( ianour. )

[ sms ⇢ j. daehyun ] ehhh it’s fine. thanks though.
[ sms ⇢ j. daehyun ] birthdays are nothing special anyway.

( sms > ian ) tru, ur right
( sms > ian ) but you should still come to mine whiiiich is only a couple months away
( sms > ian ) you got any free time on your hands?


Okay it’s only temporary BUT

I but a link to my #vegan ref    tag on the sidebar of my blog. 

That’s where anything that is informative about veganism, goes.

And when I say temporary I mean, i’m going to be making more organized pages…some…day…

sorato-fan asked:


Digimon Ask Game:

28.)  How long have you been a fan?

Well, I watched the show when it aired in the states in 1999, whiiiich would have made me…. ten (ie, the same age as Koushiro- we were both born in 1989!).

So, holy crap, I’ve been a Digimon fan for 16 years.  I bet that’s longer than some of you have been alive!  Get off my lawn!

(Just kidding, you’re all welcome here!).

Thanks for the ask <3