last very long (i agree)

Yeah I thought there was something about him saying that as well, whiiiich kind of fuels my idea that idk, kind of selloutish. 

See when I say stuff like that it sounds so negative and I don’t intend for it to be so accusatory and negative but those words just kind of make it sound that way haha. 

I spent the day just watching tv. I waaaas gonna groom my poodle but uh…I was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Criminal Minds. There goes my day. Whiiiich I could’ve…spent drawing something. Oops.