aolani-tow said: /cuddles youuu was the roadtrip alright?
—  it was shockingly hassle-free? We made a few stops because my aunt (who’s older) needed them, and because my hipster friends en route to Seattle wanted a lot of photo ops (I wish I was kidding), but we made it.

okay so yeah, I have a ride thanks to circuitsmaximus, who’ll be picking me up around 4:30

also my work won’t let me come back til the company’s doctors clear me WHIIIICH means I get a few days off, yay.

anonymous said:

Another low sigh emits. "Yeah uhhh.... I tried fixing it myself. Turns out I can draw something on myself about as well as I can apply makeup! Whiiiich is... Well... Not good.... ... At all... I got bored and drew a cat instead...." she explains, sounding none-too-happy about the results of either thing. "So um... Think you could... Draw me another jaw if I popped in..?"

Damn it Sam!  You have no business touching my items!*Good NOVA she really gonna need a drink after this. And no wonder where this cat thing came from…But Drawcia raised a brow when she mention her jaw,* You lost your jaw?..Good NOVA..I can if you swing by..

hey fyi i’m back on the east coast!…. whiiiich means my internet is awful and idk how much i’m going to be on. :( my queue is almost gone, hopefully i should be able to get to a place with real wifi in a couple of days and load it back up again? i go back to school in a month and then it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming!

(also i’m thinking about starting a photography sideblog for trip pics because i got so many good ones. if anyone would be interested lmk!)

shhh-imchargingmylaser said:

"How is the poro farm going? And I am sad to say my brother finally got a new phone....whiiiich i have right here!" She produces another phone, giggling as she hands it to her odd friend. "You thinkin what I'm thinking?"

Renekton nodded toward his friend “the farm is fine. I even think I made a new breed, im starting to jungle the idea of selling them.” he looked at the small device she was holding and a mischievous grin grew on his face “ehehehe~ well that is quite funny~ now, what is Katarina number again….” he picked up the fragile little device and started writing a steaming hot letter to the noxian assassin “there…. now wanna go grab some food?”

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Germany and Japan

Germany: Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself?


I said before that I didn’t really know, buuuut that wasn’t exactly the complete truth.  I forgive myself when it comes to things I’ve done to myself, buuut something I’d done to someone else, yeah, I do have a hard time with that. 

I guess I just have a tendency to feel like I’ve always done something wrong or have been a burden to someone at some point, and even if I apologize and they forgive me once, I tend to be hypersensitive about never doing what I did again, whiiiich can sometimes lead to me carrying it around, aaand that makes it hard to forgive myself.  I’m sort of a perfectionist when it comes to myself, so I think that’s why too.  Aaaaand I’d rather blame myself for something than someone else.  It’s just easier that way.

Japan: Tell us a secret about yourself.

A secret?  I think I just did, buuuut I’ll answer another one.  Aleis knows this because it came out when we went to Luna Park, buuut I’m a tiny bit afraid of roller coasters.  When I’m in line for them, I start getting a liiiittle panicy because I think about all the mathematical stuff about their engineering and how if one little variable is miscalculated the whole thing could end in a burning ring of fire!  Just kinda freaks me out.  Buuuut when I get to the front of the line and on the ride it’s super fun and I get super excited.  Still, the anticipation makes me jittery.

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I hope this isn't a weird question or anything, but I'm always blown away by the amount of excellent art you produce and so often! How do you keep your wrist from getting worn out or damaged?

thank you!! but anyway that is not a weird question, i just don’t have an answer really? i don’t do anything in particular to prevent damage…whiiiich might be a bad thing on my part. on the very rare occasion i ever feel pain i do some stretches? (extend your arm and pull your fingers back) but it’s not really an issue? i don’t know. sorry i couldn’t be of more help! maybe someone out there can type up some advice in a reply to this post

firagaburst said:


jesus well alrighty then

30 - Have you ever had an argument with someone?

31 - Who do you want to marry?

hopefully my datemate! itd be hella rad to last so long wed give eachother shitty vows

32 - Do you believe in destiny?
ech. eeeeech. not really, no.

33 - How do you look right now?
hardcore in my band shirt and robot patterned briefs. B^J

34 - What should you be doing right now?

35- Do you ever feel bad about yourself?
yeah, everytime i start thinking about the way i am. whiiiich is why i avoid thinking about the way i am

36- Who’s your favorite singer/band?

37- What is your favorite movie?
I suppose The Grand Budapest Hotel.

38- What are you doing right at this very minute?
replyin to this shitnizzle, blogging.

40- Have you ever been in love?
im pretty dang fuckin sure im in love right now >:0

thank you maritza! NOW GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP

Oh so I went to the eye doc.

He’s convinced that the “floaters” in my left eye are actually a side-effect of myopic migraines.

To put that in less complicated words— They’re all in my head, a result of stressors I’m sometimes not even aware.

Whiiiich means I need to stop putting off fixing my insurance and actually go see someone about my anxiety and depression.

Frick.  :|

alright!  so according to the likes on that pic, i can’t eat till 10:30 PM.  whiiiich might not happen if my mom gets on me, but i’ll try my best!!!

groverloseshispants replied to your post:groverloseshispants replied to your post:I am…

Can you switch out of their class maybe?

No :( The only other available time conflicts with this education 200 class that I could only get into when a faculty member came over and manually typed in this override code into the computer to let me register for it (because I’m taking education 101 at the same time) so that’s literally the only class I can’t change around whiiiich is garbage