Shakira: Whenever, Wherever


Die Spinoff Tagesempfehlung 31.10.2014:

Die zwischenzeitlich 4. Tagesempfehlung, die 2014 aus dem Album “So long see you tomorrow” des Bombay Bicycle Club kommt.  Dabei hatten “So Long…” und ich eigentlich keinen so guten Start, war die Erwartungshaltung nach dem überragenden 2013 er Vorabtaster “Carry me” vielleicht doch ein bisschen zu sehr ins Uferlose geraten. Doch nach vielfachem Hören funktioniert “So long….” ganz prächtig und ist mir in Form des Stückes “Whenever, Whereever” durchaus eine Tagesempfehlung wert.

Lucky that my lips not only mumble, they spill kisses like a fountain. Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains. Lucky I have strong legs like my mother, to run for cover when I need it :)

Whereever whenever whatever however we never forget to do something like this

Terima kasih banyak kepada asprak @bangkitmaulana atas kemurahatiannya mau fotoin praktikannya haha *janji gue lunas ya bang :p (at Mega Birds&orchid Farm)


Day 2 Phalakasana | Plank Pose #mayibeginyoga2015

Whoever ask ’ may i begin yoga’ the answer is YES. It doesnt matter, how old are you or you have body unfunctionalities, you do not need to have fancy leggings. All you need is YOUR WILL. Just decide to do yoga whenever and whereever you are ready.

I wake up in the morning🌞Washed my face💦 and brushed my teeth. Drank some water just to balance the body’ lost of water while sleeping. Very immediately, i found a hairclip on the table and used it 🙆🏻 then rollover my mat and played with my #phalakasana. No other preparation, all i need is my body and my will to do yoga. If you ask how many minutes I spent on my mat? It is five minutes. I love to play with my plank pose. It strenghts your body and core in a few weeks, if you it every morning. Now, i will go to kitchen and have a delicious breakfast. Good morning 😍

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its like a whole new happy universe whenever i hangout with you 🌎 THANKS for sticking w me for them 12 years !!!! thks for meeting me on days when i just dont feel like going home x Yk i love u tho u look like a worm without ur specs 🌝 ANW i’ll always b thr for u whenever whereever forever & ever 💕 SEE U SPOON SOON AHAHAHAHA

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me. There’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me. The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me whenever/whereever I fall. You say it best, when you say nothing at all.