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What's one thing about yourself that you would change if you could?

My loyalty. If I didn’t have that I’d be gone by now. Far, far away. No Lacertasite pheromones or stupid, stupid feelings like

I don’t know if that’d be for the best.

Not always the best about talking about personal things with my friends. Usually let people fill in the blanks about me on their own Working on that for the important stuff.

Grace had been pretty happy to get out of Texas for a little while, not that the southern belle as people knew her, hated her home town but a change of scenery was much needed. The mansion was a lot bigger than what she was used to back home, but she knew it’d be fun to be somewhere new. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see anyone around. But can you possibly help me find my room? This place is a lot bigger than what I expected.”


I started getting into this type of music and I found some songs/arists I want to share with you all, I highly suggest you listen to it!

Dream Koala - Gold
Dream Koala - Gone
Dream Koala - Odyssey
Dream Koala - Hipster Girl

SOHN - The Wheel 
SOHN - Lessons

SZA - Bablyon
SZA - Ur
SZA - Omega

If any of you guys have some music you think I should try out PLEASE tell me!


* = smut


| luke |

you forget to lock the door

taking a bath

dom luke (2) *

he wants you to stay the night

accidentally hurts you during sex *

argument in front of fans

play fighting

on your period

giggly sex *

bad fight

first kiss


threesome *


boxer luke

dating luke

you’re in a pop punk band

asks you to top for the first time

snow day


little spoon

| michael |

he’s sick

cuddling and he gets hard

love/hate relationship

losing your virginity *

dating michael

lazy sunday sex *

morning sex *

| calum |

he asks you out

movie role


sex talk 

lazy sunday sex *

begging *

| ashton |

conversation before sex

handcuffs *

threesome *

under the covers *


| luke |

dry humping *

long day

into the edges around you *

i’d rather jump in your bones (part 2) *

you’re cold and i burn (argument)

tossing and turning

he shows you you’re beautiful

teaches you how to give a blow job *


| calum |

the way you do (comfort)

| ashton |

you’re quiet in bed *

you surprise him on tour *

| Michael |



after your first time

facial (michael & ashton) *

reaction to your kink *

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