Right at the end of the credits Arby is heard saying ‘Don’t put the gas away yet.’ Now this means one of two things.

1) That the film makers really liked that quote and enjoyed his character and it was a little nod to say well done.

2) It means firstly Arby is not dead. It also means that there is a second series and Arby will be back. Why else would they choose a line spoken by him, and why THAT line? I mean it is essentially saying, ‘This is not finished yet, there is still more work to do.’

There will be a second season, I just know it. Arby is not dead, and I agree with what other people have said. Two heads, Janus? It doesn’t make sense for Jessica to be the only answer as the whole thing has been set up that there are two components. Arby must be the other. 

Maybe he saves his sister. I don’t know. But there will be a second season.