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Story time for you Band Geeks

Back in high school our concert band was playing a piece with a few movements of star wars music, the first movement being the rather dramatic Duel of Fates (its that choral piece that plays whenever shit gets intense in the movies.) Well of course its one big build up to a very loud ending. Being the only flute who enjoyed playing piccolo in the group, I of course wound up with the part that had me in a register that was ungodly even on flute. The final notes of the piece were truthfully more high pitched squeeling than actual music. Well, the final rhythm bit is just that same note repeated twice, then a break, and repeat that three times. Right after that is the big timpani solo when everyone else goes quiet. Our first actual run through of the piece, our timpani player didn’t come in, though it hadn’t been an issue before then. While our band director was doing his typical “omgwtfbbq” freak out, the kid was apologizing saying he thought the fire alarm was going off and was very confused why weren’t getting ready to leave for a fire drill. Except there was no fire alarm. There hadn’t been any fire alarm. Now the band director was confused and the poor kid thought he was crazy.

And it kind of dawned on me.

I slowly raised my hand and the entire freaking band (and orchestra since we were combined for the piece) turns to look at me.

That is how my piccolo came to be known as the fire alarm.

Travellers Tip #2

Learn the basic phrases in the local language - trust me, it goes a long way. Many people will know exactly where you come from before you’ve even opened your mouth and from my travels i’ve come to find that If you are from an English speaking country you’re already at such a disadvantage / advantage depending on how you look at it.

Someone like me who loves languages it’s such a disadvantage because if they’re going to know a second language, chances are it’s going to be English and therefore they immediately try to accommodate for you. Depending on where it is and how proficient my language skills are, normally results with me switching back to their local tongue to really push the fact that I know how to speak their language - otherwise I would never have the chance to practise.

Here’s a classic example on how to transition back to someones native tongue:

WAITER: “Bonjour Monsieur, vous allez bien?”

ME: “Ouais, je vais bien et vous?” (in my horrible English/French accent)

WAITER: “oh, are you English? What can I get for you Sir?”

ME: “Oui, je viens d’Angleterre… puis-je avoir un….”

As long as you’re trying most people will appreciate this and be more than happy to help you out

However obviously if you don’t speak a lot of their language then the fact that they speak English is a massive help. Remember to always to and say ‘Thank you’ etc in their local language - there is no excuse not to learn pleasantries!

I found this really good list of things you will benefit from knowing when travelling abroad.

Basic Phrases & Greetings

1) Hello!
2) How are you? / What’s up?
3) I’m fine. And you?
4) Please.
5) Thank you. / Thank you very much.
6) You’re Welcome
7) Goodbye. / Bye. / See you soon.
8) Cheers!
9) Excuse me.
10) I’m sorry.
11) What’s your name?
12) I’m… / My name is… / I am called…
13) Nice to meet you.
14) Where are you from?
15) I’m from…
16) I’d like to introduce my friend/wife/husband.
17) How old are you?
18) I’m… years old.
19) What do you do for a living?
20) I’m a/an…
21) What do you do for fun? / What are your hobbies?
22) I (don’t) like…
23) Yes.
24) No.

Language & Communication

25) Do you speak…?
26) I (don’t) understand.
27) I speak a little…
28) I (don’t) speak…
29) Could you please speak a little slower?
30) Could you write that down?
31) Could you repeat that?
32) How do you say…?
33) What does… mean?
34) What time is it?
35) It’s (five) o’clock.

Shopping & Money

36) How much?
37) I would like…
38) Can I pay by credit card/debit card?
39) Here you go.
40) Could I see this/that one?
41) What time do you open/close?
42) Do you have this in small/large/medium?
43) Do you have anything cheaper?
44) It’s too expensive.
45) I’ll give you… for it.
46) Where can I exchange money?


47) How much for a first class/second class/economy ticket to…?
48) A one-way/return ticket to… please.
49) Here’s my passport.
50) What time does the bus/train/plane/ferry from… arrive?
51) What time does the bus/train/plane/ferry to… depart?
52) Which platform/gate/terminal?
53) Is the bus/train/plane direct?
54) Do I have to change buses/trains?
55) Do I need a seat reservation?
56) Is this seat taken?
57) When is the next train/bus/minibus/ferry to…?
58) Could you call me a taxi?
59) I’d like to go to…
60) Could you let me know when to get off?
61) Where could I rent a bike/car?
62) I’d like to rent a bike/car.

Eating & Drinking

63) Could you recommend a good restaurant?
64) What would you recommend?
65) What are some local specialties?
66) What is the special of the day?
67) Could I see the menu, please?
68) A beer/coffee/tea, please.
69) Could I get the bill, please. / The check, please.
70) I’m allergic to…
71) That was delicious!
72) This isn’t what I ordered.
73) Can I buy you a drink?
74) Let’s have another!


75) How do I get to…?
76) It’s on the left/on the right/straight ahead/at the corner.
77) How far is…?
78) Where is the closest bank/post office/exchange office?
79) Where can I find tourist information?
80) Do you have a map?
81) Can you show me that on the map?
82) Where is the (American) embassy/consulate?


83) What is the entrance fee?
84) What is that building?
85) What’s on at the cinema/theatre/opera tonight?
86) That’s a beautiful church/cathedral/building.
87) What is there to see around here?


88) I have a reservation.
89) Do you have any single/double rooms available?
90) Could I see the room?
91) I’d like to stay for… nights.
92) Is breakfast included?
93) The TV/air conditioner/lamp in my room doesn’t work.
94) Could I get a different room?
95) Is there a restaurant here?

Health & Emergencies

96) Help!
97) I need a doctor/dentist/police officer.
98) Is there pharmacy nearby?
99) Can I use your phone?
100) Call the police/ambulance!
101) Leave me alone!

“No matter where you go.
Or how long it’s been.
Home is home.
And you should always love your ghetto.”
- @DaGully

This piece made me miss NY 😳😳 .. I moved to Florida almost ten years ago and haven’t been back in a little over a year .. I’m home sick now 😷.

Wish I knew the artist behind this piece .. please put us on if you know!

Great shot by #GullySteez contributor @markiarv.

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isneezestars asked:

Ugh, why are you so good at writing? HOW DID YOU GET THIS TALENT? Also how do you keep your stories going for so long? Where do you get your ideas?

Okay… this is my third fandom. I got most of my Mary Sue stories and PWP out of my system with Remington Steele.  In that fandom, I had two AWESOME betas. One was a retired copy editor out of New Jersey who took zero shit and my documents were COVERED in red ink.  I still drop commas and leave words out when I go too fast.  I have a new beta who is good at catching those things and I’m getting back on track.  My second beta was a librarian who only edited a few stories for me, but she was amazing at helping me tighten the prose. My story “Regency Steele” on my steeleholtingon website is still one of my two favorite stories and was the last one I wrote in that fandom. I took all of season five, broke out all the dialogue, and then rewrote a story from the dialogue alone. It was a ton of fun. 

As for my ideas … my muse, my dearest friend robot-rainstorm, lets me bean ideas off her at all hours. She’s amazing at motivation and characterization. She’s fantastic at not letting me get away with crap or cliches. When I write, I keep her in mind so that I stay true to my characters. 

Most of my stories start with a dream–I do a lot of lucid dreaming, which is awesome for storytelling and sucks for actual rest. But the dream will usually be only the tipping point.  Everything else springs from playing the “what if” game. 

In the case of Ice and Fire, I wondered–given the idea that Steve and Bucky had a decade-long loving relationship–what would happen if Bucky came back, and Steve was in a solid, loving relationship with Darcy?  The first scene in my head was the one where Steve was listening to Bucky rescue Darcy in the tunnels.  

As far as length, I think it’s about telling the story.  I’ve written plenty of short stories – my last one was 300 words or so.  Ice and Fire has such a huge cast of characters, and there is a whole family involved, so it goes beyond just our trio.  All that has to be addressed if I’m going to do it justice.  

Two best pieces of advice, one I received years ago and one from this past week:

1) Show, don’t tell.  It ALWAYS takes longer to write out the scene, tags, and dialogue than it does to do an info dump about how the character did this, this, and this.  I don’t need to tell you how a character feels, because she’s showing you in her actions and words. 

2) Write from Deep POV.  When you are in Deep POV, everything is perceived only with the character’s five senses (six+ if you’re using magic) and personal thoughts. If you can (theoretically–I don’t like first person POV) replace every “she” in the chapter with “I,” and the chapter still makes sense, you’ve succeeded.  This is FANTASTIC for keeping you from musing about the bar being in the middle of nowhere USA and that it’s raining outside, because your character doesn’t give a crap about that. She already knows that. She’s wondering WTF this asshole is doing walking into her bar at three in the afternoon carrying a spear, a tiny dragon, and a wad of cash. 

A selfie a day for taylorswift: Day 197

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and a lot has happened! Mostly that I graduated college and I am feeling so overwhelmed and anxious that I don’t really know what to do with myself. I knew I would be sad, but I didn’t expect to feel so lost and lonely - and so soon! It’s only been a few days, but I think I was in denial for so long that it all hit me at once. I am trying to tell myself the words of wisdom I would try to offer to a friend - that it’s okay to not know where you’re going, as long as you prioritize peace within yourself. I’m working on it. But it’s been a hard time.

veerawww asked:

I'm from Jersey but I go to Coppin State I'll be next week for a like a month for summer classes & workouts 📚🏀

That’s actually not to far from where I stay lol how long have you been going to coppin?

Elite: dangerous

I .. Am being a bounty hunter.
Which is to say im shooting people and ai for credits.

This isnt really what i wanted from a space mmo. But the problem is that exploration…… Is…

Wheres the purpose in exploring a dead universe.

When you get far enough out, there are no pirates, no aliens, no ai, no players, and the planets are just texture covered balls that you cannot land on to explore. You jump in. Pull your scan trigger. Sun dive for fuel and jump out.

Sure it’s pretty but….
Its like doing a really long winded google image search. Where all you find is pictures of balls :/

Every time I start to write about you, I get stuck. It’s like all of my thoughts just join together and I can’t form one complete thought about you because there are so many things I could say and I have no idea where to even start.
Avengers + Barton family headcanons
  • After Clint “retired” he was like okay that one time was fun and all but my family lives on a farm so they can have normalcy you guys aren’t coming around anymore
  • To which the other Avengers said WRONG-O CLINT
  • It started with Nat coming around, right, because Auntie Nat is always welcome, and sometimes she’d bring Steve because they’re tight
  • But gradually the other New Avengers want to start coming, right? I mean the new facility is nice and all but who doesn’t need to take a break from training and get out to a nice cozy farm once in a while? 
  • And once Tony hears that everyone is hanging without him he’s like hell naw Bruce pack your bags
  • Thor just beams the fuck down into the front yard one day like “Hello Barton! It is good to see you again! Of course Heimdall could find your farm, Heimdall sees all!”
  • The kids are THRILLED and immediately take to all their new honorary Avengers family members
  • Thor does Lila’s hair up in majestic braids and tells her not to worry when she can’t lift Mjolnir, because there was a time when he couldn’t lift it either and as long as she stays good and heroic she’ll be able to lift it one day. “And you’ll be a mighty warrior,” he promises her. “Just like my friend Lady Sif. The two of you would get along wonderfully.”
  • Lila is all about being a mighty warrior like Sif and makes her dad show her all the S.H.I.E.L.D footage of Sif he can find. She thanks Thor for the braids by doing his hair in return and one day Thor may or may not have to rush off to battle with braids full of flowers and glittery barrettes.
  • The first time Steve casually walks in Cooper is like oh my god do you think I can take a selfie with him? And Clint and Nat are both affronted like?? Coop hello??? Hawkeye and Black Widow RIGHT HERE? And Coop is so unimpressed like but I see you two ALL THE TIME IT’S NOT COOL
  • Then he spends like an hour trying to figure out how to throw the shield right until Steve asks if he’d rather just toss a baseball around or something before Cooper pulls an arm out of its socket 
  • Naturally this leads to Cooper accidentally bragging to his team that he played catch with Cap and then what can he do but beg his dad to ask Steve to come to a game? And boy does he, and he borderline comes in his suit just to help Coop out but okay alright he’s recognizable enough’ he’ll just yell extra loud.
  • (Everyone’s staring at Cap shouting like an idiot but a few people kind of side eye Nat and her hair and they start to wonder, and then she just gives them a wink and they decide to maybe just leave it.)
  • Once Pietro found out the youngest Barton was partly named after him he NEVER LET IT GO DEAR GOD. “You named you SON after me Barton? I didn’t know you cared so much! I’m touched!” “Jesus CHRIST kid I thought you were DEAD it was very emotional let it GO”
  • Nat and Pietro fight for custody of this child constantly. Whenever they’re both in the house baby Nathaniel is constantly being held by one of them and the other one is usually close by. “I knew him first Maximoff, back off! He would have been named after me if he wasn’t a little traitor baby!” “But his father named him after me, clearly he wants me to have him!” (”let iT GO” a frustrated Clint yells in the distance.)
  • (As much as he jokes about it Pietro was honestly just flabbergasted that Clint would name his actual tiny son after him and he speeding away from Nat so he can get a few minutes alone to just hold the kid because wow)
  • Cooper and Lila side with Auntie Nat on EVERYTHING though, because she teaches them martial arts and how to speak in Russian when their parents aren’t looking. Now they communicate in Russian when they don’t want Clint to know something and it drives him BONKERS
  • Laura is often allowed in on cahoots with Nat and the kids and Clint just goes off and angrily refurbishes more of the house
  • Tony of course has no idea how to interact with children but he sure does like to rain uncomfortably expensive presents on them
  • Mostly he hangs in the barn with Laura upgrading the tractors and other farm machinery to fly and be more environmentally sound. Laura thinks he’s hilarious and even Tony isn’t quite sure why she likes him but she kind of reminds him of a farmier Pepper with slightly more tractor grease on her face and they’re best bros
  • Bruce started out scared to hurt the kids but he’ll sit and color with Lila for hours because coloring is very calming. He’s great at coloring and Lila saves him all the best pages to do.
  • Sam is GREAT with the children. Also he decided that what the Avengers really need are baseball games at Clint’s place. It’s basically a super powered free for all (Tony, Nat, and Pietro are the worst offenders) but the sole rule everyone will follow is that Laura is untouchable. She uses this to her advantage; she’s a killer first baseman. 
  • The Vision is FASCINATED by tiny humans. Just fascinated. They are the epitome of everything he loves about humans. The kids think he’s weird as hell but like a cool weird. 
  • MIT grads Tony and Rhodey totally did not convince Cooper to enter a science fair just so they could build him a project with lasers. No. Certainly not. 
  • Wanda’s a little distant and awkward with the kids but also very very protective of them. She likes to keep an eye on them while they play, because they’re just so innocent and sweet and they have no idea how lucky they are and it makes her kind of sad but also really happy that she’s an Avenger now and protecting people like them
  • (Not saying she the Vision bond over shared adoration of little Bartons but probably yeah)
  • Also she stops by casa de Barton all the time to take naps because it’s so much cozier than the training facilities and sometimes Pietro is just being a pain in the ass, you know?
  • Finally Clint begins muttering about how he “might as well just add an entire separate wing of guest rooms to the house since this basically the third Avengers tower” and literally no one objects and everyone supports this wholeheartedly and he just slumps off to get the lumber
  • FAN:TOP oppa, I was curious about something. Remember the UFO Town video you posted a long time ago where you said things like, “You’re a pure love man, come on, come on. My voice is pretty. Turns out you’re a blood type B, too." Ah, I really can’t understand what you’re saying…Were you sober or drunk then? I have always been curious since a while ago. [*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnuun-CfCgQ]
  • T.O.P:I was sober then, too.
  • -
  • FAN:Oppa, I can’t sleep even though I have to go to school tomorrow. Is it a good morning to you oppa? It’s a good night to me. I may go to school with less than 3 hours of sleep. So tired. Even though I’m in my senior year in high school, I will keep fangirling.
  • T.O.P:Thank you. Hang in there and study hard.
  • -
  • FAN:Why did you delete the video (laughs) [*https://youtu.be/aG2DTG8qIfw]
  • T.O.P:I'm not drunk but I was surprised by the comments hehe
  • -
  • FAN:5x5 BAE BAE
  • T.O.P:unusual unusual~
  • -
  • FAN:You should wear lip balm before going to sleep, your lips...
  • T.O.P:What is 'lip balm'?
  • -
  • FAN:You won't ever take a normal selfie right? (laughs)
  • T.O.P:Nope
  • -
  • FAN:What you said in the interview is touching. I’m relieved that you’re enjoying Insta, but it will feel lonely if you delete it later once you get bored with it. Hope we can keep seeing each other. Fighting.
  • T.O.P:😛 Depends on what I feel. This is my insta. I’ll delete it when it becomes boring.😛😛
  • -
  • FAN:Oppa, you don’t know how to hashtag (laughs)
  • T.O.P:Why do I need to add hashtags? I don’t like it. It depends on my mind. This is my insta-ya.
  • -
  • FAN:Oppa, I like you but please don't post up too many things T_T I can't see any other insta postings T_T I really love you, but please no more postings T_T
  • T.O.P:Then please unfollow~ This is my space.
  • -
  • T.O.P:are you crazy??
  • -
  • FAN:...♡ I want to pinch your cheek
  • T.O.P:Wake up, you girl
  • -
  • FAN:Oppa, there is an article saying oppa uploaded 300 photos in 4 weeks, (laughs) Fangirl is happy
  • T.O.P:If you are happy I'll upload more in the future, you fool.
  • -
  • FAN:If oppa comes out with the hair, two-thirds of females in the world will be taken to the hospital because of excessive nose bleed. You were definitely considerate of the fans (for having) abnormal hair. I got to know how considerate you are...
  • T.O.P:Don't overreact/exaggerate
  • -
  • FAN:Oh oppa, please call me a fool too.
  • T.O.P:You like “fool”?? You fool.
  • **Replies are not in chronological order.
  • Translated by:huisuyoon,big_seunghyun, shrimpljy@twitter.com
  • Compiled by:ygfamilyy@tumblr.com

iain de caestecker in the please don’t say you love me music video

  • him giving you lots of love bites
  • makes sure that on a night out you’re wearing his jacket so people know you’re his
  • “no, pouting isn’t gonna work. Make yourself your own food”
  • “puppy dog eyes won’t work either, calum”
  • “ugh, fine”
  • long conversations about football, where you don’t understand half of it
  • random, hot, make out sessions
  • working out together (mainly you motivating him, actually)
  • neck kisses
  • him walking around shirtless, just to get you sexually frusterated
  • slapping your bum in front of company
  • lots of cuddling
  • pet names
  • drunk texts from him saying how much he misses you
  • him only saying “love ya” when in public instead of the full sentence, because that phrase was only meant for you to hear
  • him resting his head on your chest a lot
  • playing with each others hair
  • you calling him cute (which he always pretends he doesn’t like)
  • “stop staring at my boobs”
  • and i mean lots of cuddling

(see also dating ashton // luke // michael)


NEW JANET JACKSON!!!!@#%#!#5$!#*$@7#%

I’m legit like embarrass myself drunk and I JUST stumbled in the door and immediately saw this video from Janet Jackson.  I mean, I know nobody else is awake right now but you know that heffa out there in the sand spending money and eatin good and giving no fucks about our time zone and she is FORREAL going to release a new album this year:

I just needed to help spread this joy.  I would cry, but all the moisture in my body has been diverted to my bladder because I hit that point of boozing where you pee every five minutes.

It took me so long to type this.  I would say more but I have a trick coming to bring me a treat.  I’m finna put on my Janet Sex Jams playlist and be grown.


Arthur Returns au where Merlin, during his years of waiting, became friends with Vera, a woman who grew immediatly fond of the lonely man. As her husband goes to war, Merlin is here for her. 

“So, where did you meet him?”

“That’s… a long story. He’s a bit of a prat, but i think you’ll like him.”

requested by the lovely merlins-earmuffs. I hope you like it! I tried to create a bit of a backstory to make it more interesting.

David Cameron announces a new age of intolerance

Having won a majority in the UK general election, David Cameron has pledged to end the “tolerance” of the UK government, where “as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.”

Under the new official intolerance rules, Cameron proposes that anyone who espouses an ideology that the government views as a “extreme” will have to apply for permission to post to social media or in print. The rules will be articulated in a new “anti-extremist” bill in the coming Queen’s Speech.

The UK security services have admitted to using existing “anti-extremist” powers to put Labour MPs and a Green councillor under persistent surveillance.

Read the rest…