which is very very cute

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Hi!! I'm a 5'3" scorpio whose attitude contrasts her stutter. I say "fight me" a lot even tho I'd probs lose and wish I were more athletic, but being top heavy is bad for finding sports bras - I'm in shape but not sporty u feel. I like mus. theater!

Your best match: Akaashi Keiji!

As a Scorpio, you are very loyal towards your friends and beliefs. Akaashi is your best match personality wise. He is also very observant as you are and very patient, and will deal with your “fight me” defense mechanism (which is very cute!). You are very dynamic which will  certainly fill his day with unique and diverse quirks. (Height difference is cute too!)

Other matches: Yaku Morisuke

- Rose

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But let's be real, all five of them a very very cute and very very awkward which makes them even more cute not to mention they are talented as hell bless this group honestly why isn't everyone into them??? ?? ? ??? ??

True. Very, very, very, very true. And like, I know!? All these super talented groups that are so underrated, and it’s so sad T^T

i am freaking out because

  1. I have a 20-page paper due next friday and I havent even finished the outline yet
  2. it’s a Rai paper, so it’s got to be good and it’s also going to function as my graduate school application writing sample
  3. i have a Rai test next monday and I can’t even look at the questions without my blood pressure going up
  4. this week and next week, I will have performed 13 concerts with 10 rehearsals in that same time span 
  5. we leave for the last day of tour tomorrow morning at 5:30am and I have so much to do that I doubt I’ll get to sleep before then

i am happy because 

  1. i am going out with my crush on friday night after Cabaret which will be very very fun and exciting
  2. he’s so cute and fun aw wow 
  3. it’s Strollers weekend this weekend so if I can get my shit together now I know i’ll have a good weekend 
  4. i have amazing friends who love and support and believe in me
  5. my professors know how hard I work for them and they appreciate me

"Talk to me about your friendship with Tina Fey. I mean, it seems like this is a pretty good time to be a smart girl, you got two pretty compelling examples."