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What's it like being in Belgium as a black woman? I'm thinking of studying abroad there next year, but I don't know if I will get tons of looks because I'm "exotic", etc. Also, in Belgium you speak French, right?

lol no one will look at you like that because black people are super common here. An belgian people have a ” i don’t care where you’re from as long as you’re nice” mentality. Literally no one will turn his/her head 

I live in the dutch part, in belgium we speak french, dutch and german depending on where you live. I would totally suggest studying here 

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Why do you keep using Yachi icons? I'm yachikin and I don't like it... Please, stop. You look like a nice person, but what you're doing is not okay...

Oh, boy, here we go again. I’ve got this kind of ask before while I wasn’t even aware of what an otherkin was, now that I have an approximated knowledge, my answer changed a little.

Forgive me if I say something rude or ignorant, I don’t mean it in this way, but are you aware that Yachi Hitoka is an worldly known character? I understand that you’re otherkin and you deeply relates to her, I respect that as long as you’re happy and no one is getting hurt, but you can’t monopolize her. I’m not a fictionkin, but I do relate to her sometimes, I’m fond of her as a character and I think her expressions are relatable and funny, so I edited some screencaps into icons and started used them as reaction images… I didn’t mean to claim her as my own or anything like that. I’m sure I’m not the only Yachi fan, I see people on my dash using her icons as well all the time. When the first person complained about me using those icons - was it you? Or another person? Ok, it doesn’t matter now - another anon who I assumed to be an otherkin came and told me that they saw no harm on what I was doing, so I guess this is more a personal pet peeve rather than an otherkin issue.

I’m really sorry if this come out as rude, but I won’t stop liking my favorite characters or using them as reactions. I couldn’t do it even if I wanted. If you disagree with it or/and are still feeling bad about it, you can either blacklist the word “Poteto”, which will block my personal posts and thus my Yachi icons, or you can unfollow me. Your dash shouldn’t be anything but a happy place for you, anyway. Have a nice day.

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can you please write clarke x lexa prompt where Clarke is jealous? thank you:)

It had been a long night in the infirmary. Clarke helped her mom patch up a scout team that was attacked by a bear until a few hours before the sun started to come up. Clarke slept for as long as she could, but her bunk was next to a window which was nice when she had gotten a full night of sleep, but annoying when she had only been asleep for a few hours and the sun was unrelenting in it’s quest to wake her up.

She shuffled to the outdoor mess hall hoping that the there were still grapes left over from the massive bags the scout team barely managed to bring back. That was one of her favorite things about life on earth. Grapes. She picked up a bowl and walked up to the food that was laid out in wooden bowls and metal sheets.

Monty hopped up next to her, grabbing a small breakfast roll, “Morning Clarke.”

“Where are the grapes?” Clarke whined.

“Uh, I think Bellamy got the last of them,” Monty nodded toward Bellamy who was sitting at the table with the guards.

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Is it expensive living in England by yourself?

I wouldn’t know as I don’t do it but England is like everywhere else, it has its expensive places and its cheap places, as long as you live where you can afford to live you’ll be fine.

it's so insane..

I want to touch every single inch of your body in the most unpure ways, I’d like to leave dark purple marks all over your chest and hips. I want to kiss you e v e r y w h e r e. I want all of the rough sex, and hair pulling. choking, ass slapping.. just all of it. the roughest part of you, I want.
but, I also want the long walks to no where, where you just walk close to me. I want all of the butterflies, the small kisses. I want the moments where you roll over and pull me close to you in your sleep. I want to wake up every morning next to you, and fall asleep next to you. I want all of the arguments we have, I want all of your bad attitude.
I want every single part of you, forever. and that is by far the most terrifying feeling in the whole world.

where are you even finding enough tape to do this

raiden that is the second time u forced someone to kill someone else……. i’ve got my eyyyyeeee on u

follow ur dreams loo, follow ur dreams


tree related events are the best event imho

i cant even think up a witty comment bcuz frick

oh hun

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You're 18, and you know all those coding languages, when did you graduate from high school? From college? Are you like a super genius? Seriously where, how, how long do it take you to learn those? I really want to know because I'm just starting to learn Java in an entry level course in college and I want to learn so much more. I wanna know what I'm getting myself into along with being absolutely flabbergasted that you learned all that in such a small amount of time

Well I wouldn’t say “small amount of time” I started learning Python at like the age of 11, it has taken me about a year to full get to grips with each language I know (so about 7 excluding some languages I’m not fluent in) this included junior CS at my high school which I left at the normal age (for a brit - 16) Then I went to college and graduated a year early due to success in the CS field (so I was only there a year) then I have almost 1 year industry experience around people who are masters of programming languages so I learnt a lot from that.

It’s been a battle but a fun one, in no way did I learn this overnight :3

I wish you the best of luck and really, it is extremely fun! But if you want you know, you can always call me a super genius, I uh, don’t mind :D

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I absolutely love your blog and seeing and reading about your travels. I was just curious about how you go through customs or border control people, because when I go from the US to Canada they always ask where you're going and how long you're staying. Do you have a set plan when you enter a country or do you just roll with it? I can't wait to read your book when it comes out because traveling is always something I wanted to do, so when I found your blog I was so happy.

I usually just go with the flow!

If I have to specify a place where I’ll be staying (which in my experience has just been on the visa entry cards; not verbally) I’ll just put the first city I’ll be in, or a hostel if I know it.

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"Hey there! I haven't seen you for a long time. Where were you? Still have that flower crown I gave you?"

Send “Where were you?” and my muse will explain to yours where they were!

The familiar voice made Katia’s heart leap, it had been sooo long since she had seen a familiar face.. Or, well, this particular one after all. With a shifting of her feet, Katianse smiled broadly at the Hero. However, it slightly flattered.. there was some sort of.. vibe from him that made her want to shudder.

The feeling was brushed off, likely just her imagination.

"Jayce! It’s nice to see you again—Ohh, I do actually! Heh.. It’s back home safe ‘n sound.. How have you been? Doing well I trust.”

Finally catching up on Agent Carter, and I see they brought in a cryptographer! Now, if you know anything about cryptography, this is the moment where you’ll start your inner countdown to see how long it takes until someone says or does something that sounds good but makes no sense whatsoever.

Here, it’s twenty seconds, and that’s only due to non-cryptography banter beforehand. That may be a new record. Great job, Agent Carter!


What, you’re still here? Okay then, here’s what they did wrong. They used the term one-time pad and use that knowledge to decode the cipher. The pieces of that fit - one-time-pad is an encryption method, and it helps knowing that it is that (and that the original message is russian) to decode it, and it did exist at the time…

…but you can’t crack a one-time-pad encryption. The One-Time Pad, also known as OTP, is the one and only encryption method that is actually 100% secure and unbreakable if you do it right. It’s even possible to prove that mathematically.

The system is deliberately very easy. Suppose Alice wants to send Bob a message that is encrypted using a one-time pad, so that Eve the eavesdropper can’t read it. First of all, both Alice and Bob have to have a sheet of paper with random letters on it. This sheet is the one-time pad that gives the whole method its name. Now Alice takes her message and goes through it letter by letter, and compares each letter with the one at the same position in the one time pad. If it’s an “A”, she leaves the letter as it is. If it’s a “B”, she changes the letter for the one that comes afterwards in the alphabet; if it’s a “C” she goes two forward and so on. For example, if the original text is


and the one-time-pad is HFGDSWHOQERNMYCOZUNP, you go:

  L E T S W A T C H F R O Z E N A G A I N
+ H F G D S W H O Q E R N M Y C O Z U N P
= S J Z V O W A Q X J I B L C P O F U V C

Bob does the inverse and gets the original message. If the one-time-pad is truly random (this one isn’t, it’s the result of me randomly mashing my keyboard and thus has certain bias towards keys that are more in the middle), and Eve doesn’t know its contents, then this is perfectly secure.

Oh, sure, Eve can try every single key, but not only are there too many, she has no way of knowing when she has hit the right one. Suppose she randomly tries ZCRDLFWYFBQFEUWKZGKZ as the key. Then she gets:

  H F G D S W H O Q E R N M Y C O Z U N P
- Z C R D L F W Y F B Q F E U W K Z G K Z
  T H I S D R E S S I S W H I T E G O L D

A perfectly valid and true statement. For all Eve knows, that may have been the message Alice did send.

In fact, for every single message of that length, you can find a one-time-pad that produces the same result, just by simple subtraction. Sure, Eve can read the original message, it’s one of the countless ones she can generate, but she has no way of knowing that this was actually the one that Alice sent and Bob received. If Alice and Bob are mean, they can insert some random garbage at the end of their message so Eve’s job gets even more impossible. This is what a mathematician means when they talk about perfect security.

This scheme isn’t used all that much today, because it requires careful handling of the one-time pad. It has to be the same size of the message, so if Alice wants to encrypt a four gigabyte animated movie file, she has to create a four gigabyte one-time-pad as well, and get it to Bob in some way that Eve can’t intercept - but if Alice can do that, she can just as well send the movie directly. Also, Alice and Bob must make sure that they never use the same one-time-pad twice (that’s why it’s called that way). Otherwise Eve can just subtract the messages and get a weird mix of both of them (specifically each letter in the first message changed by the amount indicated by the same letter in the second message). This doesn’t sound too useful, but there are actually good statistic methods you can use to get information from that.

The soviets actually made that mistake in the real-life cold war, and the UK and the US were able to decipher a lot of messages that way in the VENONA project. But there is no evidence in the TV show that the SSR has any of the information needed for that. They have one single message, and that’s it.

So: Peggy Carter is awesome, no doubt about it, but she can’t decipher a one-time-pad on the fly. It’s mathematically impossible.


"My dear Sam. You cannot always be torn in two. You will have to be one and whole for many years. You have so much to enjoy and to be and to do. "

Destroy the idea of “the one” because it erases Polyamory and perpetuates the idea that there is one and only one person you’re destine to be with when there is in fact a limitless number of people who are right for you at any given time

Reblog if you appreciate Tauriel and the wonderful actress that plays her - with or without Kili, with or without any love-triangle and are simply happy that she was in the movie, because she is a badass fighter and has a loving heart.