What is your quest?

whenidreamidreaminyarn replied to your post:

Sir Knit-A-Lot, King of the Knitlockians, my liege! I, Sir Knittington, do swear to aid those less knitterly than I, to relieve the distress of the fandom feels and to wield my needles in the name of goodness, not evil!

Arise, Sir Knittington! Away we go to

To knit the Holy Grail!

littleravenfiberarts asked:

Sir Knitdragon? Lady Knittivere Yarndragon? Knitter-of-the-Old-Religion? Sir Knitgharrah? Sir Knit-More-dred (or Knit-More-gana)? Sorry I got all excited when I saw the Merlin gif and that you didn't have a Knitlock Knight title yet xD *hugs* *scampers off*

I think I like Sir Knit-More-dred. It’s got a pun in it.

Though Knitter-of-the-Old-Religion is personally relevant…. Hm…