Yeah this thing, I’ve been tagged twice soon expect another!

rule 1: always post the rules.

rule 2: answer the questions and set 11 new ones.

rule 3: tag 11 new people and link them to the post.

rule 4: let them know you’ve tagged them.

Thank you, danedict-whishbach. ;3

1.  What’s your favorite genre of music?  Does any particular band/album come to mind?

I like a bit of everything, but to be fair Green Day have and always will be my favorite band, apart from their new stuff. Don’t even get me started on that ¬¬

2.  Do you enjoy reading?  Read any good books lately?

Yeah I do, I wish I had more time to read thou! I’ve not read any that have really hit me as ‘WOW OMG THIS BOOK IS EJHFRDBSIFBDSYUHFBDS’ lately thou.

3.  What celebrity do you hate the most?  What would you be willing to do to have the opportunity to punch them in the face?

Omg idk, I’ll trade this just to punch everyone in the face, then no one will get offend caz everyone will get a punch. idek what I’m saying :|

4.  Animal person?


5.  Give a general description of your bedroom.  Posters?  Stuffed animals on your bed?

I have this really big teddy that I’ve had since I was really young and his name is Bear Bear, I know I was a fucking genius child.

6.  Any guilty pleasures?

Idk can Christoph be a guilty pleasure, not that I feel guilty about my undying love for him.

7.  Is there a certain smell/song/place that makes you feel really nostalgic?

Yeah there are loads of places and stuff, far too many to name.

8.  Chocolate chip cookies or Oreos?

chip cookies….

9.  Favorite Christmas movie? (if you celebrate it)

JINGLE ALL THE WAY! I watch it every year without fail. All hail Arnie!

10.  Is there an instrument that you wish you could play?

Like all of them, I’d be like the music overlord or some shit.

11.  Are unicorns real?

Enough said?


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Here’s the other 11 questions. 

1.Name, age, where you’re from and what do you wanna do with your life?

2.What brought you to tumblr?

3.What’s your favorite part of your personality?

4.Got any pets?

5.Are you studying anything at college or uni? If so what, and why did you choose to study it?

6.What is your favorite Stoph out of all of them eg, babystoph, beardstoph etc, etc.

7.HOW LONG DID THIS THING TAKE YOU GUYS?! I’ve been doing this for ages ):

8.Whats your point of view on ghosts and shit like that?

9.Got any fears?

10.Do you think you’ll get what you want outta life?


Tag you’re it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to your 10 favourite blogs and tell them they are it!

All righty, I’ve never done this before so, here are some facts:

1. I’ve never had a proper boyfriend, but I DO have a giant Loki poster. (focusing on the positive)

2. I would like to be a costume designer when I grow up, but I have anxiety about what college to go to.

3. My favorite movie is Casablanca. Seriously though, I love tons of movies but so many modern movies are so great and so different that I have to choose Casablanca as my favorite movie because it is so classic; It has all the staples of a perfect movie and it doesn’t even need anything more like modern movies do. (does that make sense?)

4. There is a good possibility that I will grow up to be a genocidal maniac.

5. I like to knit but I’m not very good. (lol, see what I did there? But this is really true.)

whenyouwishuponastoph asked:

Tag you’re it! The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to your 10 favourite blogs and tell them they are it!

Ooohlalala, ok

1. I’ve bitten my nails ever since I was little and i literally cannot go more than about 10 minutes without chewing on them

2. English technically is my second language; spanish is my first

3. My favourite animals are turtles and giraffes I even have a turtle tag and a giraffe tag even tho I don’t reblog them that often

4. My biggest fear is massive bodies of water where I don’t know how deep down they go and not being able to see anything but water in any direction

5. ummm.. I have the same birthday as John Lennon!

whenyouwishuponastoph asked:

23 annnnnnnd 37 go.

23: how have you felt today? - Aside from freezing cold, I’ve felt pretty happy and optimistic.

37: did you have a dream last night? - Yeah, all I remember is that my friend and I were in a car that she drove into a building. When we went in no one cared and Gary Oldman was there so we had coffee with him. No idea where that came from haha.

Danke! :)