Meg returned to her and Christine’s room, after ballet, wondering where her best friend had been all day. She had worried, despite her mother telling her that there was nothing to fear. Meg began to undo the ribbons on her pale pink shoes carefully, feeling sore from yet proud of the effort she had put into rehearsal today. Before she got too carried away in her thoughts, the bedroom door opened, and Christine was standing there, smiling back at her.


Today my friend. Isabelle (aka, poninethegamine and whereyoulongtobe) was viciously attacked by anons on her eponine rp page for stating her opinion. People where telling her to kill herself and calling her a homophobic cunt. 

Little do those people know that she is depressed, has anxiety and every day has to struggle with just wanting to live. So all of those hate posts have now made her lock herself in her bathroom, crying until she can’t anymore. I know how she works, when people tell her that she doesn’t matter and that no one cares if she dies or not she will believe them. So please, send her on either on her blogs some love and reassurance that she is worth something and loved and that those anons were wrong.