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Question for anyone: How did you know you were a gay trans man and not a straight girl? How did you know the difference?

Okay so I’m gonna assume this question is asked with a good heart.. and although I’m not gay I am pan so I feel like I will be able to answer this. Firstly gender and sexuality are two different things that don’t go hand in hand, which I’m assuming you know, so it’s not as if trans guys who are straight are transitioning so they’re not lesbian. They are transition bc they are guys. So in the same sense a gay guy doesn’t transition so they’d be gay. It’s bc they’re a guy. I can tell you from my experience I’ve just known I’m a guy. Despite who I like or have gone out with. Whenever I have questioned my gender it has never included my sexuality.. so it’s not really knowing the difference between being a gay guy or a straight girl.. just being a guy or being a girl.. and I find it complicated to say how people know the difference for that bc everyone has difference experiences. For me it was the intense disphoria over my body and the panic attacks over people assuming I’m a girl and just everything like that added up.. people can put their thoughts towards this.. but please don’t get angry

The infuriating thing with dealing with these jokes is that people assume I get upset about because I’m Kandahari; that if the the same joke was about someone else, I’d supposedly laugh too. It’s fucked up, not because of who it is about but because of what the jokes are poking fun of. 

And this is just at the most basic level, I’m not even gonna get started on geographies of bachabazi – i.e. its origins because tbh this is not a Kandahari phenomenon but much more widespread, especially historically – or what the reality of bachabazi – which is considered “funny” because it “emasculates” – has put my family through or what it means to be dealing with drug mafias and the like. 

I always found it curious how in his second evolution state Aizen had a hollow hole even though he is not technically a hollow. And in his final form he even has three of them…

Extra heartless, I suppose? It’s also curious how his “wings” have eyes, which is very reminiscent of both the Soul King and Yhwach’s all-seeing eye bullshit (the third eye on Aizen’s forehead symbolizes wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, a higher perception of things which – if we assume that his perception is not distorted by highly subjective emotions – also refers to his ability to see the world the way it is and know more than others do. At the same time, he can also twist reality with little effort and make others see what they want to see based on their emotions and desires. “It was not my intention to deceive you. It’s just that none of you were able to comprehend my true self,” and “Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding”).

Also I just realized that the fleshy part on the sides of Aizen’s hollow visage are the remainders of his face, yuck. I guess that would be the fragments of his “mask”

It’s also probably no coincidence that the Hougyoku was placed exactly where Aizen’s heart would be. It’s very much a substitute to manifest his desires, and more importantly trigger evolution since Aizen cannot evolve or grow stronger by normal means… like others would when they fight with strong emotions involved.

And it’s really interesting that the more Aizen evolves, the more he looks like a Hollow, even though he is not supposed to be one…? (And never underwent Hollowfication, he mentioned that himself; just like the Hougyoku does NOT only mix hollows and shinigami by erasing the boundary.) Perhaps he is simply becoming what he really is on the inside; and Aizen’s final form is a physical representation of his state of mind/heart/emotions? His “inner hollow” taking over in appearance? Your true-true self is not very sexy, Aizen. This shit is actually so depressing man.

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Explain Firmamentshipping in a way that encourages people to join the ship, if possible

That, I’m not sure if I can do honestly, seeing as the nature of this ship is entirely AU dependent, aging Haruto up from his original age seen in Zexal, which also assumes that Zexal is in the past in comparison to Arc-V. Firmamentshipping grew organically out of two separate AU projects, shipped accidentally by the people who were writing and following said AUs. 

This also means that there’s a good bit of variation within the ship itself, because everyone characterizes Haruto a little different, seeing as the situation he’s grown up in changes with each person’s story. His core personality remains the same, but how he operates/his motives are different in each version. So I can tell people how I ship this, but it may be different for others. 

Haruto is optimistic and even more so than that, he’s determined. He has an unbreakable will and a loyalty that’s really admirable. To Shun, he is a representation of old Heartland, a representation of what the Resistance stood for in the first place. He’s the voice of both Hope and Reason. And for Shun, who had been fighting with desperation for a long time, it’s a reminder of something that he’s long forgotten. To him, Haruto is like the sun, gorgeous and shining.

Haruto on the other hand is drawn to Shun because Shun is kind of a wounded soul. It speaks to Haruto’s unconscious desire to nurture and heal people. Shun is extremely strong in Haruto’s eyes. The Resistance is effectively destroyed, and Heartland is gone. But despite all this, Shun is still there and Shun is still fighting. Shun’s determination and passion and frankly his refusal to be beat drew Haruto to him.

So honestly a lot of their relationship is built on similar past experiences, mutual respect, and both of their will to keep on fighting. It’s a dynamic and strong relationship, heavily influenced by an unshakable sense of trust and faith in the other’s ability.

The Most Accurate List to Understand an INFJ

INFJs are, by definition, rare, reserved, and unlikely to initiate anything, which means that many of them can end up alone and misunderstood. To help with things, I’ve compiled a list of points which I think would be of great use to anyone considering trying to get to know someone who identifies as an INFJ.

  • For most INFJs, omitting or distorting information is equivalent to lying, and at the very least will rouse their suspicion. INFJs have an acute sensitivity for stories which don’t quite fit. At the same time, INFJs also like to assume the best and can be extremely gullible.
  • INFJs are adept at nonverbal communication (eye gaze, touching, body language, etc.). Just because they’re not speaking doesn’t mean they’re not saying something.
  • INFJs have an extremely complex internal value system. An INFJ will see if you ‘fit’ into their world, and they’ll bend their own rules if they really like you. INFJs tend to have very high standards, but are also very accepting once they trust you and know you’re safe.
  • INFJs can be pretty intense emotionally. This isn’t to say that they can get into a heated argument, in fact INFJs avoid conflict, however they are easily hurt and feel very deeply. It’s not uncommon for INFJs to cry if they feel something very deeply.
  • INFJs are weird / odd / strange / extremely rare and they very much know it. They yearn to be understood and want to be accepted as they are (as most people do, of course). An INFJ is incredibly complex, so complex they confuse even themselves. They almost always feel misunderstood and ‘hidden’. They will be offended if you pass them off as ‘simple’ or ‘average’. Getting to know an INFJ takes work, so be prepared for that. A lot of gentle enquiry is required.
  • INFJs can often mimic other types.
  • INFJs are typically better in writing than in verbal communication. If you want to know an INFJ’s true feelings, ask them to write out what they think and feel.
  • INFJs don’t typically engage in casual relationships. Most of them will become too attached for it to be possible. If your intentions aren’t serious then you should probably steer clear of an INFJ unless it’s very obvious beforehand that they aren’t interested in a serious relationship.
  • An INFJ’s allegiance is no trifle. If an INFJ wants to stick by you, it means they really like you. Do not violate that gift.
  • INFJs consciously choose the people that are close to them. They would rather have a few very close friendships as opposed to numerous superficial ones.
    They open up at a dinosauric pace. They typically hold themselves back and consider that behaviour to be part of their nature. They’ve been described as having ‘layers’ which only a select few people are privy to, the closer the layer to their heart, the fewer people are granted access. Do not expect to find yourself in the ‘top tier’ overnight. It often takes months or years to access the deepest recesses.
  • INFJs, like other idealists, love harmony. While an INFJ is relatively adept at conflict resolution, they do not appreciate the unneeded creation of conflict. An INFJ will strive for harmony.
  • The ‘N’ combined with the ‘J’ in INFJ means that they are future oriented. Do everything you can to make yourself seem like a long-term option. If you become destructively impulsive, an INFJ will lose the ability to see you as a long-term mate, and will become unhappy as a result. INFJs are future-oriented and have powerful imaginations and superb insight.
  • INFJs are extremely sensitive. Make sure that criticism is handed as lightly as possible and constructively. At the same time, INFJs love to please their partner, and will work on an issue if presented in the right way. When to be blunt with an INFJ: never. Be honest and direct, but there’s a fine line between direct and insensitive.
  • INFJs love helping people. If you’re bad at accepting help (yes, accepting help is a skill), then get ready to have problems. To reject an INFJ’s help is to reject their love, and one of the things they hold nearest to their hearts.
  • An INFJ’s ability to help people goes hand-in-hand with their ability to destroy people. Their keen knowledge of people’s weaknessess means they can either help you incredibly or destroy you, however the latter is extremely rare and is only reserved for people they believe have done serious harm to them or others.
  • They need patience but they give patience in return.
  • They’re curious about other people. To their friends, they are very accepting. However, the closer one gets to an INFJ’s heart, the more their standards will apply to the other person, which can sometimes create issues.
  • They often have darker periods where they close up. They can become monk-like and reclusive. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it just means they need to recharge.
  • They can be stubborn once they believe they’re in the right, especially if it has to do with their values.
  • INFJs hardly ever initiate anything. They like it when the other person initiates a conversation, contact, etc.
  • INFJs need 2 things to thrive: trust and safety. Trusting you is about knowing that you’re ethically and morally upstanding (or at least in accordance with their values), and feeling safe is knowing that you’ll stick by them. INFJs don’t want to open up to people who might disappear overnight. If an INFJ feels they can trust you and feels safe with you, they’ll be very happy. The only added bonus is to tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Their energy drains when around others. They will need time alone to ‘feel like themselves’.
  • Your energy will easily affect them. If you seem unstable, etc., it will seep into them and poison them. It has often been said that an INFJ’s partner has to be strong, and this is generally true.
  • INFJs live in a world of fantasy. They can have problems consolidating their idealism with the reality of the world.

Useful quotes from the internet about INFJs:

On truth:

“INFJs are all about deeds, not words. Don’t fuck up anything when you are granted a stage by an INFJ. It may take a long time before they give you that stage. Remember that they are intently testing you at that point. Talk all you want after that audition, providing you pass the test. The conversation will be most pleasant forever after… until you fuck up.

“Eight years of marriage to a textbook INFJ has taught me the power of truth. I have seen what happens to people who deceive an INFJ. They are dropped like a hot pan.”

On vengeance:

“I do think that’s one of the main features of the INFJ type, vital even: a strong sense of right and wrong; they can’t tolerate wrongdoings of any kind. But at the same time, I’ve observed that INFJ’s attitude over their sense of morals comes in two variants; Jesus-like ones that say “turn the other cheek”, and the badass Kenshin ones that punish wrongdoers.”

“I have an INFJ friend, who is someone I would never EVER want to piss off, I’ve seen him angry only once in my life, and he goes all out then, lashing out to the point that it’s fearsome and it takes nearly an hour for him to cool down… it would start with him just suddenly becoming quiet and very isolated and then bam! If ever in a war, that dude is on my side as a general!”

“We go through great efforts to keep everything civil, friendly, and harmonious, and we even allow people a certain amount of “buffer space”. But once you’ve overstepped that boundary or pushed things too far, then BAM! Tactical. Nuclear. Strike.”

“When someone gets the better of us, and they do so in a way that is not admirable, they become mortal enemies that must be vexed immediately.”

“I agree with the above. I will take a lot of abuse now, but once I am pushed to a point and feel I have nothing to lose or protect, well, you are pretty much dead meat. I will sit on every piece of ammunition I have and let the offender do their best, and then in the end, I let it all loose.

If you get on their good side, you have made a wonderful ally for life, and most likely they will use their arsenal to protect you.”

“I’m an INFJ, and I sometimes mentally play out what I’d like to say to someone I’m angry with, but I have never (and would never) take physical vengeance on anyone. I’m incredibly patient, but do eventually have a point where I will calmly tell someone what they have done to upset me and whether or not I will be able to get past it. If it’s something I can’t get past, that’s pretty much the end of things with that person.”

On holding back:

“My tendency to hold back IS who I am, and I am okay with that. I embrace that.

Because I am here and my friends know it. I am at my maximum potential when I am taking care of my family, yes, but I have many close friendships I nurture on a regular (every few weeks) basis, and they are almost as important to me.”

“INFJs take time to open up. They are slow burners. I find I can’t really get to know them until after many prolonged conversations. But after you enter their realm of trust they are the sweetest, most genuine people.”

On Sex:

“If I pursued a lot of meaningless sexual relationships, I can guarantee you I would be miserable in the end. It’s not in my nature. I am 100% aware that I’m someone who has to have a certain level of emotional bonding and trust to have sex with someone, and while I’ve had friends give me a hard time for it in the past, I accept this about myself. I can’t turn that off, and I know it. So, instead of living in denial, trying to be “the tough chick who can have sex like a man,” I hold out for someone who actually values my true nature. If I didn’t do that, I’d only be hurting myself over and over again. Denying your true nature in an effort to be “fashionable” or “modern” or “independent,” in my opinion, really comes back to bite you in the ass.”

“I can’t see the appeal of casual sex, for me I have to be in a relationship with someone before I’d consider sex with them. Sexual intimacy is much more valued and emotional to me and I do not want to waste that on people I don’t know or do not have a special bond with.”

“I take care of and very much value my body. If I’ve just met that person, I feel really uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger touching me the same way as someone who respects and loves me. I don’t judge others for what they do with their bodies, but I know what feels right and what doesn’t feel right for me.”

“Can’t do casual. Must be committed. Feel safe.”

On Feeling Different:

“I have always felt extremely different from others. I know when people are sick, even sometimes right down to what is bothering them. I am automatically drawn to people in pain and instinctively help people through hard times with out even knowing I am doing it.”

On Love:

“INFJs are more “for the cause”, not free-love.”

“INFJs look scary love-wise.”

Other Useful Quotes:

“If I go to a party, I find that I do latch on to one or two people I feel comfortable with or click with, and try to have a meaningful conversation with them of some sort. I CAN mingle well, but I prefer not too as it’s draining for me. I am not an extrovert so I know I will not be the life of the party, but I do not expect myself to be, beyond making a bold entrance, which I kinda like to do. I like the excitement of hanging back and wondering who will give me the vibe, or who’s energy I’ll pick up on, and if that will be a surprising find, as in someone I wouldn’t ordinarily talk to.”

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Make You Mine

A/N: Canon divergence from 4x21/22 with a sprinkle of AU. In which they have an extra day to return to the Enchanted Forest, allowing them to stop overnight. Emma knows this isn’t the same Killian she’s used to, but tonight she just needs to be in his arms. (In this story, we’re assuming they’ve already made love as much as possible back in Storybrooke.) 

A huge shoutout to brooke-to-broch for being a super beta and to kat2609 for general handholding and encouragement!

Part 2 [Here] Part 3 [Here]

Rated: M (Smut involving the deflowering of AU Killian - because I needed it)

She can feel the gentle rocking of the boat, and it soothes her in more ways than one. Letting out a long sigh, she reaches for the towel Killian gave her and rolls up her sleeves. The soap and water are welcome after her stay in the tower, and she doesn’t waste another moment cleaning her hands and face with quick determination. If only she could wash away the memories of being locked in a dungeon, powerless.

After Lily was defeated, they sailed for hours towards the Enchanted Forest. It was thrilling to finally be free, and to be in the company of her two favorite boys just made it all that much sweeter. Seeing them both again (and together!) was like the sun rising after a long dark night. She knew they had a wedding to crash, but she never wanted this reverie to end. So when Killian suggested dropping anchor for the night and making way in the morning so as to avoid Blackbeard and his crew, she quickly agreed. They managed to take cover in a small cove, and for now all seems peaceful.

If the thought of spending the night in the captain’s quarters with a certain dashing pirate crossed her mind, so sue her. After being caged and tortured, surely she deserves the solace of his company. Even if it’s only for one night, because she knows tomorrow everything may go to hell in a handbasket. She couldn’t let this opportunity to be with him pass, to make herself known to this new version of her lover. Now if only she can help him get past his insecurities and lack of memory and turn him on to her plan. Shouldn’t be that hard, she thinks wrily. He and I both know I’m his type. The anticipation of what she’s about to do sends a ripple of nervous energy throughout her entire body.

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It’s Jude who wore nail polish and didn’t care he might get bullied, it’s Jude who said he didn’t believe in putting a label on himself, he is the one who didn’t even want to be /friends/ secretly, not to mention how difficult it was for him to understand how Connor could keep fake dating Daria while wanting to secretly be with Jude at the same time. Connor has learnt so much from him, and he’s probably going to think that Jude’s decision not to come out has something to do with him, which breaks my heart. I assume that it’s got more to do with Jude wanting to protect Connor and himself, and not only emotionally, considering his apparent new desire to learn how to shoot, but this is all speculation. Something’s definitely going on in Jude’s mind though.


What can we conclude from this photo?

- To me, it looks like the baby is clearly an infant, and the boys are definitely not older than 4 or 5 years old.  Now, Jason is 7 years older than Ali, therefore, we can pretty much assume that the baby is actually NOT Alison, but Bethany.  Since Bethany is 2 years older than Alison, the math works out that the baby could in theory be Bethany and the two boys are the same age as Jason. 

- Jessica only said to ONE of the boys, ‘come kiss your sister’.  Now, if I keep going with this we can also conclude that Bethany has a brother.

- Next, from what we learned from Big Rhonda, Jessica pushed for Bethany to call her ‘Auntie Jessica’, which would make sense with the scene above because it would give reason for as to the why Jessica is apple picking with these children.  Is Jessica’s sister the one taking the video?

- Now, seeing that Charles came into the picture around season 3 it would make sense for him to be drawn to Ali because Bethany was the person to take the place in Ali’s grave. To push forward a bit more, if Charles did lose his sister, it would explain a LOT about what his feelings are towards Ali.  Being a big brother, you feel an obligation to protect your little sister.  Now, if Bethany was killed to just trick people into believing that Ali was dead, you can assume how extraordinarily mad he would be.  Imagine, your baby sister just killed to fill a grave.  Now, if Charles did know that Ali was the reason would his moves all make sense? I mean, he wants to torture her for what happened, but with the connection, he thinks of Ali as his sister’s replacement, therefore, he still wants to protect her at the same time. He feels a connection to her because Bethany was forced to take Ali’s place so to him, Ali is going to take the place of his missing sister.

So basically, I am betting money that Charles is Bethany’s older brother.

I like this theory, my next is the WHO…..

If I’m in the same place for too long, I can’t write anything. When things are changing, that’s when the writing kicks in, whether that change be moving house, or losing a girlfriend, or making a new bunch of friends. Because that’s when I get the urge of wanting to be in touch with the one thing that is constant, which is the feeling I get from making music. That’s why the last album was called Origin of Symmetry - it’s important to have that base when everything is in flux.
—  Matt Bellamy | The Guardian

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Y'know how everyone is pretty much sure that Marty and Vidalia are Sour Cream's parents? Well, I've been thinking and I'm not sure it works. Since Story for Steven seems to have been set in the 80's, that would make him at least 25 years old which I'm pretty sure he isn't, to be blunt. And Marty didn't like Beach City or value Vidalia at all, so he probably wouldn't have seen her again either. I'm not sure what my point is, but do you have any thoughts/rebuttals?

I think considering Steven Universe is set on an entirely different Earth than our own it’s safe to assume that just because something has an aesthetic relating to a decade here, doesn’t necessarily mean it relates to the same decade in Steven Universe’s universe, if that makes sense.

Like the crew could apply an 80s aesthetic to really any decade of Steven Universe’s universe of their choice. It doesn’t have to be parallel to our own decades, just inspired by.

But, to me 20-something for Sour Cream kind of fits? 25 might sound too old, but really there’s been no defined age for anyone on the show to my knowledge. My reading of this could also be swayed here since I’m in my 20s and can relate to some extent to The Cool Kids group and their antics. So yeah to me Sour Cream, Jenny, Buck Dewy- even Sadie and Lars to an extent all seem to be young adults more than teenagers.

Make You Mine: An Epilogue (The Morning After)

Previous summary: Canon divergence from 4x21/22 with a sprinkle of AU. In which they have an extra day to return to the Enchanted Forest, allowing them to stop overnight. Emma knows this isn’t the same Killian she’s used to, but tonight she just needs to be in his arms. (In this story, we’re assuming they’ve already made love as much as possible back in Storybrooke.)

Part 1 [Here] Part 3 [Here]

A/N: I had no intention of continuing this story, but apparently my muse had other plans. So, enjoy some “morning after” sexy times as AU Killian and Emma prepare to take their lives into their own hands. I just love them together!

Thanks again to my amazing beta, brooke-to-broch, and hand-holder kat2609!

Rated: M

Awakening slowly, the first thing Killian notices is that he is hard. Very hard. Now, he’s had his fair share of morning wood before, but this is something else entirely. More like morning steel. He then feels a solid warmth brush up against him where he’s aching (Ah! there’s the culprit), and something else tickles his nose. Mmm…what is that delicious smell? he thinks to himself before opening his eyes to the early morning light, which is gently warming the cabin with a golden glow.


She’s curled up beside him, still as naked as the day she was born, and her arse is cradling his cock as if it were formed specifically for that purpose. Stars above. He has to suppress the urge to growl in appreciation. Even though he finds himself awake, she is still sleeping peacefully, and he’s not sure she would appreciate being woken up that way, no matter how flattering the sentiment. It’s her hair that is providing the lovely fragrance filling his nostrils, though it may also be the scent of her skin. The two are mingling together in a perfect blend of feminine perfume, heady and sweet.

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Fae Necks: The Evolution

In light of the recent update (and the horror it caused to many noticing the female Fae necks for the first time), I was thinking pretty deeply on them. The female Fae neck is not only oddly positioned but appears to be longer than the male’s. Assuming her head is twisted at a really sharp angle it could be the same length, but that seems pretty painful, even compared to how squished up her neck is otherwise.

My thoughts went to the Purple-Throated Carib, a species of Hummingbird which has strong sexual dimorphism, but unlike most dimorphic birds, which have color variance, they have entirely different beaks.

The purple-throated carib is notable for the differences in the appearance of the sexes. The male is larger and stronger than the female and has a shorter straight beak. Her beak is curved and about 1/3 longer.

– Wikipedia, “Purple-throated carib

So I began to think: what if Faes have different neck lengths due to feeding habits, too?

Female Faes spend less time flying around than male Faes - instead, they find a tree to call home. Female Faes tend to colonize a tree or small group of trees for generations, with each female of the family brooding her young within it, alongside her mother, grandmother, aunts, sisters, and whatever other female relatives still remain within the colony. The trees they select are always ones with numerous hollows, big and small, where not only can they nest, but insects can too. Their lengthy necks allow them to hunt within their home, reaching deep into even the smallest, deepest crevices of the tree to feast on the insects and larvae within. This also provides a usually-plentiful source of food for keeping hatchlings fed. They are, however, careful not to over-feed from the trees, allowing populations of insects to coexist with them for many, many generations. The same goes for cliff sides, of course, where groups of females stake claim to sections of the cliff, and prey on the insects that hide in the smaller holes and cracks.

Male Faes, on the other hand, spend more time travelling within the colonies territory. They do not remain with their family as the females do, but move out once matured in order to find mates of their own. Once they find a female and bond, they join their new mate’s family group. They still, however, spend much of their day out and about, and very rarely prey on the insects within the tree. Instead, they bring back part of their prey to offer to their mate and offspring, helping to prevent over-hunting of the insects within the tree. Their prey consists of nearly everything else, in fact, and they vary between swooping insects out of the air, plucking them off the ground, and overturning tiny rocks for what may be lurking beneath.


Twilight ReDesign: The Volturi Crest

Original [left]: The crest is set on the frame of a large serif V. It holds a ruby on the top, which signifies the their vampiric nature. It is rather unclear what the symbols featured on the shield mean, but one can assume that they relate to power or longevity.

New [right]: Keeping the same basic V shaped frame, the new crest simplifies the embleshments that cover the original. The new design is visibly darker than the first, reflectingboth the Volturi’s greed and lack of conscience. The symbols used in decorated are all military-based, showing how that Volturi act as a royal family and enforcer.

Hmm I’m so confused. According to chap 700, we all knew that Kakashi sensei has just stepped down from his position as Hokage, which means Naruto is only being a Hokage for a very short time (and kids are 12 now). He attended the five Kage summit for the first time as well. But in this flashback of chap 700 + 5

Sasuke called Naruto “Hokage”, which means that at that present time, Naruto did indeed have the position of Hokage (12 years ago seriously?!?). And people assume that Sakura was pregnant at that time, how could she as Bolt and Sadara are around the same age?? And how could Naruto be a Hokage while Kakashi is still taking up that position??

I don’t understand Kishi’s logic anymore….

plants vs zombies review

A lovely title about the life of a humble gardener determined to keep their job and maintain the only way of life they know after so many years of the same duties every day despite the zombie apocalypse and presumably radioactive mutated plant life. I eagerly await the novelisation, in which I assume there will be a sub plot concerning the government using a nuclear bio-weapon to convert, upgrade and weaponise plant life as a means of cheap and efficient production of expendable soldiers, and possibly an overarching metaphor in which the plants represent the inherent good of solar power whereas the zombies represent the masses of people who failed to stop burning fossil fuels until it was too late to save them from the global warming which the plants now use to their own advantage.

Because I’ve seen this floating around, let me just point this out. The writers said that we shouldn’t assume Lucas and Riley are going to end up together because “he’s her Topanga”, which was never stated by the writers. The writers have stated multiple times we shouldn’t assume it’s going to be the same as the show. They’ve said they want to make it different multiple times. That’s why I don’t count that argument when rucas shippers try to get me to believe lucaya will never happen.

Also, even if Riley were to have a Topanga, I believe it would be Farkle before anyone else. HE has the most parallels with Topanga as him and Riley as Cory. That’s not me being biased either, that’s me stating a fact.

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i'm a condescending jerk bc i want you to respect my identity? lolk. yeah, i have genitalia, i have sex characteristics, but at the end of the day, GENDER. EXISTS. so you don't believe in gender, great, but it doesn't stop it from existing! and since genders like "man" and "woman" exist, he/him and she/her pronouns exist, and so i'm going to identify as neither of those and not use either of those pronouns (and in your abolished gender world i assume we all use the same pronouns, correct?) and

you can’t subvert gender by pretending it isn’t real. if we don’t make spaces outside the binary then we treat the binary as an established fact–which you yourself say it isn’t. how are you going to “abolish” gender by playing right into the binary? it’s inherently contradictory. and yeah, gender absolutism is a classically conservative idea lmao. learn about your own philosophy before you try and wield it as a weapon.

no yr a condescending jerk bc youre sending me paragraphs and paragraphs of dogma actually

gender is real, i dont want it to be. thats the whole point

cool, reject gender. so do i. you still have a sex and sex is still the foundation of sex based oppression. othering yourself from other females because you reject gender is misogynistic and implies that they embrace gender. that they embrace the oppression theyre subject to under patriarchy.

pronouns r a point of debate in the gendercrit community but in a world w/o gender theyd probably either be sex-based pronouns or neutral. who cares.

you can’t be outside something that isnt real. by making spaces outside the binary youre enforcing the binary how many times do i have to say this 

how is rejecting the idea of gender (here defined as sex-role stereotypes of masculinity and femininity assigned to males and females, respectively) entirely even remotely close to gender absolutism how does that play into the binary at all do you even hear yourself??? stop spouting dogma and actually thing about what you’re saying for once

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wait "dressed much alike" did alexander steal hephaistion's clothes or did he dress hephaistion in matching outfits????? alexander you're trying to be the most powerful man in the world pls be a little bit classier

this is hilarious bc like okay, on one hand i realize this is a joke but on the OTHER HAND this is actually a really interesting topic re: presentation and kingship

like YES they did dress much alike!! the main thing we know about alexander re terms of dress - at least before he started wearing the persian robe and sash - is that he wore similar clothing to his men, except during battle when he wore white, which is a way of being identified in the midst of a battle.

and the reason he wore the same clothes as his men as opposed to wearing different markers of authority is because macedonian kingship as opposed to persian kingship worked off an assumed basis of ‘first among equals’ - i mean, it’s not TRUE, since it is still v much an absolute monarchy and the macedonian assembly is more farce than anything - so the king is first among his men, but theyre all considered his equals and addressed him by his first name. so they wore the same clothing - hephaestion probably wore similar clothing to alexander as one of the companions. that’s why there was SUCH A HUGE STINK when alexander started wearing the persian robe and tiara after the conquest of western persia cos all the macedonians were like oooOOOOHHH IS SOMEONE TOO FANCY FOR US NOW

but yeah in all other respects: all sass no class alexander