ok this is my current ranking of the songs off of future hearts, which is probs gonna change after a week or two:

  1. tidal waves
  2. kicking & screaming
  3. missing you
  4. old scars / future hearts
  5. cinderblock garden
  6. bail me out
  7. kids in the dark
  8. the edge of tonight
  9. dancing with a wolf
  10. runaways
  11. something’s gotta give
  12. don’t you go

and idk where to rank satellites tbh it’s more of an intro rather than an actual song


comic book meme → [2/5] favourite teams → the Young Avengers

↳ "We don’t just act like Avengers anymore. We are Avengers.”


Make me Choose Meme

Asked by shiroyoh - Luffy or Ace
Asked by indyctator - Luffy being an idiot or Luffy being hella serious and kicking butts
A pissed off Luffy (*‿*✿)

anna x jo cop au
requested by autumn

Brooklyn native Jo Harvelle follows in her father’s footsteps, fifteen years after his death, and becomes a member of the Brooklyn PD. William Harvelle’s murder haunts her every day, but no matter how long she pours over the case files, she never comes up with anything new.

When Anna Milton transfers to the BPD after an incident where she disobeyed her commander’s orders, she doesn’t imagine this precinct will be any different from the other four she’s served in. It doesn’t take long, however, for her to notice Officer Harvelle, and when she does, she gets drawn into William Harvelle’s homicide, and the two of them become tangled in a web of deceit, murder, and betrayal so staggering it might just tear them apart.

Soon, Hope also began to see strange visions and shadows. It was of a rose-haired woman. He couldn’t tell exactly who it was because the phantom would disappear before he could see it clearly. It would fade before his voiced reached it. And when he would begin to dismiss and forget about it, the vision would suddenly appear before him again.  

-FFXIII REMINISCENCE “The Rose Haired Phantom”

anonymous asked:

How late do you stay up? Dontcha go to school? o.o

honestly it just depends if Im talking to people or not, Im only staying up all night tonight to sort out my sleep schedule.

and not right now no, I had a panic attack in school about 5 months ago and then I refused to go back in because of a lot of different reasons, plus the school wasnt being supportive of my diagnosis nor me being gay tbh so I left.

“Ehh, where are my boy toys when I really need them? I’m bored to tears, so they’d better show their faces quick before I decide to take drastic measures to get their attention. At this point, I think I’d much rather take all their money out for a shopping spree or put venomous snakes in their rooms than just wait around for those deadbeats.”

rosiera asked:

☆ ?

thanks!!!!! :00

You are:

[☆] A healer
[] A sword fighter
[] A sorceror/sorceress
[] A fist fighter
[☆] An archer
[] A damsel in distress
[] Canon fodder

In our adventures I would:

[☆] Be the one to rescue you
[☆] Be the one getting rescued (:000 i think we’d have our moments where we’d be ehh omg)
[] Always offer to pay for our drink
[] Often leave you behind
[] Try to seduce you at every turn

We met:

[] Once upon a dream
[☆] In our childhood
[] On a hot summer’s day/winter’s night
[] While we were neck deep in trouble

Do I secretly love you?

[☆] Yes (platonically, yyaaaaaaa!!!!)
[] No
[] I refuse to answer this!

If you were in trouble:

[☆] I would do my best to help you no matter what happens!
[] I would help, but only if I could benefit as well.
[] I might help. Maybe.
[] I’d let you rot. It’d serve you right.
[☆] You? In trouble? I’m the one in trouble! Help me!

When we are alone:

[☆] It’s just you and me, sharing a meal by the fire.
[☆] We are in the library, lounging about and studying.
[☆] We have long conversations about everything and nothing at the same time.
[] It’s in the bedroom.

Together we shall:

[] Rule over all!
[☆] Grow old and adventure together.
[] Part ways, sweetly, yet sadly.
[☆] Create a new kingdom all our own!
[☆] Discover new lands!
[] Conquer new lands!
[] Make sweet sweet love.

And finally:

[☆] We are friends.
[] We are enemies

Adventurers Meme! Send me a ☆

flight rising related

I’ve been neglecting FR like crazy lately and all my babies where I was like “ehh I’ll figure out how to price them later” have grown up now and I need to clear out so like

send me an offer if you want any, here or on-site (zigadenus). fair market value is ideal but I’ll totally go cheap for my followers (either to this account or my old one). …lbr, in general, I’ll go pretty cheap. But not like, exalt-cheap.

Mix of skydancers and spirals- irishim, smoke, crackle, circuit, a few crystals too, XYY, trigenes- mostly shades of black to white in the primaries with some other dark colors thrown in on ‘em, also some green and yellow.

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