which I probably will be by next month..

2013 Art Summary


I made some pieces I really liked this year and I didn’t even realize it until now! Hopefully I’ve improved from last year, even though I can’t spot the difference myself :>

hey, merry christmas everybody!!! i love all of you!


(by “this whole thing” i totally mean you guys. you’re all great, seriously. i wanna kiss all of your faces.)

anonymous asked:

When will the Arrow downloads be up?

I’m hoping within the week and I know I’ve said that a lot the past few months and you’re sighing and rolling your eyes ‘CAUSE I AM but really. I have 17 graphics left to make that should be done over the weekend, and then it’s just waiting on it to finish uploading to MediaFire which is the new secondary host. I have all of season three in both resolutions uploaded and half of season one in both resolutions uploaded. That’s just since Sunday. Hopefully it won’t take more than a week to get the rest up.

Then it’s just about clicking “post” 56 times for all the episodes on the blog lol.

Please stop the drama and grow up

So I have this roommate. She blocked me on Facebook/Whatsapp, refuses to acknowledge my noted, says she refuses to join our houses Christmas dinner when I (and this other girl) am around, and is eerie sweet to my face. 

The problem is she says her feelings got hurt, because I told her she should not speak for me (especially without checking with me). So now she refuses to speak with me face to face because she is going trough some hard times. [This has been her out of uncomfortable conversations as long as I know her; which is more than a year]. In the meantime she talks shit to every other roommate. 

…and I am growing so tired with this bullshit.