Variety has an exclusive look at Hannibal’s season premiere and it is simply bellissima.

I whisper my Hail Mary’s along the edge of your ribs,
as I rewrite scripture on your blistered, fevered skin.
And if this isn’t holy, may god be damned,
for you are heaven in this symphony of sin.  

(Your rosary hangs as a noose around my neck;
oh, maybe in another life we could have been blessed)

—  another poem for a prayer I’ll never pray | p.d

I want to do a sick fic for Marianne and Bog so badly.

Which, for once, is great. Because for this couple I can’t even begin to see the angst for this situation. Because this couldn’t even begin to be angsty.

It would just be one of them getting a really bad cold and then acting like a total whining, annoying, needy cat for 48 hours. 

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - Naruko and Zaou Route (Zaou Love End)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Naruko ver. Zaou ver. Friend ver.

Today’s translation brought to you by Ryuu’s ‘My Honey / 俺のマイ・ハニー’ from the School Life / スクールライフ voice collection.

Zaou: Good night, my honey. You’ll sleep well on my chest until morning…So, how about it?! No. No, no, don’t go over there; it was a joke! But I’ll be by your side until you fall asleep properly, so you can rest easy. I really love you!

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starvingpoets replied to your post “I’m going through a chick lit phase right now and I wouldn’t want it…”

Chick lit is one of the best guilty pleasures tbh (▰˘◡˘▰)

except mine isn’t a “guilty pleasure” because I don’t feel guilty admitting that I live for a good chick lit. I hate that phrase when it comes to books because it’s only used when it’s a genre that is primarily written for and by women.




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Singing teacher Luke who gets so into your singing that he doesn't realize he's staring so when you stop he looks at you like "it's like a thousand angels" FKGFJFJFNFNV


Imam Ibn al-Qayyim said:
“Allah is displeased when you stop asking of Him and mankind is displeased when asked!”
[Madaarij As-Salikeen, 2/98]

I. i laid in the meadowy grass under a tree and closed my eyes and thought that every single root could come up from the ground and bury me 6ft deep and it would be that easy but soon after, i found myself still breathing and walking back home, or atleast what i just call home because my real home is 400 miles away and distance was too much for you.
II. you told me that i was your home and that you needed me and now i just feel like an abandoned house still standing and i can’t figure out why i am. it’s so easy to tear down something so useful but also something that held so much memory. why couldn’t it be that easy with a living body?
III. message after message i would send that you’d leave on what people would call “seen” but something i would call “crying every night without telling you and knowing i atleast have a heart because i could feel it slowly detaching itself from every vein in my body and falling into my stomach” but after all that’s happened, why would that matter? why would you push the the one chance at falling in love away from you? were you scared? these are just some questions i will never ever ask.
IIII. it started raining really hard one day and i went outside and laid in the middle of the road with my legs crossed and my arms out to each side of me. i didn’t care about the raindrops falling on my glasses and causing me to lose some of my vision. it seemed like everything was blurry anyway even with them clean. and i mean, atleast then i wouldn’t be able to see a car coming.
IIIII. i watched the stars from my window one night. and don’t you see that we were meant to be together? don’t you see that we both need each other? we’re not even together and you still tell me you need me, and that should mean something, right? if we’re not even together anymore and you still need me then what the hell are you doing? you told me that you seriously wanted us to last forever and you decide to let distance bother you that much? i started to feel sick to my stomach because i started thinking about the time we were together and how you held me and how we’d kiss nonstop at 3 in the morning. and how i don’t want to be with anyone else. and how now i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to get the thought of permanently leaving out of my mind or how it seems like you’re not even scared of that happening. like it’s not even an option. but trust me, it is so easy to wake up and not have any response from me. it makes me wonder why i have to be the one to worry constantly about you doing the same and how i’d do anything to be your happiness and to stop that from happening but even talking about me committing suicide at 15 and at 5 in the morning, the only response you’d ever have is “I’m sorry”
IIIIII. you’re still the only thing on my mind. every single day. is it the same for you? don’t answer that. with all these thoughts it’s crazy to know that the feeling we both couldn’t explain but could only describe it as being “love” when we were together is gone now and that was the moment that i finally realized for myself that love IS suffering. if you can finally say that you are in love with someone, do not let that person go. don’t ever let “love” go.
—  thoughts i have at 4 in the morning when i can’t rest because i am, again, thinking of you while you are sound asleep. 400 miles away.
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All because of the cows. ALL because of the cows.

The cows are important.  For Emily.  Because of the milk.  And because he has to stay and build a fence to contain them. cuminspice, is there any better moment?

We Could Be Heroes


Lydia rolled her eyes and tossed a handful of bloodied gauze into the trashcan by her feet. “If you’d hold still it wouldn’t hurt as much,” she snapped, dabbing some clean gauze in rubbing alcohol.

“Jesus, Lyds; you really need to work on your bedside treatment,” you muttered through clenched teeth as she continued to clean the gash on your ribcage. It was deeper than you had originally thought; you had been running on adrenal by the time Lydia had gotten to you. You both thought that everything was fine until you passed out in her car.

Lydia snorted as she sterilized a needle she found in her mother’s sewing kit. “I’ll start babying your sorry ass when you stop fighting werewolves on your own,” she murmured as she carefully threaded a piece of surgical string through the needle that she had stolen from Deaton a long time ago. You used to go to Deaton before but then you started dating Liam, and Liam worried. God, Liam worried, and when Liam was worried he yelled, and when he yelled you fought back, and when you fought back it got ugly. It was just easier to have Lydia to stitch you up.

You hissed as she started stitching your skin back together. It always hurt like a bitch after, but in the moment, when you were fighting for your life and winning— It was like a kind of flying. “It’s easier on my own, Scott always stops me before the fun stops.” Your lips twitched into a small smirk as a groan slipped through Lydia’s frown.

“You’re going to get yourself killed one day,” she finally murmured after a moment of silence.

You glanced at Lydia, and frowned. She was great at hiding things, just like you, but you noticed the way her mouth twitched into a small frown as she tugged the needle through   your skin, and the way she glanced at you with worried eyes when she thought you were in too much pain to notice.

“Just think about how great that will be for your worry lines,” you teased; hiding your concern behind quick quips.

Lydia smirked, but the worry in her eyes hid her usual mischievous sparkle. “Bitch, you know I don’t have any wrinkles.”

“A preemptive measure then, how are you going to ensure a young hottie for your second husband with crows feet,” you managed to get out through your teeth as she carefully completed her last stich.

Lydia paused, and shook her head, hiding her smile. Her expression darkened slightly as she carefully bandaged your side. “But seriously, you need to cut it out. Or at least slow down.” Her voice was quiet, and you never really considered the toll it must take on Lydia to have to put you back together week after week.

You sighed and bit the inside of your cheek. “Lyds—”

“What the fuck were you thinking?”

A hiss slipped through your lips as you flinched, you ground your teeth together and glanced at Lydia’s now open door way. “You’re doing I assume,” you murmured, glancing away from your fuming boyfriend and at Lydia, who had painted an all too innocent expression on her face.

She smirked softly as she brushed her hair out of her face. “He was rather incessant.”

Liam cleared his throat, and if looks could kill you would be very dead.

“I’ll just leave you two alone then, keep in mind my sheets are Egyptian Cotton,” Lydia murmured as she quickly shut her door behind her.

Neither of you said anything for a while; the room was silent except for the sound of you nervously tapping on Lydia’s vanity, and Liam’s ragged breathing as he tried to gather some control. You finally broke the quiet with a soft, “So, on a scale of one to ten how mad are you?” You flinched under his withering glance. “I’m going to take that as a ten.”

He just shook he head and clenched his jaw, jamming his hands in his pockets. You had to give it to him; he was handling everything surprisingly well. “You know, we could always just have sex. Lydia has way too many nice thin—”

“Shut up. God, just shut up for once,” he snapped, and you flinched when his slammed his hand against Lydia’s wall. You were the girl who always had a quip waiting on the tip of your tongue; it was one of the things he loved about you. But God, sometimes he just wanted you to take something seriously.

You gnawed on your lower lip until the bitter taste of your blood brought you back into reality. “I know you’re mad that I lied, but Li, I just wanted to—”

“You think that I give a fuck that you lied to me?” he shouted, taking a step towards you, he paused when he noticed the way you shrunk back. You had seen Liam get this angry plenty of times, and you never understood how people could be afraid of him. You got it now.  “You could have died, Y/N. You could have fucking died, and I was sitting on Scott’s couch playing video games.”

“Liam—” you whimpered.

He shook his head and took another step towards you. He was close enough to hold you now, and you wished he would. “No, I’m not done. You can’t do things like that, you can’t just—” He paused and turned his head away from you for a moment. When he glanced back he was staring at you with such a pained expression you couldn’t help but be ashamed of you slight fear. He licked his lips and cautiously pulled you to your feet, being extremely careful of your side as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you flush against his chest. “You have a family who loves you, and friends who love you, and me who …” his voice trailed off as he let out a soft sigh and a warm, adoring shine slipped into his eyes. You shivered as you felt his warm breath on your ear. “Loves you,” he finally finished after pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head.

“I’m sorry.” And that was all you could say with the way he was looking at you.

“Just don’t go off on your own anymore, okay?” A smile slipped onto his face as he placed a quick kiss on the tip of your nose. “You can still kick ass, just do it with me.”

You smiled brightly, “Fine. But I’m Michael Knight. You can be KITT. ”

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#15 for robopastrytrain? :D

Caboose walked into the flat from work at the vet centre to his two “Best-Buddy-Friends” fighting again in the living area again. This is the fifth time this week!

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do you think teen wolf could go for a season 6. that sounds like a good time to stop. i will not accept this show ending. on some supernatural shit.

yes, i think season 6 will be the last season or even season 5 since they are dividing into part A and part B, but i think they should really stop this season or next season (if there’s one) cause they are seriously doing repetitive shit and as much as i love the show (yes i actually love it even if i complain about it always i am that trash) i think if they just make it too long people just will lose all interest on it tbh since all the plots are just “hey new villain this season guess who it is”, you gotta know when you need to stop.