Bombay Bicycle Club - So long, see you tomorrow scan. Got the album yesteday! Absolutely thrilled. Apart from It’s alright now, Carry Me and Luna, I have to say that Overdone and Home by now are my new favourites. Home by now has an unexpected hip hoppy beat to it. So long, see you tomorrow is the last track on the album and it was my favourite at the release show, and my overall favourite. (Sounded 100% better live than on the album!). Brilliant album!

(。♥‿♥。) HIGHSCHOOL AUS (。♥‿♥。) [listen & cover art credit

01. vagabond, wolfmother. 02. what you know, two door cinema club. 03. beta love, ra ra riot. 04. we are beautiful, we are doomed, los campesinos! 05. skins theme tune, fat segal. 06. shuffle, bombay bicycle club. 07. diplomat’s son, vampire weekend. 08. chasing kids, mgmt & snow patrol mashup. 09. little secrets, passion pit. 10. the way we get by, spoon. 11. go places, the new pornographers. 12. sweater weather, the neighbourhood. 13. boyfriend, best coast. 14. tongue tied, grouplove. 15. flaws, bastille. 16. it’s time, imagine dragons.


Shakira: Whenever, Wherever


Die Spinoff Tagesempfehlung 31.10.2014:

Die zwischenzeitlich 4. Tagesempfehlung, die 2014 aus dem Album “So long see you tomorrow” des Bombay Bicycle Club kommt.  Dabei hatten “So Long…” und ich eigentlich keinen so guten Start, war die Erwartungshaltung nach dem überragenden 2013 er Vorabtaster “Carry me” vielleicht doch ein bisschen zu sehr ins Uferlose geraten. Doch nach vielfachem Hören funktioniert “So long….” ganz prächtig und ist mir in Form des Stückes “Whenever, Whereever" durchaus eine Tagesempfehlung wert.

Lucky that my lips not only mumble, they spill kisses like a fountain. Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains. Lucky I have strong legs like my mother, to run for cover when I need it :)

reservedgxmer asked:


❊ I want to roleplay with you

✥ I have roleplayed with you and it was great

✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)

❋ Your blog is one of my favs

✦ I like seeing you on my dash

# I’m too shy to approach to you

❄ I look up to you

☓ We should talk!

(( Thank you! Seriously though, you can approach me anytime! I’m practically just an unsalted chip so I’m pretty la m e but bruh. Whenever, whereever. <3 ))

what u think when u look this one ? camera ? expansive ? glamour ? rich ? etc. yeaah you are right, but it just has by a few ppl. its same think with the friendship. find the friend who care with you whereever & whenever u need. 😁👍